Chapter Eighteen

Faith laughed as she motioned to one of her men who stepped in front of Alan and Monica as they made a move toward Skye and Lorenzo. “I don’t think so,” she said.

“He’s dying! He needs medical attention!” yelled Skye as she looked up at this viper. How could she have ever thought that Lorenzo would choose Faith over her?

“That’s the point,” said Faith. She motioned again and another guard grabbed Skye by the arms and pulled her away from Lorenzo.

“No! Get off of me!” Skye yelled, trying to pull out of his grasp. She couldn’t leave Lorenzo.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” said Faith lifting her gun at Diego, who had made a move to help Skye. “That impulsiveness is what will get you dead faster,” she purred as she glared at the handsome young man. He really was a younger version of his father. It was too bad she was going to have to kill him – she would have enjoyed playing a little with him first. “Now stay put. I don’t want Daddy Dearest here to miss the show.”

“Boss, we’ve got Morgan.”

Faith turned her head and saw two of her men carrying an unconscious Jason between them. “Perfect. Now cuff him to something sturdy. I don’t need Mr. Morgan here waking up and trying to play hero.” Faith tossed one of the men a pair of handcuffs.

Once Jason was secure, Faith looked around the room again, realizing someone was missing.

“Now, who here is going to tell me where the new mommy to be is?”


Okay, something is definitely not right here, Jessica thought. Her legs were beginning to cramp from her position under the desk and her little girl was not happy as she kept aiming well placed kicks to Jessica’s abdomen.

“It’s okay sweetie. Daddy will figure out what’s going on and come back for us,” she whispered as she rubbed her hand soothingly over her belly.


“Find her,” Faith snapped when no one answered. “She is, after all, the main attraction for the night.”


Not one to remain quiet, Carly had to do something to distract Faith. With both Jason and Lorenzo out of commission at the moment, Carly knew it was a matter of time before Jessica was found. And Carly would be damned if she was going to stand by and watch her best friend and an innocent baby hurt by this psycho.

“Do you really think you’re going to get away with this Faith?” Carly asked in a loud voice.

“Carly, what are you doing?” Sonny asked as he grabbed Carly’s arm.

“Saving our butts and keeping Jessica and the baby alive,” Carly hissed at her husband pulling her arm away and turning back to Faith.

“I mean, come on Faith. Have you really thought this through? Lorenzo’s lying there bleeding to death and Jason is unconscious. Where’s the challenge in that?” Carly was proud that her voice came out strong and steady as she stood a little taller and crossed her arms over her chest. She was scared. Scared that she would never see Michael and Morgan again. Scared that an innocent child might be hurt. Scared that this might be the end for Jason, who still hadn’t woken up and for Lorenzo, who lay a few feet away, still bleeding and barely breathing. But Carly was not going to show any of this.

Faith walked over to Carly, stepping over Lorenzo’s unmoving body. “You really are going to have to learn how to keep that mouth of yours shut,” she said, bringing her gun level with Carly’s head. “And I am going to take so much pleasure in making sure that happens.”

Carly snorted and shook her head. “I don’t think you’ll do it Faith. The two men you want revenge on most in this room are incapable of offering the thrill you so desperately seek. Lorenzo turned you down – more than once – in favor of a woman he actually has feelings for. Proving how meaningless you were to him. All you were, Faith, was a distraction, maybe even a good lay. And Jason? You never could actually get him could you? Jason looked at you like you were nothing more than a nuisance that needed to be eliminated. And that is what this is all about. Isn’t it?”

“You know what Carly? You really are a pain in the ass and it will be a pleasure watching the life drain out of you,” said Faith as she stood by Lorenzo’s unmoving body.


The pain was excruciating, but it wasn’t anything he hadn’t felt before. Lorenzo could hear what was going on around him and although he wanted nothing more than to open his eyes and assure Skye that he would be okay, he couldn’t give away that he was conscious. Lorenzo listened as Carly insulted Faith and he smiled inwardly at her confidence. He had to time this perfectly. If he messed this up, he was dead for sure and so was everyone else.


Diego hated the helpless feeling that was coursing through him at that moment. His sister was missing, Skye was scared and almost hysterical in her need to help Lorenzo, and his father was lying on the floor, unmoving and bleeding, the life literally flowing out of him. And there was nothing Diego could do about it.

