Chapter Twenty-Five

“What do you want Faith?” Sonny asked as he turned from the bar. He couldn’t believe this woman had the gall to show her face in his home, especially after what she had done at The Cellar. But he had to admit that he was curious as to why she thought she could show up here and not expect to be killed for her troubles.

“Nice to see you too Sonny,” Faith said as she walked into the penthouse as though she owned it. “See you haven’t changed the décor much,” she added, looking around at the dark colors and over all depressiveness of it.

“Again, what do you want Faith?” Sonny’s patience was beginning to wane.

“I just thought you would want to know about your number one Enforcer saving Diego Alcazar’s life the other night,” she said, casually tossing her purse onto the couch.

Sonny said nothing as he turned back to the bar, pouring another drink. “And I’m supposed to care?” he asked nonchalantly, but inside he was seething. Why couldn’t Jason understand that his actions were making Sonny look weak and that was something he could not afford. Sonny knew that without Jason by his side, he didn’t stand a chance at remaining as strong and powerful as he was now. Sonny may be the mob boss, but it was Jason who kept everything and everyone running smoothly.

Faith raised an eyebrow. “Do I detect something amiss with the dynamic duo?” And I bet I could use this to my advantage, she thought as she watched Sonny, seeing the tenseness in his movements as he poured a drink.

“Get out Faith,” he said, trying not to give into her taunting. He did not want to give Faith anything to work with, but he knew he was going to have to have another talk with Jason. He had to make Jason understand the seriousness of his decisions and the consequences that were sure to follow, without driving a wedge further between them.

“Well, just so you know, Diego made arrangements to meet with me on the docks – with the intention of killing me of course – but Jason stopped him. You know, I was wondering: when did Jason start working for Lorenzo?”

With that said, Faith picked up her purse and walked back out, a twisted smile playing across her lips, her hips swaying in satisfaction as she walked. Mission accomplished.


Since her plans at The Cellar did not go exactly as she had wanted them, Faith thought that she could stir things up between the various big players in Port Charles. She had to admit, Ric’s plans did have a certain genious to them – if only he hadn’t been fool enough to become greedy and get himself killed in the process.

“What now boss?”

Faith looked over at her most loyal of guards. “We play up the tension between Sonny and Jason – continue to weaken their defenses – then, when the time is right, we strike.”

She wasn’t going to be stupid like Ric. She was not going to pit the men against each other – that was too easy and boring. No. She was going to play on their weaknesses. For Sonny, that was Jason. All Faith had to do was make sure Jason was in situations that showed his disloyalty to Sonny. Sonny would be left defenseless. For Jason, that was Jessica and his daughter. And for Lorenzo, that was his children, his unborn granddaughter and his new bed buddy. Faith had big plans for all of them and she couldn’t wait to get started.


“Lorenzo, what are you doing up?” Skye asked disapprovingly as she walked into Lorenzo’s office, hands on her hips, glaring at him.

Lorenzo looked up from his desk in surprise and leaned back in his chair, trying not to wince at the pull of his stitches. He hadn’t even heard her come in. “I feel fine Skye and I wanted to get some work done,” he answered as if he had not just been released from the hospital less than twenty-four hours ago.

“You are not fine Lorenzo! You are pale, and look like you’re about to fall over from pain and exhaustion! You were told to stay in bed and rest!” she exclaimed with a shake of her head.

Sighing, he stood up, not able to hide the pained look this time as he used the desk for support. Skye rushed over to help him. “Skye, really-“ he began.

“If you say you’re fine one more time, I am going to hit you,” she said, glaring at him as she helped him back to his bedroom, noticing the surprised look on Lorenzo’s face at her declaration. Once he was settled, she went to get him a glass of water and then grabbed the bags she had brought with her.

“What’s this?” Lorenzo asked curiously, watching her.

“Well, since you refuse to hire a private nurse and obviously refuse to follow doctor’s orders, I am staying here with you until you’re better,” Skye said matter of factly as she started to pull items from her bag.

Lorenzo continued to watch as she moved around his bedroom, adding her things to his and he had to admit that he liked that.

“Okay, now, you are going to get some rest and I am going to see what you have for lunch,” Skye said as she headed to the door.

“Skye, wait,” Lorenzo called out, not wanting her to leave just yet.

She turned back to him. “What is it?” she asked.

Lorenzo saw the concern and worry in his eyes. “I would rest a lot better if you lay beside me for a while,” he said softly, holding out his hand to her.

Skye bit at her bottom lip. She knew that she should resist, Lorenzo needed his rest. But she couldn’t ignore the pleading in his eyes as he held his hand out to her. Letting out a breath, Skye nodded and walked over to the other side of the bed. “Okay, but just until you fall asleep,” she said as she climbed onto the bed.

Lorenzo pulled her close to him and ignored her protests of not wanting to hurt him. “Shhh . . . you’re not going to hurt me Skye,” he assured her, feeling his eyes becoming heavy. “I just need to feel you next to me.”

Skye settled into his arms, resting her head against his shoulder and listened as his breathing evened out. He was asleep in less than five minutes.


Jessica stirred and turned over, her hand reaching out for Jason, but all she found was emptiness. She opened her eyes slowly, moaning as the sunlight from the windows pierced right into her retinas. Groaning, she pulled herself up, grabbed her robe and slid her feet into her slippers and went in search of Jason.

