Chapter Six

It was quiet on the docks and that was what Diego needed right now. He was still reeling over the fact that he had a sister and was going to be an uncle. When Jessica had first come over to the table and told him who she was, he had been shocked. But he listened as she talked to him, telling him that despite all that had happened Lorenzo Alcazar was a good man and that Diego should give him a chance. After commenting on the fact that she had grown up with him and he hadn’t, Jessica had told Diego that Alcazar had not known about her until she was nine-years-old and that they had gone through the same uncomfortable period that Diego was going through now. Diego realized that he had liked Jessica instantly and looked forward to getting to know her more. She had excused herself when her food was ready and Diego watched as she resumed her seat beside Alcazar at the counter. He had nodded to the man before taking Brook Lyn’s hand and leaving the diner.


The Haunted Star was busy and Skye was pleased with the turn out. She stood by the bar, surveying the crowd of people that were either gamboling or sitting in the various booths that lined the edge of the large room. Music played softly in the background while waiters and waitresses wearing red and black, moved through the groups of people, delivering drinks to the tables.

Skye’s eyes fell on a man sitting alone in a booth in the back corner of the club, the table almost hidden in shadows. She took in the black hair that was cut close and spiked on top, the broad shoulders that now slumped slightly and the eyes that looked tired. She wondered what could be bothering a man as powerful and intimidating as Lorenzo Alcazar enough to bring him to her little floating casino.

Throwing caution to the wind, Skye made her way over to the table in the corner, stopping every now and then to play hostess to her guests. Skye stopped at the table where Lorenzo was sitting, a tumbler clutched in his hand, and Skye assumed it was not the first one of the evening. “Now, what could have gotten you so down that you decided to drown your sorrows here?” Lorenzo looked up and saw Skye Quartermaine standing there, a small smile on her lips. He took in her green eyes and the way the dim light of the room made them appear an almost jade color; her almost translucent skin that resembled porcelain and the deep red of her hair. He found himself smiling slightly as he sat back against the booth. “Who says I am here drowning my sorrows?” he asked her, his eyes now traveling up and down her body, appreciating the way the black dress hugged her frame.

“Well, Mr. Alcazar, not everyone comes in here, sits in a dark corner and broods,” Skye replied, aware of the way he was looking at her and finding that she was not bothered by it in the least.

“Let’s just say I needed a change in scenery,” he said. “Would you care to join me?” he asked, sliding to the right on the bench and indicating the space he made for her.

Against her better judgment, Skye joined him. She didn’t know too much about Lorenzo Alcazar as she had very little dealings with him, but she was hoping that he was not like his brother. Skye repressed a shudder as she thought about her one night stand with Luis Alcazar, an event that occurred during her more unsober times.

As she slid into the booth, a waiter came to take her order. After ordering a sparkling water with ice and a lemon, Skye turned back to Lorenzo. “So, I heard that your daughter has come home,” she said. Skye had not really had much contact with Jessica, but she had seen her around town and knew about her relationship with Jason, once it had come out. She had also heard about what Ric Lansing had done. “I hope that she’s feeling better.”

Lorenzo sighed and downed the rest of his drink, signaling the waiter for another. Skye watched him. “That good, huh?” she asked.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that Jessica was feeling well enough to return . . . but with the current situation . . . “he trailed off, lost a moment in his thoughts of his daughter and Morgan.

“So things aren’t any better between you and Diego?” she asked, seeing the look on his face.

Lorenzo shook his head. “No, but after today, there might be a change in that.” At Skye’s questioning look, Lorenzo continued. “Jessica met him this afternoon at Kelly’s and they had a long talk. I’m not really sure what they talked about, but I did notice a slight change in his attitude.”

“Well, that’s good then,” said Skye, smiling, but the smile faded as she saw that he did not seem pleased. “Isn’t it? I mean, your son and daughter seemed to hit it off right away . . . but that’s not what’s bothering you.”

