Chapter Three

“Look! I don’t need a father, so just back off!” yelled the dark haired young man. Diego had just found out that the woman he thought to be his sister all his life was actually his mother and that the man now standing in front of him, a man he was lead to believe killed his father, was his father. He was tired of listening to everyone’s explanations and apologies for the decisions they made.

Lorenzo sighed as he watched Diego walk away. Ever since Maria had come back into town and the news had been revealed that he had a seventeen year old son he did not know, his life had not been the same.

“Rough night?” asked a voice from the stairs and Lorenzo looked up to see Carly walking toward him, her ever present guard not too far behind her in the shadows.

“I’ve had better,” he said. “What are you doing out here so late?”

“I was just at The Cellar,” Carly replied as she sat on the bench beside him. “Diego will come around you know.”

Lorenzo nodded. “I know; I just wish it would happen a lot sooner. I have already missed a lot of time with him.”

“That’s not your fault Lorenzo. Maria is the one that kept him from you, hell; she even lied to him all his life. Making him believe she was his sister all these years? Who does that?” Carly asked. When she had heard the whole story, Carly had been horrified at what Maria had done.

“She had her reasons Carly. Maria and I did not part on the best of terms. She was scared and did what she thought was right to protect her child. I won’t hold that against her.”

Carly nodded, knowing she wasn’t going to be able to say anything to change his mind. “So, um, have you heard anything from Jessica lately?”

Running his hands through his hair, a gesture he seemed to do a lot these days, Lorenzo sighed. “No.”

Carly could see this was tough on Lorenzo. He missed his daughter and was worried about her. He hated not being able to talk to her and make sure she was all right. And it took all his will power not to go to her. He was keeping his promise to her.

“Lorenzo, you know she’ll come back when she’s ready,” said Carly.

“I know that Carly, but maybe its best if she didn’t come back to Port Charles.”

Carly sighed. “Lorenzo, Jessica is still in love with Jason . . . I know she’ll be back.”

Lorenzo didn’t want to hear what Carly had to say about Jason. The two men had gone out of their way to avoid each other over the last few months and Lorenzo was not about to get into a discussion about Jason and his daughter. Not now.


It had been a long flight and Jessica was tired. The doctor had okayed her return to Port Charles and Jessica promised to check in with a doctor at General Hospital as soon as she was settled.

“Is my father in?” she asked the guard standing outside his door.

“No ma’am, he’s out but he should be back shortly,” the guard replied. He then turned and opened the door for her. “You should wait inside,” he added, taking in her slightly swollen belly.

Smiling slightly, Jessica nodded and walked into her father’s penthouse. Everything was quiet, but she could see signs that her father had been there earlier. There was half a cup of coffee sitting on the coffee table with a thick novel sitting next to it. Jessica smiled as she sat on the couch and picked up the book. Not many people knew the scholarly side of her father. They didn’t know of his passion for history and archeology. They didn’t see the deep academic thinker he was behind his mob boss persona. It was a part of him that Jessica loved so much.

Settling back against the cushions of the black leather couch, Jessica opened the book to see what had caught her father’s attention this time.


After making sure Carly had arrived home safely, much to the chagrin of her guard, Lorenzo made his way home hoping there would be a message from Jessica waiting there for him. Opening the door, Lorenzo saw a lamp was on and didn’t remember leaving it on. He turned and saw his daughter curled up on the couch, the latest book he had been reading open over her belly, fast asleep.

Jessica stirred and opened her eyes, seeing her father standing by the desk. “Hi,” she said, sitting up but keeping the book over her stomach. “I know I should have called . . .”

“No, it’s okay. I’m happy to see you,” he said, walking over to the couch to hug her. It had been so long. He took in her dark hair and tan skin. She looked more relaxed and the deep haunted look was gone from her eyes. “You look a lot better.”

“I am. I did a lot of thinking and I went to a therapist . . . it really helped a lot. I needed to come home. I missed you and everyone and I heard about Diego . . . Carly told me.”

Lorenzo nodded. “Yes, well, things with Diego are not going very well at the moment. He’s confused and angry and I don’t blame him.”

“Well, I would like to meet him . . . maybe I can talk to him.”

Lorenzo nodded. “Have you been to see Jason yet?” he asked.

Jessica shook her head. “No, not yet. In fact, I didn’t tell anyone I was coming home yet. I umm . . . need tell you . . . or rather show you something,” she said, taking a deep breath. “Now, don’t freak out or yell.”

Lorenzo was wary. “What’s going on Jessica?” he asked her, not sure he wanted to know.

“Dad, I’m pregnant and Jason is the father,” she said as she moved the book and stood up, looking down at her father.

Lorenzo looked at his daughter and saw the swell of her belly. He stood up. “I take it Jason doesn’t know.”

Jessica shook her head again. “Not even Carly knows. I know she would have blabbed right away and I wasn’t ready for him . . . or anybody to know.”

Lorenzo could see she was scared. “I can’t say I’m too happy about this Jessica . . . but I won’t fight you on this. I also think you should tell Jason before he hears about it from someone else.” At her quizzical look Lorenzo sighed. “Even though I don’t like this, Morgan has a right to know he’s going to be a father and you should tell him before you see Carly.”

“Thank you Dad,” Jessica whispered as she threw her arms around his neck. “It means a lot to me to have your support. I don’t know what I want to do, although you’re right, Jason’s does need to know and that’s partly why I came back. My daughter deserves to know her family, and that includes you and Diego.”

“I think he will like that,” said Lorenzo. “So, you’re having a girl?” It was a little difficult to wrap his mind around the fact that he was going to be a grandfather.

Jessica smiled as she wiped away a few stray tears. “I should go and talk to Jason before I lose my nerve. If it’s okay, I want to stay here with you until I figure out what I’m going to do.”

“Of course,” said Lorenzo, glad that she wanted to stay with him and was not running right to Morgan. Maybe there was still hope that things were over between them. “If you’re going out now, I want you to take a guard with you.”

Jessica nodded as she got her purse and followed her father to the door. He spoke with the guard out there and then she was gone.


Jason was standing on the docks again. He had tried to sleep, but couldn’t. This was becoming a nightly ritual. As he turned to leave Jason’s breath caught in his throat as she saw the one person he had wanted to see and hold in his arms standing in front of him. Her hair was loose and hung down to her waist in a waterfall of midnight black. He took in her face and her green eyes. Praying this was not a dream and she would disappear, Jason took a step toward her.

“I found the water to be very calming when I couldn’t sleep either,” she said with a slight smile.

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