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Summary: Bob found out the truth...and it had everything to do with Sonny Corinthos, his brother, and Maxie...the town's loudmouth bitch!

Rated: R

The One Who Cried...Bob! (Part One)

The rains were over. The residents of Port Charles, New York took a reluctant sigh of relief. It wasn't over. They all knew what was coming; however they were too afraid to admit it. His brother was coming. If they thought Sonny Corinthos, mob boss extraordinaire and general bad guy was bad...his brother was worse. They called him Bob. Bob Corinthos was the evil twin brother and the black sheep of the family. No one had known about Bob's existence except for Bob himself. When he learned that he was a Corinthos at the tender age of twelve...all hell broke loose. Of course, Sonny had no idea of what his stepfather had done, but poor ol' Bob knew exactly what was going on. So the beginning of the end...began.

Twenty years down the road Bob decided what the hell - he was going to look for his long lost sibling and he did. What he found shocked him to his very core. Sonny was a MOB BOSS! What was Bob to do but to go home crying to his pathetic wife who was wondering when her own husband was going to become a man of the house. Already neighbors were beginning to suspect that Alicia Corinthos was not all she seemed to be. She had to work fast. So she went to Bob in Port Charles...which was on twenty minutes from their own home next to the Quartermaines. What she found there shocked her to her very core. Her husband's brother was sleeping with the town's biggest loud mouth - Maxie.

The public got knowledge of this and tabloids were put out soon after. The truth about Sonny Corinthos was now out. Bob soon learned that he had a half-brother and half-sister that were disgusted by this as he was. Then the worst happened - he found out the truth about his own wife. SHE WAS A MAN!!!

Ahem...stay tuned for scenes from the next General Hospital


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