Chapter Twenty-Nine

“So, let me get this straight,” said Sam as she looked at her brother. “You’re nineteen year old daughter – whom you have known for ten years – is pregnant with the child of a man who works for your rival. And to top that off, you have a seventeen year old son – someone whom you just found out about and met a few months ago –was raised by a woman he believed to be his sister but who was actually his mother. Wow, I should really come around more often.”

“Maybe you should,” Lorenzo said with a small smile. The last time he had seen his sister was back in Venezuela after Luis’s death. Lorenzo had been surprised to see her there as Luis and Samantha had never really gotten along, but Samantha said she was there to support him.


“Hey boss, I’ve got some information that you might be interested in,” said Julius as he handed Faith a folder. The longer it was taking to get her what she wanted, the more unbearable she was.

“This better be good,” Faith snapped, snatching the folder from the other man’s hands. She flipped it open and looked at the picture of a dark haired, brown eyed woman. The name under the picture read: SAMANTHA MCCALL-ALCAZAR.

Julius remained standing as Faith sat on the black leather sofa in her living room, her eyes skimming through the information. “Hmmmm . . . interesting,” she muttered as she tapped a long manicured finger nail against her teeth. “And she’s in town now?”

“Yes. She arrived an hour ago and according to the man on Alcazar’s penthouse, she’s there with him now,” Julius said, careful not to let his relief show.

“Good. Keep the tail on them. I think I might have to have a conversation with little miss Samantha,” Faith muttered as she looked over the photo again.


After Jessica had finished her lunch, Jason cleared the tray away and cleaned up the few dishes in the sink. Their conversation was still running through his head and it unsettled him.

Wiping his hands on the dishtowel, Jason leaned his arms against the counter and sighed. He hadn’t wanted to push her, but he wanted them to be together – to raise their daughter under the same roof. Jason didn’t care about the issues Sonny was having with his relationship with Jessica and he sure as well didn’t care about Alcazar’s thoughts on the subject. Jason wasn’t going to let either of them stand in his way anymore and he had to let Jessica know that.

He loved her. That was the bottom line. Jason loved Jessica so deeply; he was considering walking away from it all to be with her. Jason couldn’t lose Jessica and his daughter to his way of living.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out, Jason headed back to the bedroom, knowing he had to talk to Jessica and get everything out on the table. It was the only way they were going to figure out what to do. As he walked into the bedroom, Jason stopped. Jessica was sound asleep.


The next few days passed quietly. Everyone went about their business but did not let down their guard. Jessica had been thrilled too see Sam and the two spent a lot of time together rebonding and catching up. Lorenzo spent more time with Skye and was healing nicely. He also continued on his quest to bring Faith down before she hurt anyone else in his family. Carly visited Jessica often and had been getting to know Sam – whom she liked a lot. Sonny and Jason were tracking Faith, but had still not spoken about the issues lying between them. Tension filled the air.


“Okay, we’ve got chips, dip, veggies – in case your father or Jason should walk in – and fresh baked brownies,” said Sam as she carried the tray of plates and bowls into Jessica’s room. “Carly’s got the drinks.”

Carly followed Sam into the room, also carrying a tray of glasses of juice, soda, and bottles of water. “Skye has the bowl of popcorn and the movies.”

Last to enter the room was Skye, carrying a large bowl of popcorn and a stack of DVDs. “Okay, I think we are all set for an afternoon of pigging out and movies. We have everything from Comedy to Romance to Romantic Comedies.”

Jessica was glad that these women were here to distract her. Her conversation with Jason a couple of days ago was still hanging between them and Jessica wasn’t sure what to do.

“Hey, why the glum face?” Sam asked as she settled herself on the bed next to Jessica. “This is supposed to be a fun, relaxing afternoon.”

Carly and Skye turned to look at Jessica as well.

“I’m sorry guys, but . . . Jason and I had a . . . sort of argument the other day and I can’t stop thinking about it,” Jessica explained.

“What happened?” Sam asked as she popped a chip in her mouth.

Jessica told them about Jason’s assumptions about them moving in together once the baby was born and her reaction. “Do you guys think I’m just overreacting?” she asked the three women.

“No,” said Carly and Skye, who then looked at each other in surprise. It was rare when the two women saw eye to eye on something.

“Yes,” said Sam.

“What?” Jessica was surprised. She was sure Sam would have agreed with her.

“Come on Jess, it beyond obvious that you are deeply, madly in love with Jason. Why do you keep pushing him away?” asked Sam curiously. “And don’t say it’s because of his relationship with your father, because as far as I am concerned – that’s a load of bull.”


