Chapter Seventeen

Surveying the room one more time, he made brief eye contact with the different members of his team to make sure all were in place and ready to go. The main target had just walked in. Once they had the room in their control, he was to call his boss to let her know the job was done. As part of her plan, she didn’t want Lorenzo Alcazar dead – yet – but wounded enough to watch those he loved die first.


Jessica and Jason had snuck off to the back office after Jessica greeted her father and Skye. The event so far was a success and Jessica couldn’t be happier, but she wanted to spend some alone time with Jason.

“How soon can we get out of here?” Jason was stroking Jessica’s long, thick hair as he leaned back on the couch cushions, Jessica’s back against his chest, her legs curled up beneath her.

“Hmmm . . . I could always say that I’m tired and we can go back to my place. I’m sure Carly and Lois won’t mind,” Jessica said with a smile. She turned her head to look up at Jason.

Jason leaned his head down and gently brushed his lips over hers.

Jessica brought her hand up to cup his cheek, opening her lips under his as the kiss deepened. “Is the door locked?” she whispered against his lips.

Jason nodded as he ran his fingers through her hair, cupping the back of her head, bringing her in closer. “As soon as we walked in,” he said, capturing her lips again.

Settling more into the kiss, Jessica loosened Jason’s tie and pulled the buttons of his shirt open. Her hands went to his now bare chest as Jason’s hand pulled his tie the rest of the way off – tossing it aside.

Untucking his shirt from his pants, Jessica let her hands glide over his chest, feeling the ripple of muscle as she placed small kisses where her fingers touched.

Jason pulled Jessica back up to him, again kissing her deeply as he let his own hands roam over her, gently tugging at her top which easily slid down, allowing Jason to cup his hands over her sensitive flesh, eliciting a moan from her lips. Pulling his lips from hers when they needed air, Jason trailed them down the side of her jaw to her throat. Moaning again, Jessica moved her head to the side to give him more room.

Brushing her hair out of the way, feeling the silky strands slip through his fingers; Jason bit, sucked and licked at the smooth skin of her throat and across one delicate shoulder. Feeling her hands on his shoulders, Jason helped Jessica to slide his shirt down his arms, where he finished pulling it off and it soon joined his tie somewhere across the room.

Continuing the journey of his hands down her body, Jason’s fingers found the button of her jeans as it came open and slid the zipper down. Jessica lifted her hips slightly, allowing Jason to slide the denim from her hips. Shifting her so she was now straddling his lap, Jason skimmed his hands over the silky material that sat low on her hips.

Moving her hips under his touch, Jessica moved her lips over his neck, across his collar bone and to the other side, moaning softly against his skin when he touched her. Bringing her lips to his ear, Jessica whispered, “I want to be with you Jason . . . it’s been so long . . ."

Jason wanted the same thing, but was a little unsure as he did not want to hurt her or the baby.

Jessica felt his hesitation and smiled against his ear as she gently nipped at it with her teeth. “Don’t worry, you won’t hurt us,” she assured him, moving her hips against him and smiling in satisfaction when she heard him groan.

All hesitations gone, Jessica and Jason were soon joined, the both of them sighing as the pleasure of being together again invaded their senses.


Carly was proud of herself and Jessica. It had taken a month and a lot of planning, but they had pulled it off. The L&B Records Charity event was a success and the money would be going to various organizations around Port Charles.

Noticing that Jessica and Jason seemed to have disappeared, Carly smiled to herself as she sipped her champagne and surveyed the room. Everyone was behaving themselves – particularly the Quartermaines – not that Carly would have had any qualms about kicking them out on their silver plated behinds if they so much as turned up their noses. Actually, she would have enjoyed it.

“Carly, I can’t thank you and Jessica enough for pulling this all together,” said Lois as she walked over to Carly.

