Chapter Fourteen

Skye was frozen in place. She couldn’t move – almost couldn’t breathe. Was she really seeing what she thought she was? There was no way that Lorenzo was standing in the middle of his living room, a blonde wrapped around him with their lips pressed together. “What the hell is going on here?” she asked once she was able to find her voice.

“Skye,” said Lorenzo as he pushed away from Faith. He had not heard her come in.

Skye couldn’t help her mouth dropping open when she saw Faith Roscoe smile in satisfaction, wiping gently at her lips.

Faith couldn’t have planned this better if she tried. It was perfect. She turned back to Lorenzo with a sly wink. “I guess I’ll see you later,” she said before picking up her purse and walking to the door. “He really is a wonderful kisser. I had almost forgotten that.” Then she walked past a stunned Skye and out the door.

Once the door was closed behind Faith, Skye walked over to Lorenzo and slapped him across the face.


“Feeling better?” Jason asked as Jessica rejoined him in the living room, her hair still damp from her shower.

“Yes. A lot more relaxed,” she said, walking over to him. “So you can relax now Jason.”

“I am relaxed,” he said as he finished setting up lunch and led her over to the table.

“Jason, you are never relaxed,” Jessica countered as she sat. She looked at the table. There were turkey sandwiches on wheat bread, fruit salad, a green salad with tomatoes and cucumbers, glasses of milk and a pitcher of water. “Ummm . . . Jason, this is not a light lunch.”

“It’s a healthy lunch, so eat,” answered Jason as he sat across from her.

Jessica smiled as she dug into the food, realizing she was hungry. The lunch was great and she helped Jason to clean up and put away the leftovers, assuring him that Diego would have some later when he got home.

Before either of them could say or doing anything else, there was loud knocking at the door. Jessica looked over at Jason and shrugged. “It’s not Carly,” she said. At Jason’s look, she added, “She doesn’t knock Jason, you know that.”

Jason nodded and moved over to the door, gun drawn, while Jessica moved behind the counter. She wasn’t taking any chances.

“Who is it?” Jason called through the door, already crouching in a defensive stance. He knew Diego had a key and Jessica was right, Carly would just walk in, whether or not the door was locked. Alcazar would have announced himself already.

“It’s Skye,” replied the voice from the other side of the door.

Jason put the gun away as he opened the door. Skye blew past him, her anger coming off of her in waves. “Is everything okay?” he asked as he closed and relocked the door.

“No, everything is not okay!” exclaimed Skye. “Why are all you men so . . . stupid?” she huffed at him. “I mean, come on! Do you only think with your-"

“Skye!” Jessica stopped the woman from continuing on.

As Skye was about to say something more, the door opened and Diego walked in, stopping short as he surveyed the scene in front of him.

Skye turned and saw Diego, rolling her eyes as she dropped her purse down onto the couch, soon following it herself. “Great, another one,” she groused.

“Okay . . . umm . . . Jason, Diego, why don’t the two of you let Skye and I talk,” said Jessica as she quickly ushered the two men out the door.

“Will you be okay?” Jason asked as he took his jacket from Jessica, pushing a bewildered Diego out the door ahead of him.

“I’ll be fine Jason. Ramon is going to stay right outside the door.”

Jason nodded. He had to admit that Ramon was pretty good. “Alright, I’ll call you later.” Jason leaned in and dropped a quick kiss on Jessica’s lips before leaving.


“Okay, what just happened in there?” Diego asked in confusion as he and Jason boarded the elevator.

Jason looked at the younger man and raised his eyebrow. “Believe me, when one woman wants to rant and rave to another about a man, you don’t want to be around,” Jason said.

Diego nodded his head, wondering what his father had done to make Skye so angry.


“So, are you planning on telling me what happened, or are you going to sit there and glare at the walls?” Jessica asked as she sat beside Skye, handing her a bottle of water.

“You’re father is an egotistical, pig!” Skye yelled, her green eyes flashing with a burning fire.

Jessica raised her eyebrows. Wow, things between Skye and Dad must be more serious than I thought, Jessica though. “What did he do Skye?” she prompted the other woman gently, even though she was dying to know.

“Oh, nothing much, unless you count my walking in and seeing him with his tongue half-way down Faith’s throat!”

Jessica’s eyes widened. “Faith? As in Faith Roscoe?” she asked, stunned.

“The one and only,” grumbled Skye. “Okay, I know all about their past affair, but he’s the one who kicked her to the curb.”

Jessica was shocked. She didn’t know that her father and the viper she met earlier had been involved. “What happened? Did he see you?”

“Oh, he saw me,” she said. “Of course, he had to untangle himself from his ‘guest’ first.”

“But, Skye, that doesn’t make sense. I know my father cares a lot about you. There must be an explanation. Did he explain what was going on?” she asked gently.

“Explanation? What is there to explain Jessica? He obviously found someone he wants more.”

“Skye, listen to me. My father may be many things, but I know he would not use you and then toss you aside for her. Skye, I see the way my father looks at you. And if I know Faith Roscoe, she’s got something up her sleeve,” she said, making plans to talk to Carly as soon as she could. Jessica was not going to let this woman walk in and take over their lives.


Lorenzo wasn’t sure what to do. Skye was angry – angrier than he had ever seen her and now he had to wonder what Faith was planning. He looked up from the couch when the front door opened and Diego walked in.

“What the hell did you do to Skye?” Diego asked, glaring at his father.

Lorenzo sighed. “She walked in when Faith was here.”

Diego raised his eyebrows. “She’s pretty pissed,” he said.

“I figured she would be. She slapped me and stormed out of here before I could say anything.”

“I thought you cared about Skye, Dad. Why be with Faith?” Diego asked his father.

“Diego, I was not ‘with’ Faith. She came in here, uninvited, and made advances – again, uninvited. She made comments about meeting Jessica and then kissed me. Skye happened to walk in at that moment,” Lorenzo explained.

“Well, she’s at Jessica’s right now, probably trying to figure out how to string you up.”

Lorenzo nodded with a rueful smile. This was not good and he had a feeling Faith had this all planned from the beginning.


Faith smiled in satisfaction as she stood outside of Jessica’s building. She had seen Skye enter the building, rippling with rage. Not too long after, Jason and Lorenzo’s son Diego left, heading off in different directions. Lorenzo was a fool. He should know better than to reject her. But she was willing to give him another chance. If he pushed her away again, he was going to be responsible for the pain she was about to unleash.

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