Chapter Twenty-Four

After a week of being cooped up in the hospital and driving Skye, Monica and the nursing staff up a wall with his stubbornness, Lorenzo was released from GH.

He was still sore and sudden movements weren’t always a good idea, but Lorenzo was happy to be out of there and back to his regular routine.

Skye was waiting for him as he signed his release papers and took the prescription Monica wrote out for pain – which he knew he wasn’t going to even bother with – and an antibiotic he had to continue for another week.

Once everything was taken care of, Lorenzo turned to Skye. “Finally, let’s get out of here.”

Nodding, Skye walked into the elevator and hit the button for the parking garage.


She had promised both her father and Jason that she would take it easy and was trying to do just that, but all this relaxing was driving her crazy! Jessica sighed and tossed the book she had been trying to read onto the couch. “Uhhh . . . I am so bored!” she exclaimed to the empty room. Jason was out working, her father was being released from GH today, and Skye was going to be taking him home. Diego was sulking somewhere, although she wasn’t sure why exactly. She had barely seen him all week and when he was home, he stayed in his room.

About ready to pull her hair out from boredom, Jessica looked up when there was a knock on the door. Curious, and knowing it wasn’t anything dangerous as there were two guards posted outside her door, Jessica pushed herself up off the couch. “Who is it?” she called through the door.

“Carly.” Came the reply.

Sighing in relief, Jessica unlocked the door and pulled the other woman inside. “Thank God you’re here,” she said.

Amused Carly allowed herself to be dragged into the apartment. “Bored huh?” she asked sympathetically.

“Yes! I have practically been under lock and key all week!” she exclaimed. “And I am going crazy! Please tell me you’re going to get me out of here.”

“Sorry, sweetie, I wish I was,” said Carly as she set her coat and purse on the chair.

“Wait, if you’re not here to rescue me, then why are you here?” Jessica asked. Then a thought came to her. “Oh my God, something happened to my dad? Diego? Jason?” she asked hurridly, eyes widening as she thought the worst.

“No, nothing’s wrong,” said Carly reassuringly as she sat on the arm of the overstuffed chair. “Well, unless you count Sonny acting like a total ass.”

Jessica’s eyebrows went up at Carly’s exclamation. “So are you going to elaborate?” she asked as she resumed her seat on the couch.

Carly sighed as she slid into the chair. “It’s nothing new actually. Sonny is all over Jason because Jason went and stopped Diego from getting himself killed.”

“Wait, what?” asked Jessica, her eyes widening again as her head snapped around to look at her friend.

“You didn’t know?” Carly asked, her hand going to her mouth. “You know what, never mind.” Great, now Jason is going to kill me! I thought one of them would have told her!

“Carly, you better tell me what’s going on,” said Jessica sternly, not giving the other woman a chance to back out of telling her what happened. “What did you mean when you said that Diego almost got himself killed?”

Carly knew she was going to have to tell the truth now. “Apparently Diego wanted to handle Faith and get rid of her on his own. Brooke Lynn found out what he was planning and called Jason. Jason happened to be with your father at the time and went to stop him. That’s really all I know Jessica. But Sonny found out and is probably chewing Jason out again.”

“Again?” Jessica asked. Jason had told her nothing about this.

Carly rolled her eyes. “After Lorenzo was shot and Jason gave blood and organized his guards, Sonny saw it as Jason shifting his loyalties from him to Lorenzo and got in Jason’s face about it.”

“What did Jason do?” Jessica asked in interest. She had no idea any of this was going on and she was not too happy about being kept in the dark.

Carly told Jessica about the conversation she had overheard between Sonny and Jason and then her own reaction to it. And still, Sonny was acting like he couldn’t trust Jason.


“Diego, I am not going to apologize for calling Jason,” said Brooke Lynn as she followed Diego through the park.

Diego just shook his head as he continued to walk. “I don’t want to hear it Brooke!” he snapped at her over his shoulder, not slowing down. If it wasn’t for her, Faith would be taken care of; he didn’t care what anyone else said.