She knew he was still there when she saw his black leather jacket lying on the couch. The delicious smell from the kitchen had Jessica heading in that direction as her stomach growled and her daughter kicked, indicating she was unhappy with having to wait so long for something to eat.

Rubbing her belly, Jessica entered the kitchen and watched Jason a moment. He was standing at the stove, scrambling eggs and turning bacon – turkey bacon, as he felt the real stuff was not good for the baby – clad only in a pair of jeans that hung low on his waist. She watched as the muscles in his shoulders and back rippled with his movements.

“Morning,” said Jason, not even turning as he scooped the now ready eggs onto plates and turned off the burner under the bacon.

“Morning? Don’t you mean afternoon?” Jessica asked as she settled herself at the table, picking up the glass of organge juice and sipping it as she continued to watch Jason. “Why didn’t you wake me?”

“You needed to sleep Jess,” Jason said simply as he turned back to the table and set their food down. Then he leaned over and kissed her gently before taking his own seat.

Jessica didn’t argue his point as she began to eat. She had to admit that she liked this. She liked falling asleep at night in Jason’s arms and waking up, knowing he was there. She liked sitting across the table from him, eating breakfast as if it were a normal day. But Jessica knew not to go there. Not to delve into her fantasies of a normal life with no violence. Because that’s all they were – fantasies. There was no point in harping on the what ifs of her life. She didn’t regret the way she was raised – by either parent – and she didn’t regret falling in love with Jason and bringing a child into this world. It was a world she grew up in and knew how to live in and she would make sure her daughter would be able to survive as well. There were no safe guards or guarantees of safety in life and Jessica was not going to pretend otherwise.

“So, do you want to take a chance at coming up with names?” she asked as she bit into a slice of honeydew melon.

Jason looked up from his plate with a puzzled look. “Names?” he asked.

“For our daughter?” Jessica asked with a raised eyebrow. “It just seems that everytime we try, something comes up.”

Jason nodded. “Well, did you have any in mind?” he asked, somewhat distracted.

Jessica put her fork down and looked at Jason. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

Jason sighed and looked at her again. “It’s nothing Jessica,” he said.

“Is it Sonny?” she asked. “Carly told me,” she added when he looked questioningly at her.

“I really don’t want to talk about this Jess,” said Jason as he got up to clear their plates.

Jessica grabbed his hand. “Jason, I know this is hurting you, but you I want you to talk to me about it. I know how much Sonny means to you.”

Jason sighed and sat back down. “Sonny and I have had disagreements before Jess. I am not backing down on this. I am not going to leave you vulnerable to Faith.”

“I understand that Jason. But what about everything else you have done? Saving my father’s life? Making sure he was protected while he was in the hospital? Stopping Diego from taking out Faith? Why do all of that?”

“Because no matter how much I don’t like your father, I know how important he is to you Jess and I know how devastated you would have been if something were to happen to him. I didn’t want to put you through that. And as for Diego, he’s just a kid Jess. And this is a tough world we live in – he didn’t grow up in it and he hasn’t been a part of it as long as I have. He doesn’t have the skills needed and he would have gotten himself killed. If Alcazar wants him involved then that’s his business, but until then, he is your brother and again, I do not want you to have to go through losing him as well.”

Jessica got up and went over to Jason, not an easy feat with her large belly. “Jason, I love that you want to take care of me and protect me from the horrors of this life, but I don’t want you to sacrafice your family in the process.”

“You’re my family Jessica. You and our daughter,” Jason insisted, pulling her onto his lap and wrapping his arms around her.

“So are Carly, Sonny, Michael and Morgan. Jason, I don’t want you to give them up. They are a part of who you are.”

She was right and Jason knew that. He nodded. “Okay. I’ll talk to Sonny,” he said.

“Good.” Jessica got up and headed out of the kitchen. Jason followed her back to the bedroom and watched as she pulled clothes out.

“Where are you going?” he asked as she walked into the bathroom.

“I am not sitting around in this apartment anymore,” she said as she slid her robe off, the tank and pajama pants soon following as she adjusted the temperature of the water in the shower. “I’m going over to my father’s to see how he is. I’m sure he’s not resting and probably driving Skye nuts about now.”

Jason stood in the doorway and watched her slide into the shower stall. Even at almost 8 months pregnant, Jason had to admit that Jessica was the most beautiful woman he knew. Closing the bathroom door and locking it in case Diego came looking for Jessica, Jason slid out of his own clothes and joined Jessica in the shower.


Skye was in the kitchen when the front door opened and Jessica came in. “Hi! What are you doing here?” Skye asked the younger woman as she hugged her.

“I needed to get out of my apartment for a while and I wanted to see Dad. How is he?” she asked after returning Skye’s hug.

“Well, when I got here he was in his office trying to ignore the pain he was in and working,” Skye said as she rolled her eyes.

Jessica laughed. “And where is he now?” she asked.


“And you managed that how? Hitting him over the head with a frying pan?” she asked, eyeing the object on the stove.

“I was about to,” Skye admitted. “But no. Before coming over here I picked up some pain medication from Monica that would easily dissolve in water. He never knew what hit him.”

Jessica’s eyebrows went up. “Wow, very nice,” she said. “How long has he been out?”

Skye looked at the clock on the wall. “About two hours. He should be up in another hour,” she said. “That should be enough time for a cup of tea, don’t you think?”

Jessica nodded in agreement and the two women settled in the living room for a relaxing visit while they waited for Lorenzo to wake up.

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