Chapter Fifteen

Things stayed pretty quiet the rest of the week. Skye continued to give Lorenzo the cold shoulder, refusing to spend any time with him or let him explain what happened with Faith.

Jessica and Carly were getting ready for a big event at The Cellar. L&B Records rented the club out to hold a charity event, and the two women were making sure the club was well stocked and ready to go.

Jason and Sonny were keeping tabs on Faith’s movements around Port Charles, checking into who her contacts were. Sonny also wanted Jason to keep an eye on Alcazar as well. Sonny did not like that Faith was in contact with the man – when Faith and Alcazar got together, it wasn’t pretty. Too many bodies started to pile up.

Brooklynn was helping her parents get everything ready for the charity event and rehearsing a lot, since she was going to be singing. Diego was spending a lot of time with her, giving her support and encouragement when she got nervous. He was also trying to get to know his father more.

Lorenzo was also trying to track Faith’s movements and actions and had increased security on Jessica and Diego. He was not going to take chances with their lives and the life of his grand-daughter. Even if it meant losing his own life, he was going to keep those he cared about safe – including the woman he found himself more and more in love with.


Jessica stood and stretched her back a bit. She had been working at The Cellar with Carly all morning, going over inventory and stock in preparation for L&B’s upcoming charity event.

“We need a break,” said Carly as she dropped her pen and also stood. “I think one of Mike’s double chocolate hot fudge sundaes is in order,” she suggested with a smile.

Jessica nodded in agreement. A sharp pain, though, made her stop and sit back down. “Damn,” she muttered as she rubbed the spot and counted the seconds.

Carly brought a glass of water and sat across from her. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“I’m fine,” Jessica said as the pain went away in less than a minute and she sipped the water. “At least Diego wasn’t here,” she added with a smile.

“Are you still making fun of your brother?” Lorenzo asked as he walked into the club.

“It’s my given right as the older sister,” Jessica said as she lifted her cheek for her father to kiss. “And before you ask, I’m fine. It lasted less then a minute and has been the only one today.”

Lorenzo nodded. “Good. Have you seen Skye?” he asked after greeting Carly and pulling a chair over.

Jessica raised an eyebrow at her father. “No, not today,” she said. “Look Dad, she’s still angry, just give her some time to cool off. She was really hurt.”

Lorenzo sighed. “I know Jessica and I want to make it up to her.”

“Really?” Jessica asked with a sparkle in her eyes. “How?”

Lorenzo looked at his daughter and then Carly. “I just want to explain what really happened and apologize.”

“See, that’s where you men go wrong all the time,” said Carly, catching the look Jessica gave her. “Skye doesn’t care what happened or who kissed who. All she knows is what she saw.”

“Okay, so what am I supposed to do? Pretend it never happened and assume she’ll forgive me?” Lorenzo asked feeling a little frustrated. He never thought he would be going to his daughter and a woman he had once kidnapped while pregnant for advice on his love life.

“You know what Dad? Leave it to me and Carly. By the time we’re done, Skye will be back in your arms,” said Jessica with a smile.


Skye was sitting at the bar of the Haunted Star, a glass of sparkling water in front of her. She knew it was dangerous to be sitting there close to all that temptation, but Skye figured that resisting the urge to grab the bottle of vodka sitting right in her line of sight, pulling the cap off and downing half the bottle in one gulp, feeling it slide down her throat and settle into her blood stream, would make her all the stronger.

“Come on Red, what’s with all the moping?” asked Luke as he plopped himself down on the stool next to her. Obviously he was unable to resist the lure of the liquor as he took a deep drink from the glass in his hand, the ice clinking together as he swirled the amber liquid around. “You didn’t really think things between you and your Latin lover were going to last, now did you?”

Skye turned and glared at Luke. “Oh, you mean like they lasted between us?” she snapped.

Luke turned to Skye in surprise and saw the fire that seemed to seep out of her. He always thought she was sexy when angry.

“For your information Luke, what I do or don’t do with Lorenzo is none of your business.”

“Ease up there Blaze. If I didn’t know you better, I would begin to wonder what was really in that glass of yours,” said Luke. “Now come on, tell me what happened.”

“I think little Miss Skye is still miffed that Lorenzo seems to prefer my company to hers,” said Faith as she walked over to the bar, putting her black purse down.

Skye turned and glared at the blonde. “You’re not wanted here Faith, so leave,” she said, turning away again. Images of Lorenzo with his arms around Faith flashed through her mind. That vodka was looking better and better.

Faith smiled. She figured that at this point, Skye was only going to need a little push before she landed on her rear, stone cold drunk. “I would leave, but Lorenzo is in a meeting and it was getting lonely laying there in his bed all alone,” she purred.

“You know Faith, if you keep lying like that, your nose will grow,” said Jessica as she walked over to the trio at the bar. “Hey Luke, can I get a club soda with lime?”

“Coming right up darlin’,” said Luke with a smile as he hopped up and went behind the bar. He had heard about Jessica’s encounter with Faith and was looking forward to the show.

Faith rolled her eyes and turned to Jessica. “Shouldn’t you be lying down or something?” she asked her eyes going down to Jessica’s belly. “I’m sure Jason wouldn’t be too happy if you let something happen to his child.”

“You don’t need to worry about my baby Faith. What you should be worried about is your back. You wouldn’t want to end up being stabbed there, now would you?” Jessica raised an eyebrow at Faith and smiled innocently as if she was asking about the weather.

Faith got up and moved in front of Jessica. “I wouldn’t go around tossing out threats sweetie. They can be bad for your health.”

“Don’t make me laugh Faith. You don’t scare me. I grew up in my father’s world. And don’t forget, the last person to threaten me, ended up dead.”

Faith was impressed. This girl certainly had guts. “And here I thought coming back to town was going to be boring.”

Carly had been watching and listening. She saw the look in Jessica’s eyes. “Can I talk to you?” she asked, grabbing her friend’s hand and pulling her away. “What are you doing?”

“I am not going to let her continue to do this Carly! Until Skye came into my father’s life, I don’t remember the last time he had been as relaxed as I have seen him! He deserves to be happy and I am not going to let that . . . that viper ruin it all!”

“Fine, I understand that. But maybe you should let him handle this. Jessica you are not in the condition to go up against Faith.”

“You’re joking right? What happened to the scheming Carly I know?”

“She’s still here, but she also doesn’t want to be strangled by Jason because you couldn’t stop baiting Faith,” said Carly.

Jessica rolled her eyes. “Fine,” she said. Jessica went back over to the bar and accepted the glass of club soda from Luke. “Skye, I actually came by to ask if you could help me with something.”

“Anything, as long as it includes getting out of here,” Skye said, putting her glass down and getting up.

“Of course,” Jessica answered with a smile. Then she turned to Luke. “Thanks for the drink Luke. Oh, and you may want to call an exterminator to get rid of the vermin on this boat.” With one last look at Faith, Jessica grabbed her purse and Skye and walked out.

Luke just chuckled and shook his head as he watched the three women leave.

“And what is so funny?” Faith snapped.

“Boy, you really know how to piss off the wrong people,” he said as he walked away.

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