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Below you will find all of the fan fiction I have written for General Hospital couple Jason Morgan and Samantha McCall. Although they are no longer together, it doesn't stop fans for wanting a JaSam reunion, and for our Muse's to go haywire when it comes to their simmering attraction.

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Summary: Since coming to Port Charles, Samantha McCall has led one scheme after another until she got pregnant and met Jason Morgan. Sam’s POV

Rated: PG

Trust In Us

Summary: Takes place during Courtney’s wedding. Sam, instead of Jax’s mother, goes to Courtney’s room seeing Jason with Courtney.

Rated: NC-17

Dancing in the Rain

Summary: Jason is about to leave Port Charles forever, but Sam has one more place she wants to take him Former September Challenge on TH

Rated: NC-17

The Port Charles Pregnancy Fiasco

Summary: Emily is pregnant by her boyfriend Sonny. What happens when she tells her family, including Jason?

Rated:: R

The One Who Cried...Bob!

Summary: Bob found out the truth...and it had everything to do with Sonny Corinthos, his brother, and Maxie...the town's loudmouth bitch!

Rated:: R

The One Who Cried...Bob! (Part Two)

Summary: Bob found out more about his wife.

Rated: R

Sweet Distraction

Summary: An enraged Jason returns to the penthouse and is pleasantly surprised by Sam. The two then go to The Haunted Star for a much-needed night out, only trouble arises.

Rated: NC-17

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