Lorenzo sipped his drink again and shook his head. He turned to look at Skye and saw . . . concern . . . he wasn’t really sure, in her eyes. He sighed again and ran his hands through his hair. “Well, I’m sure it won’t be a secret much longer, but no, that’s not what’s on my mind tonight.”

“Oh, so do you want to elaborate?” she asked, not sure why she was still sitting here talking to him. But he was obviously hurting over something and she felt a need to take that pain out of his eyes.

“Jessica is pregnant with Jason Morgan’s child,” he said as he picked up his glass and downed half of it in one gulp.

Skye looked at him, stunned. “Wow. I mean congratulations? Although you don’t seem particularly happy about that,” she said.

Lorenzo turned to look at her again. The candle light on the table caught the sparkle of her green eyes and cast an ethereal glow to her pale skin. “No. In all honesty, I am not happy about this. Besides the fact that I feel she is too young to be having a child, it kills me that it is Morgan’s.”

“I can see where that could be a problem,” she said sympathetically, placing her hand on his arm. “But Jason is my brother – sort of - and although I don’t know him all that well, from what I have heard and seen, I think he would make a great father.”

Lorenzo’s response was to down the rest of his drink, not even sure how many he had had since arriving at the Haunted Star.

Taking notice of this, Skye removed her hand and sipped at her own drink. Then a thought occurred to her and she smiled a little. Lorenzo saw this. “What?” he asked, realizing that he missed her hand on his arm once it was gone. “I just thought of something,” Skye said, her eyes dancing with slight amusement. “I was wondering if the Quartermaines have gotten wind of this yet.”

“What would it matter?” Lorenzo asked, not seeing the connection she was obviously making, but liking the way her eyes lit up at whatever she was thinking.

“You do remember that Jason is technically a Quartermaine, right? He may have changed his last name and shunned most of the family, but by blood, he is a Quartermaine,” Skye pointed out, thinking about what the family’s reaction was going to be when they find out that Jason was going to be a father and that the child was actually his.

Lorenzo closed his eyes and leaned his head back on the booth. He hadn’t even thought about that. “Great, just what I needed,” he muttered as he signaled the waiter yet again.


“Jason, I’m fine,” said Jessica in exasperation.

“Jessica, you almost passed out back there,” Jason said as he watched the numbers on the elevator rise. They had decided to meet at Kelly’s for breakfast that morning and after eating, Jessica hadn’t felt well and had run into the bathroom. Jason had followed to make sure she was okay and had arrived in time to catch her before she hit the floor. He then decided to take her to GH right then and there and had even called Dr. Meadows and asked her to meet them.

“I did not almost pass out Jason. It was morning sickness and then I got dizzy,” Jessica insisted as the elevator doors opened and Jason lead her out. She looked around, sure that her father was going to show up. She had seen Ramon on the phone as Jason insisted he take her to the hospital. She was not looking forward to the confrontation that would ensue when he got there.

“Jessica, Jason, I got your call,” said Dr. Meadows as she joined her and Jason in the hallway. “Why don’t we go to my office.”

Jessica nodded and once settled in the office with Jason she explained what happened.

“Actually, I don’t think Jason was overreacting at all,” Dr. Meadows began. “Although the morning sickness is common, even at this stage in your pregnancy, your blood pressure is still high and that’s what caused the dizzy spell. Now, I know I saw you a few days ago, but until your blood pressure is at a more comfortable level, I want to see you every two weeks.”

“Is there anything that Jessica can do to keep her pressure down?” Jason asked, reaching over and taking Jessica’s hand.

“Well, I already spoke to her about stress, but she can also rest a lot and keep hydrated, especially after any bouts of morning sickness,” Dr. Meadows said.

After a quick exam, Jessica and Jason thanked Dr. Meadows and left the office. “See Jason, I told you everything was fine,” she said.

“Yeah, this time Jessica. Look, I want you to move in with me,” he said quickly as they waited for the elevator.

“Over my dead body,” came a voice from behind them.

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