Jason rubbed his face as he walked into Sonny’s penthouse and stopped when he saw Alcazar standing by the fireplace, a glass of brandy in his hand.

“What’s going on?” Jason asked as he turned to Sonny. Jason did not like not knowing what was going on.

Sonny sighed and walked over to Jason, rubbing the back of his neck. He knew this was not going to be easy – not by a long shot – but Sonny knew it had to be done.

Sonny had gone to Alcazar himself and proposed they all join together their resources and connections to stop Faith before someone was hurt – or killed.

Letting out a breath, Sonny decided to just dive in and hope Jason understood and accepted his decision.

“I asked Alcazar to come over here to talk about the Faith situation,” Sonny began.

“Wait. You’re saying we’re teaming up with Alcazar?” Jason asked, his steely gaze sliding over to the tall man who stood silently watching the exchange between boss and enforcer.

Sonny nodded. “Jason . . . we all have a lot at stake here – you especially. We join forces against Faith now, we just might beat her at her own game.”

“Do we know what that game is or are we going in blind?” Jason asked, silently accepting Lorenzo’s presence with a nod to the man.

Putting his now empty glass down on the mantel behind him, Lorenzo cleared his throat and clasped his hands behind his back. “I may have a connection into her organization – such as it is,” Lorenzo began, sitting in the armchair closest to the fireplace. He waited until Sonny was seated on the couch and Jason in the other armchair across from Lorenzo’s own seat – the coffee table between them.

Once he had Sonny and Jason’s attention, Lorenzo leaned forward slightly, resting his elbows on his knees. “As it turns out, Faith’s number one man for security happens to the cousin of one of my own men. I was able to have my man convince his cousin it would be in his best interest to help us as opposed to staying loyal to Faith. He quickly agreed and has been able to give me some information concerning Faith’s movements.”

“And this guy can be trusted?” Jason asked skeptically. He knew Sonny was right – they all had a lot to lose if Faith won, and Jason wasn’t going to let that happen.

Lorenzo nodded. “I already had him checked out fully,” he said. “He was able to tell me that Faith is planning to use my sister Samantha some how. I guess she doesn’t have enough reliable information on Samantha, otherwise Faith wouldn’t be making a decision like that.”

Jason nodded. He had met Alcazar’s sister, Samantha, and although it had been a brief visit, he had been able to pick up on her feistiness and strong-will, and Jessica was happy Sam was here. “So, what’s your plan?”

Sitting back, Lorenzo looked over both Sonny and Jason. He had never really worked with either of them before – always against them – but he had to trust them, even if it went against his instincts. Lorenzo was doing this for his family’s safety.

“I am going to go to Faith and tell her that I made a mistake and that she was right – that we should be together,” Lorenzo said. “By doing this, I can get close to her – close enough to gain her trust, let her guard down and then we can move in and take her out.”

It sounded like a good plan – being it was the only one they had. Sonny nodded. “It could work,” he said. “But you might be forgetting one thing.”

“And that would be?” Lorenzo asked, shifting his light blue gaze to the other man.


Lorenzo nodded. He knew that would the only glitch in his plan. “Actually, I had thought about her. And the only solution will be to let her in on what we’re planning. Along with Jessica, Samantha and Carly.”

Sonny shook his head. “No. Carly has already been involved with Faith too much as it is. I don’t want her anywhere near this.”

Lorenzo sighed. “I understand that Corinthos, and I would agree with you, but we both know how Carly is. If she is kept in the dark about this, she will involve herself. Samantha is the same way, once she knows Faith is targeting her, she will fight back. And I don’t want Jessica left in the dark. It will only agitate her more and she doesn’t need that right now.”

Jason agreed and said as much to Sonny. “If we tell them, there’s a less of a chance that Carly will find a way to get herself into trouble.”

“Alright. We tell them,” Sonny said. Then he leaned back and looked at Lorenzo, a smile forming on his lips.

“What do you find so amusing about this Corinthos?” Lorenzo asked, eying the other man.

“Nothing. But out of Carly, Samantha, Jessica and Skye, you have the hardest job,” Sonny said. “Man, I would love to be a fly on the wall when you tell Skye you are leaving her for Faith Roscoe.”

Lorenzo sighed and then got up, going to the bar. Sonny was right. Even though this wasn’t going to be real, Skye was not going to like this one bit. Lorenzo poured himself a double shot of vodka – he was going to need it.

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