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Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to "Lianna's Tales". My name is Jennifer, and I have been using the alias Lianna Keru for more than a decade. Through the years my gift of writing has taken on a role of itself. Only thought to be a favorite past time, I found that my writing took on more meaning. By the time I was twenty I found I wanted to take on writing professionally.

On my first novel, I have gone into many genres in my fan fiction and poetry. From The Magnificent Seven to Doctor Who I have found that I have no limits when it comes to the series that I have come to love.

Here you will find my many journeys throughout the ten and a half years I have been writing. Please, enjoy what you read. And don't forget to review!

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Copyright Jennifer Pennington 2008-09 All Rights Reserved. I do not claim to own any of main characters from the many shows that you will see in my fan fiction. They belong to their owners and creators. Any characters that you see pop up that you do not know, belong to me and therefore cannot take without permission. Enjoy!