Chapter Thirty-Three

Lorenzo sighed and reached for a napkin. He was going to have some major making up to do when this was all over. As he wiped the water off of his face, a shadow fell over his table and he looked up into the smiling, satisfied face of Faith.


“Trouble in paradise?” Faith asked as she slid into Skye’s abandoned seat. She still couldn’t believe what she had witnessed. But she was not one to pass up an opportunity like this.

Lorenzo put the napkin down. “What do you want Faith?” he asked, letting frustration seep through his voice, but making sure to give her his full attention.

“Well . . . I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation with little Miss Quartermaine,” Faith purred, her hand toying with the napkin in front of her. “Sounds like things aren’t going too well.”

Lorenzo nodded. “You’re right. Skye and I aren’t working out the way I was hoping,” he said.

Faith’s eyebrow went up. “Why not?” she asked, feigning interest in Lorenzo’s problems. She couldn’t really care less what was happening, all she cared about was what this could mean for her.

Lorenzo picked up his coffee cup, glad that Skye had not chosen that one to throw in his face, and sipped it as he considered what to tell Faith. So far, he had her eating out of his hand, and going in for the kill now would definitly be what he needed to draw her in.


The back door opened and Jason turned in his seat at the desk, his hand on his gun. “Skye? What are you doing here?” he asked when he saw the red haired woman.

“Marco let me in. I want to watch what’s happening out there,” she said, shutting the door and moving over to the desk where the monitors had been set up.

Jason sighed. “Skye, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he said.

“Please Jason? It was hard enough to do what I just did. I can’t walk away from this completely. And if I am going to make this as believeable as possible, I need to know what’s really going on,” Skye said, pleading her case.

Considering Skye’s request a moment, Jason watched the screens. “Alright, you can stay, but no interferring Skye. We can’t afford any distractions,” he warned.

Skye nodded in agreement as Jason pulled over another chair for her to sit in. Then he looked over at her. “Are you sure about this?” he asked, as he handed her a set of headphones.

“No. But I have to,” Skye said as she took the headphones and slipped them over her ears.


“You know, I couldn’t help overhearing your . . . discussion with Skye. I know you said you didn’t want to talk about it, but we do have a history Lorenzo, and I’m sure that I can help,” Faith practically purred as she slid her hand across the table and over the fingers of Lorenzo’s right hand.

Lorenzo looked down at her hand over his, then back up at her eyes. “You’re right. We’re having problems.”

“I gathered as much. So, what are these problems about?”

Lorenzo leaned forward in his seat and instead of sliding his hand from hers, he turned it over on the table and laced his fingers with Faith’s, watching her eyes. “You,” he said simply.

“Me? Now, what could I have possible done?” Faith asked, surprise evident in her voice.

“Nothing actually,” he said. “But ever since you arrived back in town, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.”


He’s good, Skye had to admit as she watched him work Faith. And from the looks on Faith’s face, she was falling for every word he said.


Faith’s eyebrow went up. “Is that so?” she asked, her eyes sliding over his very handsome and sculpted features.

Lorenzo nodded. “You were right Faith. We do belong together and I want to try again,” he said, having to force the words out. This was not going to be easy, but it had to be done. Lorenzo had to protect his family from this blood-sucking viper.

A seductive smile spread over Faith’s lips. “That does sound intriguing,” she said. “How about you stop by my place later tonight? We can work out the details then.”

“I’ll be there,” Lorenzo said, lifting Faith’s hand to his lips and placing a gentle kiss on the back of it, his eyes still on hers.


Skye sat back in her chair. “Do you think she believes him?” she asked Jason.

Jason looked over at Skye. Faith had left, but Lorenzo was still at the table, sipping his coffee. He was lost in his thoughts.

“I don’t know if she believes him Skye, but I guess we’ll find out later,” he said, turning back to the monitors. “You should go. Lorenzo and I have to work out the details of his meeting with Faith tonight.”

Skye nodded and gathered her things. She looked back at the monitors one more time before walking out the back door.


