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Summary: Emily is pregnant by her boyfriend Sonny. What happens when she tells her family, including Jason?

Rated: R

“This is Whitney Cox with the Port Charles Evening News. Tonight we’re in the very home of Mob Boss Sonny Corinthos Su Casa. The evening started as any other night until girlfriend Emily Quartermaine-Cassadine told Mr. Corinthos that she was PREGNANT!

Sources say that she had already told her family, Jason Morgan and Samantha McCall, along with her ex-hubby Nikolas Cassadine. After the shock wore off, his Mob Enforcer Jason Morgan then attacked Mr. Corinthos. At this time Mr. Corinthos is listed in critical condition.

The friends of the former Mrs. Cassadine are taking it to heart. Sources say that Elizabeth Webber is on the couch crying, while Lucky Spencer is after Mr. Corinthos. At this time he will not be allowed into Mr. Corinthos room and has since gone home to his fiancée.

On a further note the Quartermaine clan have dealt with this ‘tragedy’ in their own way. Alan has gone mental, Monica has gone AWOL to the Dominican Republic to get divorced, Tracy has become a permanent resident at 'Thugs-R-Us’, Dillon is now in Vegas with Georgie getting married as we speak – Mac has called officials in the Las Vegas area and so far we have learned that they are now on the run to Hollywood, Brook Lynn has now gave up singing and is now dating Seth – who has a big secret!

Poor Edward has had yet another heart attack – and sources have said that he now shares a room with the unconscious Mr. Corinthos. Skye finally took Lorenzo Alcazar up on that offer of sharing a bed with him. It looks like another super couple in the works. Justus Ward finally took Dr. Lainey Winters out on that date – sources say that, when called by Mr. Corinthos for help – Mr. Ward told him to ‘deal with it’. Another super couple in the works?

After attacking Mr. Corinthos, Mr. Morgan was released on bail and is now in Hawaii after marrying Sam. When questioned about his abrupt marriage, Mr. Morgan replied that “Life is too short and – Sonny I’m going to cut your dick off! I swear…” end quote. The two are now enjoying their honeymoon in Italy in hopes of not running into Allegra Montenegro and her crazy daughter Alicia.

Now that Mr. Corinthos seems to be waking up, we bring you more information on what his brother, former D.A. Lansing had to say. Lawyer Alexis Davis was there to comment. “Oh for FUCK’s sakes – not again!” end quote. As for Ms. Cassadine’s ex-husband we have learned that he has gone off the deep end. What does this mean for his relationship with the former Mrs. Jacks? We don’t know. As for Mr. Jacks when asked about Mr. Corinthos situation, Mr. Jacks commented, “You dog! You!” end quote.

With further developments coming in, I leave you now. There will be further discussion on this late-breaking story on the six o’clock morning news. This is Whitney Cox, goodnight everybody.


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