Carly smiled and looked the other woman over. Lois wasn’t exactly one of Carly’s favorite people – even if the woman was a childhood friend of Sonny’s – but it was for a good cause and Carly was willing to put their differences aside for the night. “Thank you. And I have to say that Brook Lynn sounded wonderful.”

Brook Lynn had just ended her first set and was beaming when she walked off the small make-shift stage that had been placed in the corner.

Carly was about to say more when she saw Tracy converging on Lorenzo and Skye. Figuring trouble might be brewing, she excused herself and headed over, intercepting the older woman. “Back off before I have you tossed out of here,” she warned.

Tracy’s mouth opened in reply, but then all hell broke loose.


Jessica lifted her head when she heard a loud popping sound from outside the door. “That sounds like. . . “

“Gun fire,” Jason finished. Carefully shifting Jessica to the couch, Jason grabbed his shirt and pulled it back on, buttoning it quickly as he adjusted the rest of his clothes. Going to the desk, he pulled out the gun that was in the bottom drawer and checked the clip.

Jessica had also fixed her clothes and was watching Jason.

“Stay here,” he said and waited until she nodded.


Jason slipped out of the office door and quietly walked down the short hallway leading to the club. The gun shots had stopped and he could hear a voice – a very familiar female voice.


“Well, isn’t this interesting?” Faith said as she walked into the room, her eyes roaming around, taking in the over turned tables, broken glass and the people who were slowly rising from the floor and from behind the bar. Those that could get up – that is. Faith was able to pick out guards belonging to Sonny and Lorenzo who had been taken down as per her orders. All of the men she had hired were in their places, making sure all entrances and exits were blocked off – no one could get in or out. Her plan was working.


Jessica was getting nervous. Everything outside the office door was quiet now and Jason was still not back. To be on the safe side Jessica had gotten off the couch and crouched behind the desk, out of sight of anyone who might come in. She had also found another gun in the desk and was now gripping it in both of her hands with the safety off.

“Damnit Jason, where are you?” she whispered.


Jason couldn’t see how many people had been injured without being seen himself, so he decided to go back to the office and check on Jessica. Her and the baby had to be his first priority. Jason turned to head back to the office when he felt a sharp pain on the back of his head and everything went black.


People started to pull themselves up and out from behind their hiding places. Diego had grabbed Brook Lynn when the shooting started and threw her behind the bar, covering her body with his as the bottles on the above shelves exploded all around them.

As he stood up, Diego looked around, taking stock of what happened. Faith Roscoe was standing by the stage, flanked by two of her men, a satisfied smile on her face. Diego’s eyes frantically searched the room, looking for his sister. He didn’t see her or Jason and hoped that Jason had gotten her to safety. Searching again, Diego found Skye as she pushed herself up off of the floor. He watched silently, his heart pounding in his throat, waiting for his father to get up.


Skye stood; brushing small pieces of broken glass from her clothes as she tentatively looked around. It all happened so fast. One moment she was dancing in Lorenzo’s arms and the next he was throwing her to the floor as bullets ripped through the room. Skye’s eyes swept the room. She saw a few men on the ground and recognized a couple as men who worked for Lorenzo. They weren’t moving. She then saw the various members of her family as they slowly rose from where they had taken cover. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that Edward and Alan were okay.

Continuing to look around, Skye found Diego, who was standing not too far away behind the bar. He was staring wide-eyed at the ground next to her. Skye looked down and gasped. Lorenzo was lying on his stomach, not moving.

“Lorenzo!” she cried, dropping back to her knees at his side. Gently, she rolled him onto his back. His face was pale and a large red stain was spreading across his stomach. “No . . . no . . . HELP!” she cried out as she ripped open his shirt and pressed her hands to the bullet wound, applying as much pressure as she could to stop the flow of blood.

“Don’t you dare die on me Lorenzo,” she whispered, ignoring the tears in her eyes. “Please, please, hang on Lorenzo. I need you . . . Jessica needs you . . . Diego needs you . . . that baby needs you . . . Lorenzo, please . . . I love you.”

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