“Well, that’s too damn bad, because you are going to hear it!” Brooke Lynn snapped back, grabbing his arm and making him stop. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Diego turned to look at her. “You don’t understand Brooke! I could have stopped her! I could have made sure she never came near my family again and you ruined it!”

“All I ruined was you getting killed!” Brooke shouted at him. “Diego, you are underestimating Faith! She is a vicious killer and there is no way you would have stood a chance with her!”

“You don’t know that,” said Diego. “Look, just leave me alone Brooke! You’ve done enough!” With that said Diego stalked off, leaving Brooke to stand there watching him.


When he was far enough away, Diego stopped walking and sat on a bench, his mind replaying what happened when he made contact with Faith Roscoe.

~ Flashback ~

He knew she would come. From what he had learned about her so far, Faith was not below a challenge, and she would definitly see this as a challenge. After finally getting rid of Brooke Lynn – and feeling bad about the way he talked to her – Diego paced the docks as he waited.

The sound of clicking heels on the wooden boards of the docks drew his attention to the left. Straightening up to his full height – something he had seen his father doing and the effect it had on those he intended to intimidate – Diego turned fully to face her.


“Well, if it isn’t the younger Alcazar. I hear your father is going to be okay – too bad actually,” Faith said, stopping about five feet away.

“No thanks to you,” Diego said in a voice he barely recognized. It was deeper, lower and filled with a contemptuous hate he never thought he would feel.

“Well, I have to admit that I am a little disappointed with my work, but I do plan to finish what I started.”

“Not if I have anything to say about it,” he said, pulling the gun he had found in his father’s apartment from the back of his pants.

Faith barely flinched, the only indication she made to Diego’s actions was the smile that touched her lips. “I bet daddy would be so proud,” she said with a raised eyebrow. “I’m sure he’s glad to be raising a clone.”

“Nothing you can say will stop me Faith. I will not spare your life, not after what you did to my family.”

Faith shook her head. “If you were going to pull that trigger little boy, you would have already.”

Diego felt the sweat beading on his forehead and his mouth had gone dry. He couldn’t freeze up now. Not when his father, his sister and his niece needed him most. Swallowing, Diego moved his finger over the safety and disengaged it.

“Put the gun down Diego,” came the voice from behind him and Diego tensed.

“Go away Jason. I can handle this,” he said, not turning around.

“All you will do is get yourself killed Diego. Put the gun down.”

“I suggest you listen to him Diego,” said Faith. “Now, if neither of you plan on killing me tonight, I will be on my way.”

Diego watched in amazement as Faith just walked away. Angrily, he turned on Jason, the gun still raised in his hand and now level with Jason’s chest. “How could you do that?”

Jason shook his head and knocked Diego’s gun from his hands so fast, Diego barely saw him move. “You’re out of your league with this Diego. Back off and let me handle this.”

“You? I’m supposed to trust you? You and my father have been enemies ever since he came to this town and I’m supposed to trust that you would keep that psychobitch from killing him? How do I know you’re not working with her?”

Jason stepped closer to the younger man, getting right in his face. “Because that woman put the life of my child and the woman I love at risk more than once. Jessica loves her father and because of that I will make sure Faith doesn’t get to finish the job she set out to do. But if you try to play hero again, it will only get you killed and I can’t promise I will be there next time to stop her.”

~ End Flashback ~


“Why didn’t you tell me about Diego?” Jessica asked the minute Jason walked through the door.

“Because I knew you would get worked up like you are right now,” Jason answered calmly as he leaned in to kiss her.

Jessica leaned away from the kiss. “Jason he is my brother and I had a right to know what was going on.”

Jason sighed. “Jess, he’s fine and I’m sure he won’t be trying something like that again.”

Jessica nodded with a small smile. “Okay. And thank you,” she conceded and leaned up to kiss him. “So, what are you doing here?”

“No reason,” said Jason as he pulled Jessica to him again and kissed her deeply.

Slightly surprised, Jessica quickly responded to the kiss. Once it ended, she pulled back slightly and looked up at him. “What was that for?”

“I love you Jessica. Always.”

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