He felt Brooke Lynn take his hand and he wrapped his fingers around hers, squeezing her hand in reassurance. If he could do nothing else, Diego was going to make sure he kept her safe.

Keeping his eyes on his father, Diego felt relief surge through him when he saw the fingers on his father’s right hand move.


Jason stirred. His head was pounding and his vision was blurred, but he was becoming more and more aware of what was going on around him. He could hear Faith and Carly facing off, threatening each other.

Blinking a few times, Jason was able to clear his vision, but he didn’t move. Jessica and his daughter’s safety depended on his staying still and calm. Slitting his eyes open a bit, Jason was able to take in what was going on around him and he didn’t like what he saw.

Checking his restraints, Jason realized that Faith was nothing if not consistent. The men who had handcuffed him to a pipe on the wall only secured one hand – probably figuring he would be out for a good long time. Moving slowly, as to not draw attention to himself, Jason slid his hand into his pocket and pulled out the lock pick set he always carried.


Jessica shifted her position on the floor under the desk. It had been forty-five minutes since Jason left and Jessica was doing all she could to not freak out. She knew that Jason and her father would want her to stay safe, but she was getting tired of sitting here, waiting to be found.

Just then, a vibration at her hip made her jump and Jessica pulled her cell phone out of her pocket. Looking at it, she saw she had a text message – from Jason.


Jessica smiled to herself. Of course Jason would think of her above all else. YES. ? HAPPENING?


Jessica knew it. That bleach blond witch has caused nothing but trouble since she arrived. EVERY1 OK? GUN SHOTS?



Jessica waited. After a minute, Jason’s reply came through. STAY SAFE. LOVE U.


Jessica let out a shaky breath as the messages ended. She knew Jason. She knew he would do what he could to protect her and their daughter.

Taking a steadying breath, Jessica again dialed Mac’s number and in a whisper, she relayed what she learned from Jason. Mac tried to reassure her that they were doing all they could to get in, but that the area was surrounded and he’s already got two men down out there.

“Please Mac, do what you can. I don’t think we’ll be able to survive much longer.”


Again moving slowly, Jason slid the phone in his jacket pocket. Where did Faith manage to find these idiots? The first thing Jason would have done would have been to make sure his captive was not armed nor had any way to communicate. Faith’s own carelessness was going to get her killed and Jason was counting on being the one to finally take her out. At least he knew that Jessica was still safe. Now he had to make sure she stayed that way.

Jason had gotten the handcuff around his wrist unlocked, but left his hand in it until the time was right. Again surveying the room from his vantage point, he saw Diego’s eyes widen slightly as their eyes met and Jason nodded slightly, indicating Diego to stay quiet. Jason watched as the younger man slightly moved his head up and down to show he understood. Then Jason watched as Diego moved his eyes back and forth to his father. Shifting slightly, Jason was able to see Lorenzo lying on the floor, a large red stain spread over his stomach. Jason sighed. He knew Jessica would be devastated if her father was dead. Then he saw it. The very slight movement of Lorenzo’s hand. The man was still conscious.


Lorenzo cracked open one eye and saw Faith’s stiletto clad foot standing by his right hand. How the hell that woman – or any woman – could walk around in those things without breaking their necks was a mystery to him.

Knowing he only had once chance, Lorenzo sucked in a deep breath and made his move.


It happened so fast, Diego wasn’t sure he actually saw what happened. One moment Faith was standing near his father’s still body, threatening Carly – her gun level with the other woman’s head – and the next, she was on the floor; face down, Lorenzo Alcazar’s knee in her back and her own gun pressed against her temple.


Lorenzo ignored the white hot pain that shot through him. “Call off your men before I blow your brains all over this floor.”


Jason waited. Then he saw Lorenzo make his move. In a flash, Jason was on his feet as he punched the nearest guard in the head and grabbed his gun from his back. Jason took out three more guards as he made his way over to Lorenzo and Faith.


For the second time that night, the patrons of The Cellar hit the floor as bullets flew across the room. Jason’s fire was joined by Sonny, Max, and a few of Alcazar’s men. They were able to quickly take control of the main room.


Hearing the gun shots erupt from the club again, Mac used the distraction to send his men in. They were able to use their own snipers to clear the doors. Drawing his gun, Mac, Lucky and a few other members of his team, made their way into the club, keeping the paramedics on stand by. They had no idea yet what they were walking into.

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