“Hey, where have you been?” Jessica asked when she looked up and saw Diego in the doorway to her room. After Sam had left, Jessica had tried to remain calm, but knowing what her father was doing didn’t make that easy.

“I was being stonewalled by Ramon,” Diego said gruffly as he plopped himself into the armchair in the corner of the room. He was still pissed that Ramon wouldn’t let him anywhere near the club and when Diego had tried to ditch the guard, it hadn’t worked.

“Are you going to explain what that means?” Jessica asked curiously. “I mean, I know about Dad’s plan with Faith,” she added and at Diego’s questioning look, she added, “Sam told me.”

Diego nodded. “Yeah. Well, Ramon had “orders” to keep me away from The Cellar like I was some kind of child!”

“And you wanted to be there for what reason Diego?” she asked him, seeing the anger and frustration on her brother’s face.

“Of course I wanted to be there Jessica! How can you be sitting there so calm about all of this? If Sam told you what was going on, then you know that our father is sacraficing himself to that . . . .that witch!” he exclaimed, furiously pushing his hair back off of his forehead and jumping out of the chair.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have a choice but to stay calm Diego,” Jessica said, placing her hand on her belly. “And I know that Dad can handle himself. He’s been doing this for a long time Diego, and has always come through.”

“I should be there helping him,” he said.

Jessica shook her head. “No Diego, you shouldn’t. You’re still too young to be involved in any of this Diego and I know Dad wants more for you.”

“How about what I want?” Diego asked. “Look, I grew up being shuttled from one foster family to the next, not knowing who I was and living a lie. Now I have a family and I am supposed to just sit back and let it be destroyed? I’m sorry Jessica, but I can’t do that.”

Jessica watched helplessly as Diego walked out of the room. “Diego!” she called, but it was no use.


“Thank you Ramon,” Skye said as the guard opened the door to Jessica’s apartment. As she moved to walk in though, she almost ran into Diego – a very angry looking Diego.

“Jessica’s in her room,” he said as he walked past her.

Skye watched as Ramon went after Diego and another guard took his place at the door, shutting it. She hoped that the younger man would be okay.


“Skye, I know my father. He’s doing what he feels he has to in order to protect those that he cares about, and that includes you,” Jessica said from her spot on the bed.

“I know Jessica, but that doesn’t make me worry any less. I mean, look at what she did to him last time – he almost died!”

Jessica nodded. “He loves you Skye, I know he does. And I know he is hating every moment of being away from you like this.”

Skye smiled and looked down at her hands. “I know that Jessica, but it’s still hard. I know he is doing this for me as much as he is doing it for you and Diego and that precious life you are carrying. I just want him to be safe.”

“So do I Skye. I feel the same way about Jason, but I am not going to change him to suit what I think is good for him. I love and accept Jason for who he is, not who I want him to be. The same goes for my father.”

Skye nodded. “I feel the same way Jessica, but it doesn’t make this any easier.”


“Diego, are you okay?” Sam asked when as took her attention off of the water to see her very angry nephew pounding down the stairs to the docks.

Diego stopped short in front of Sam – his father’s sister and his aunt. “I know you know about what my father is doing,” he said, folding his arms. “And I want in.”

Sam raised her eyebrow as she looked up at the younger man, realizing in that moment how much he resembled Lorenzo when he was that age. “Have you talked to Lorenzo about this?” she asked.

“Yeah, countless times!” Diego fumed. “And again and again, he tells me I should finish school first . . . that he wants more for me . . . . I’ve heard it all already Sam and I don’t want to hear it from you.”

Sam crossed her arms over her chest and looked at her nephew. “Really? How about this one then? I think you’re right. And as soon as I can, I will talk to your father.”

“You will?” Diego asked in surprise.

“Yes. You’re a part of this family Diego and it’s time Lorenzo acknowledged that.”

“Wow. Thanks,” he said, still in shock.

“Now, I want you to go home and take care of your sister until I can talk to Lorenzo. Deal?”

“Yeah, deal,” Diego said as he turned and headed back to the apartment. Finally, someone was on his side.

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