Chapter Five

It was late when Lorenzo got back to the penthouse and he found Jessica curled up on the couch, the remains of her dinner spread out on the low table in front of the couch. He sighed as he looked down at her; still not sure of his own feelings about what was going on. He knew he told Jessica he wouldn’t fight her on this, but if it meant her and Jason getting close again, he was going to do whatever he could to not let that happen.

Moving the book off of her lap and onto the table, Lorenzo gathered her into his arms and lifted her off the couch. He carried her into her bedroom and settled her onto her bed. He gently brushed his hand over her forehead, pushing some hair out of her eyes. “Mi querida hija, me voya a hacer todo que yo puedo para proteger su hija y ustead,” (“My darling daughter, I will do what I can to protect you and your daughter”) he whispered before leaving the room and closing the door softly behind him.


Well, I’m home now and both Jason and my father know about you, my precious angel. Jason reacted pretty much how I expected: he was surprised, but happy and already totally committed to you and us. You should have seen his face when he heard your heartbeat for the first time. Now, my father on the other hand . . . even though he said that he won’t fight me on this, I can see how unsettled he is by everything. You see, my father is a very complicated man. He has lost so much over the years and yet he still continues on. I know he worries about me, and he has that right as my father, but I’m not so sure he is going to accept my current situation. I myself am still unsure as to what I want and where I want things to go with Jason, but after last night . . .

Jessica put the end of the pen in her mouth and thought back to last night. After waking from her nap, Jessica realized that her father was still not home and being that she wasn’t sure when he would be back, she decided to make an early dinner and settle in for a relaxing night. She had gone into the kitchen and made a cold chicken sandwich and a salad. Settling in with a book, Jessica finished her dinner and fell asleep. She hadn’t heard her father come in, but she had slightly woken when she felt herself being lifted into his arms and carried to her room. Jessica had been about to open her eyes when she heard her father whisper in Spanish. She had been silent as he vowed to protect her and her daughter, and Jessica knew he would do exactly that.

Jessica sighed as she looked back at her journal. My father can be a dangerous man when it comes to protecting those he loves . . . I just don’t want anything to happen to Jason because of me and I think that if I allow Jason into my heart and life again, he will be hurt or even killed.

Jessica sighed as she looked back at her journal. My father can be a dangerous man when it comes to protecting those he loves . . . I just don’t want anything to happen to Jason because of me and I think that if I allow Jason into my heart and life again, he will be hurt or even killed. I want him to be a part of your life, and I am sure my father won’t deny that . . . he knows first hand what its like to not know your child – it’s happened to him twice already. I just wish he would understand that Jason would never hurt me. Not knowing what to do, Jessica sighed and put her journal away. She needed some air, so she pulled on a pair of sneakers and decided to take a walk in the park.

“Ms. Alcazar, your father left instructions that you are to go no where alone,” said Ramon, one of her father’s guards, when Jessica opened the door. Jessica nodded. “I know. But I need some air, so I we’re going for a walk,” she said as she stepped out of the apartment and headed to the elevator, knowing Ramon was right behind her.

It was nice out and Jessica breathed in the fresh air. So much was going on right now and what she needed was some time to relax and not think for a little while. Finding a bench under a tree, Jessica sat, looking around. She knew Ramon was not too far away, but he was respecting the privacy she obviously needed.


“Wait, Jessica’s home?” Sonny asked as he looked over at his wife. Sonny had watched his best friend over the last few months and had seen the pain Jason was in. Of course, Jason had tried to hide it by throwing himself into his work. He took on more jobs and worked longer hours. Sonny was starting to worry and was planning on talking to Jason about over working himself when Carly came down the stairs that morning and announced that Jessica Alcazar was back in town. “Does Jason know?” he asked. Sonny had mixed feelings about Jessica. She was the daughter of an enemy and therefore, he felt she was not to be trusted. He was wary when she first came to The Cellar and introduced herself as Lorenzo Alcazar’s daughter. But then Jason, Sonny’s best friend, had fallen in love with her. Sonny wasn’t even sure how he had missed it, and had been shocked when the truth was revealed.

