Chapter Sixteen

One month later

Everything was in place. There would be no stopping her now. I warned him that this would happen if he continued to reject me. He’s going to have to be punished for this. She watched as he pulled the woman into his arms. Right here in the park. When I had been with him, he had never been one for public displays of affection, but there he is, in the middle of the park, with that cheap drunk wrapped in his arms, kissing her like they’re the only two people here, Faith thought. Her stomach was turning just watching them. When she and Lorenzo had been together, he never held her hand in public, much less kissed her. All he wanted was hot sex – and she had always been more than willing to give it to him. I bet he’s not getting much from little Miss Skye.

Faith pulled out her cell phone as she continued to watch Lorenzo and Skye. When the other line was answered, Faith turned her back on the lovers. “Is everything ready?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am,” said the other voice. “The men have been given their orders.”

“Good. Just stay out of sight until you hear from me.” Hanging up, Faith slipped her phone back into her pocket. Turning her eyes back to the couple, she whispered, “You are going to pay for this.”


Jason sighed and ran his hand through his hair as he fiddled with his tie. He hated wearing the stupid thing and wanted to just rip it off.

“Will you leave it alone?” Jessica asked as she came out of the bathroom, smiling as she watched him fiddle with the offensive scrap of material. Her eyes roamed over Jason, taking in the dark blue, button down shirt and black dress pants. Jason rarely dressed up – unless forced – always comfortable in a simple t-shirts and jeans. But he definitely cleaned up nicely. Jessica took in the way the material of the shirt stretched over his broad shoulders and strong back. Remembering the feel of those muscles under her fingers, Jessica let her eyes continue to roam down Jason’s body. The shirt was tucked into his black pants which hung on his slim hips and over his muscular legs. Bringing her eyes back up his body, Jessica saw how the blue of the shirt brought out the blue of Jason’s eyes, and Jessica found herself hoping their daughter’s eyes came out as blue as Jason’s. Jessica also found her body was reacting to her thoughts of Jason’s physical form and she had to take a deep breath as she pulled herself together – it had been too long since they were last together. Jessica promised herself she would find a way to amend that – and soon.

Jason turned and his eyes widened. “Wow, you look amazing.” The black tube top clung to her chest and flowed over her belly in a handkerchief style with silver embroidery. She paired it with dark blue jeans that flared on the bottom. Her black heeled sandals added a few more inches to her small frame.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” Jessica said with a smile, leaning up to kiss him.

Jason gently let his lips brush over hers, but soon the gentle kiss became more urgent and passionate as Jason wrapped his arms around her, pulling her as close as possible to him. He felt Jessica mold her body to his – as best as she could with her protruding belly between them. It had been so long since they were more intimate with each other. Jason felt his body instantly responding to their close physical contact.

Jessica brought her arms up around his neck, opening her mouth to him as he slid his tongue in, gently caressing her tongue as his hands went into her long hair, wrapping around the silky locks. As the kiss deepened even more, they heard someone clear their throat.

“Hey, kids in the room,” said Diego with a smile as he held Brook Lynn’s hand.

Jessica and Jason stepped away from each other and Jessica quickly fixed her clothing and hair. Adjusting Jason’s tie, she whispered. “I’ll send him to Dad’s tonight.” Implying what was to come later.

Jason nodded, seeing the desire, need and want in her eyes – mirroring his own feelings, as he grabbed his leather jacket and led Jessica out of the apartment and to The Cellar. Tonight was the night of the L&B Records Charity event and Jessica and Carly had spent a lot of time and hard work putting it together. Jason was proud of how Jessica had taken charge of her life after what she went through with Ric. Although he had missed her terribly, he now knew that her leaving when she did had been the best thing for her. The whole experience – horrible as it was – strengthened her.

Once at the club, Jessica looked around and was very happy with what she saw. The club was lit with candles and strung with paper lanterns in varying colors. The tables had been covered with black and white linen cloths, and a bowl with water and black and white floating candles sat in the center of each table.

