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23 July 2009 - Moved site from Geocities to Angelfire due to closing of Geocities in October '09

4 October 2008 - 28 February 2009: Added pages for various different genres of fan fiction.


Added Reflections. A Dean POV one-shot
Added Pain. A Sam POV one-shot

General Hospital - Jason/Samantha

Added Thoughts
Added Trust In Us
Added Dancing in the Rain
Added The Port Charles Pregnancy Fiasco
Added both parts of The One Who Cried...Bob!
Added Sweet Distraction

General Hospital - Jason/Elizabeth

Added Betrayed - Betrayal of the Heart
Added Betrayed - Betrayal of the Soul
Added Betrayed - Mending Hearts. All 21 chapters are now up. It's still on-going.

General Hospital - Sam/Jason/Liz

Added Tequila Nights - Girls' Night Out
Added Tequila Nights - Naughty Girls. Two parter.

General Hospital - General Fan Fiction

Added The Boy I Was...The Man I Am Becoming

Doctor Who

Added Martha Jones Beginnings

Added a new section in General Hospital - General Fan fiction called Other's Fan Fiction. I'm hosting other authors fan fiction and stories on here.

Michelle's Fan Fiction

Added Opening Night
Added A Growing Family
Added Reflections
Added Over
Added Distractions
Added Tequila Nights
Added Forbidden Love
Added Is Love Enough?
Added Love's Endurance

4 October 2008: Site Created!

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