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Summary: Bob found out more about his wife.

Rated: R

The One Who Cried...Bob! (Part Two)
Brokeback Mountain

Jason: It's always been you Sonny...always

Sonny: Jason I love you

Jason: I love you too

Voiceover: They finally found each other

Jason: I would die for you

Sonny: I know

Voiceover: Now they could lose each other

Jason: You slept with my sister!

Sonny: No that was my evil twin brother...Bob!

Voiceover: A man who grew up with a lie now knows the truth

Bob: I can't believe it...my brother is gay

Alicia (bob's wife): Honey believe it...oh and by the way...I had surgery

Voiceover: Now Bob finds out the truth about his own wife.

Alicia:...I'm a man


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