“Yes, Jason knows she’s back. Jessica had gone to see him almost as soon as she got back,” said Carly as she sipped her coffee. She watched Sonny. She knew he was going to find out about the baby sooner or later and was dying to be the one to tell him. “There is something you should know Sonny,” she said. Sonny turned to look at Carly. He saw the glint in her eyes and knew she was near bursting with some kind of news she had. “Carly, you might as well tell me whatever is on your mind before you bust,” he said, flashing his dimples in a quick smile.

“Okay, but you have to act surprised when Jason tells you,” she said, pulling Sonny down onto the couch.

Sonny looked at her curiously, wondering what could be going on with Jason that Carly knew about.

“Jessica is four months pregnant with Jason’s child,” she said with a wide smile on her face.

“Pregnant?” Sonny asked, the look on his face not mirroring his wife’s wide smile and bright eyes. Sonny did not see this as great news. Yeah, he knew Jason wanted a family of his own and would make a great father – he had proven that through his relationship with Michael and Morgan – but the fact that the child he was about to have was an Alcazar was not good news. Jason was about to be connected to their number one enemy.


Lorenzo stood in the cover of the trees, watching his daughter as she sat on the bench, seeming to enjoy the warm sunshine and the peacefulness of the park. He had instructed Ramon to inform him when Jessica left the apartment and where she was going. Pulling his cell phone out of his pocket, Lorenzo dialed another guard and spoke in hushed tones, “Piersigue a Morgan y me llama el momento que se pongo en contacto o se enquentre con Jessica,” (“Tail Morgan and call me the moment he contacts or meets with Jessica.”) he said before hanging up the phone and leaving the cover of the trees.

Lorenzo knew that Jessica would be angry if she knew what he was doing, but he was only trying to protect her and if he had kept a closer eye on the situation before, none of this would be happening now.


“Come on Diego, it can’t be that bad. It sounds like he’s trying,” said Brook Lynn as she sat with Diego at a small table in Kelly’s. She could see that he was still angry over all that had happened since he came to Port Charles.

“I have done fine for the last seventeen years without a father, so why do I need one now?” Diego said as he shook his head.

“He just wants the chance to be your father Diego, he missed out on so much of your life.”

“Yeah well, that’s not my fault,” he said stubbornly.

“And it’s not his either,” Brook said gently as she took Diego’s hand in hers. “You guys might not be able to make up for the time that was lost, but you can still build a relationship.”

Diego shook his head. He knew it wasn’t Alcazar’s fault that he didn’t know about Diego, but he needed someone to be angry at and right now, Maria was not an option as she was not even in town, leaving the two men to work things out on their own.

Diego was about to respond when he looked up and saw the man in question walk into the small diner. He watched as Alcazar stopped and saw him, nodding slightly in acknowledgement before heading to the counter.

It was hard for Lorenzo, but he knew that Diego needed some space and time and he did not want to pressure Diego into acknowledging him.

Brook looked between the two men and sighed, she knew this was not going to be easy but she was going to support Diego as much as she could.


The rumbling in her belly signaled Jessica that it was time for lunch. She waved to Ramon and waited for him to walk over. “I’m hungry, how about grabbing some lunch at Kelly’s?” she asked.

Ramon nodded his agreement and indicated that she proceed him to the diner. Jessica walked in and saw her father at the counter. She walked over to him, noticing that Ramon stayed outside. “Hey there Dad,” she said as she sat on the stool bedside him.

Lorenzo turned and smiled at his daughter. “What are you up to?” he asked after kissing her on her cheek.

“Lunch,” she said with a smile. She looked over her shoulder and saw a dark haired man sitting with a pretty girl. “Is that Diego?” she asked, thinking that he looked like a younger version of her father.

Nodding, Lorenzo glanced over his shoulder as well. “I’m trying to give him some space, he’s struggling with all that’s going on.”

“Well, maybe I can help,” she said. “Order me the lunch special and large iced tea,” she added before walking over to the table.

Diego looked up when a dark haired girl with green eyes stopped by his table. “Can I help you?” he asked.

“Yes, you can,” she said. “May I join you?” she asked indicating the empty chair. At Diego’s bewildered nod, she pulled out the chair and sat. “Well, I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Jessica Alcazar, your sister.”

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