And everyone who was anyone was there. Carly and Sonny stood by the bar, Carly’s watchful eyes scanning the growing crowd, looking stunning in a deep red dress that stopped at her knees and clung to her curves.

Carly spotted Jessica and Jason and rushed over to them, pulling Sonny behind her. “Oh my God Jessica, you look wonderful!” Carly exclaimed, hugging her friend.

“So do you Carly,” Jessica said with a smile. “I’m starting to forget what normal, short, tight clothes are like,” she added, looking down at her belly. “This kid gets any bigger I will have to start wearing the curtains!”

“Come on baby, you look beautiful,” Jason said as he wrapped his arms around her from behind.

Jessica smiled and turned her head, kissing him. “Flattery will get you everything tonight,” she said.

“Oh come on,” said Diego as he rolled his eyes. “First you two were about to inhale each other’s faces and now this. Get a room!”

“Oh, we intend to Diego. Mine. Stay at Dad’s tonight,” Jessica said, turning to her brother.

Jason rubbed the back of his neck and slipped away to the bar. He knew Jessica took pleasure in tormenting her brother.


The man watched as the room as the club began to fill with people. He had no use for them. All he knew was that his orders were to watch and wait. When everyone was in place, he was to call his boss and let her know. Tugging slightly at the bow tie at his neck – an annoying part of his uniform as a waiter – the man’s eyes watched his targets move around the room. Jessica Alcazar was standing with her brother Diego Sanchez and his girlfriend Brooke Lynn Ashton; laughing over something they were talking about. Jason Morgan was at the bar with his boss Sonny Corinthos, talking in low voices as their own eyes scanned the room. Carly Corinthos, wife of Sonny Corinthos was flitting around the room, making sure everything was flowing smoothly. Various members of the Quartermaine family were scattered here and there.

The man’s main target, Lorenzo Alcazar, had yet to show up, but he knew Alcazar would be there. There was a tail on him and his girlfriend who had informed the man that Alcazar had left his home and was on his way.

The man went back to surveying the other targets, his mind going through the information he had on them.

Jessica Alcazar – a bright, beautiful, strong and determined woman. She had survived being kidnapped by a deranged DA and was now pregnant with Morgan’s child. The man knew that his boss was going to make this woman pay for the humiliation she had suffered at this young woman’s hands since returning to town.

Diego Sanchez – the son of Lorenzo Alcazar. He came to Port Charles less than a year ago, thinking his father was dead and had been killed at the hands of either Sonny Corinthos or Lorenzo Alcazar. The young man was still adjusting to having a family after growing up in foster care.

Jason Morgan – mob Enforcer for Sonny Corinthos. Jason had been in a car accident 10 years ago, wiping his memory of the family that loved and worshipped him. Turning his back on his family and career in the field of medicine, Jason took a job with Corinthos and over the years had become the man’s most trusted confidant. Described as a cold and heartless killer who could feel and express no emotions, he fell in love with an enemy’s daughter.

Carly Corinthos – a woman who was a force of nature since the moment she arrived in Port Charles. She was the wife of Sonny Corinthos – a relationship that was rockier and bumpier than any roller coaster in the world. Carly was Jason’s closest friend and would do anything for those she loved.

Sonny Corinthos – local mob boss with the tendency to slip over the edge of sanity when his world started to fall around him. Corinthos, not a faithful man to his wife, took a woman to his bed whenever things between him and his wife were bad, resulting in the creation of illegitimate children. Corinthos expected full loyalty from those around him, but did not always demonstrate the same.

Lorenzo Alcazar – a man who made an enemy of Corinthos when he kidnapped the man’s pregnant wife, Carly. Alcazar was the father of two teenage children and was fiercely protective of them. He did not seem to handle the relationship between his daughter and Morgan well in the beginning – having Morgan followed and doing all he could to keep them apart. Alcazar’s weakness was his heart and his boss had plans for crushing that heart.

He continued to wait and watch, knowing it was all going down soon. His boss gave specific instructions as to what she wanted and how she wanted it done. His first move was to take out Lorenzo Alcazar.

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