Chapter Eleven

Skye looked up when she saw Lorenzo approach the table she had gotten for them. “I was beginning to wonder if you were going to show up or not,” she said as he slid into the booth beside her.

Lorenzo smiled and shook his head. “I would never stand you up, Skye,” he said tenderly. He was still rattled by Faith and wondered what she had going on in that screwed up head of hers.

Skye smiled. “Well, I would hope not,” she replied as she sipped her drink. “So, what happened?” She could see he was definitely not relaxed.

“I ran into a slight problem on the way here,” he answered, his eyes growing hard at the memory of his conversation with Faith.

Skye saw the look in his eyes. “Is it serious?” she asked, trying to get him to open up to her. In the last month, Skye and Lorenzo had spent a lot of time together and she was finding herself more and more attracted to him.

Lorenzo looked at her and saw her concern. “I hope not,” he said. “But I don’t want to talk about business or problems right now. All I want to do is enjoy an evening with a beautiful woman.” Lorenzo leaned over and gently brushed his lips over hers.

After he pulled back, Skye opened her eyes. “Wow,” she whispered, a smile coming to her lips. “And to what do I owe that?”

“I couldn’t resist kissing the breathtaking woman sitting next to me,” Lorenzo answered with a smile of his own. He brought his hand to her hair and gently let the soft, auburn flamed locks slide through his fingers.

Skye felt a blush coming to her face as she looked down at the table a moment. When she was with Lorenzo, he made her feel as if she were the most important person in the room. No one – especially a man – had ever made her feel that way.

Lorenzo saw her pleasant shyness and took her hand in his. It was refreshing being with Skye. She didn’t make demands of him that he felt bad about if he couldn’t meet. She didn’t claim to care about him one moment and then push him away the next. She didn’t keep him guessing or doubting himself. Skye just let him be who he was – it’s been a very long time since a woman had done that for him.

“When can you get out of here?” He leaned over and whispered in her ear, letting his lips just barely graze the soft plains of her neck.

Skye shivered as she felt his breath on her skin, his lips barely touching her raised goose bumps on her flesh. “I am part owner . . . I can leave at anytime,” she breathed out as he moved his lips up her jaw line and back to her soft, inviting mouth.

“Then maybe we can find somewhere more . . . private to go,” he murmured against her lips.

“Did you have somewhere in mind?” she asked, her hand going to his chest, her heart fluttering at the feel of the muscles rippling under the material.

“I can think of a place,” he said as he slid out of the booth, holding his hand out to her. He pulled her to her feet and, placing his hand on the small of her back, followed her out of the club.


Jason opened his eyes when he heard the front door quietly opening. He had fallen asleep with Jessica in his arms. Looking at the clock, Jason saw it was just past midnight. Reaching onto the night table beside him, Jason picked up his gun and slid gently off the bed so he would not wake Jessica. He made his way across the apartment, navigating through the dark room. Reaching the door, Jason stood behind it as it opened. He waited. The door closed as a dark figure came into the room.

Jason released the safety and stepped out of the shadows, gun raised. “Don’t move,” he said in a hard voice.


Diego froze, his keys in his hands, as he stared wide-eyed into the barrel of a gun.


The lights turned on and both men looked at Jessica. “Jason, put the gun down, it’s just Diego,” she said in a sleepy voice as she pushed her long ponytail over her shoulder, an amused smile on her lips.


Jason reengaged the safety and lowered the gun. “Sorry,” he said.

“Hey, no problem. I’m just glad you don’t shoot first and ask questions later, man,” said Diego with a small laugh as his heartbeat finally returned the normal.

“Diego, is everything okay? I thought you were out with Brook Lynn tonight,” Jessica said as she walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water.

“I was, but then some woman showed up and Brook Lynn got all nervous. Before the woman could tell us what she wanted, Dad showed up and told me to take Brook Lynn home,” he answered as he tossed his jacket onto the couch.

“What woman?” Jason asked curiously. He watched as Jessica gave Diego a pointed look that went between the teenager and the jacket he had tossed over the couch. He then watched in amusement as Diego got the point and picked up the jacket, hanging it on the back of the desk chair.

“I had never seen her before, but Brook Lynn recognized her. She was about 5’4”, blonde hair, wearing all black. Brook Lynn said her name was Faith Roscoe,” Diego said.

“Are you sure she said the woman’s name was Faith?” Jason asked his alert level rising. If Faith was back in town, that wasn’t good. Wherever Faith went, trouble followed.

Diego nodded. He saw the look on Jason’s face – it was like the one his father had earlier.

“Did she say anything?” Jason asked.

“No. She didn’t get a chance to. Brook Lynn suggested we leave and my father showed up agreeing with her. He made sure we were gone before anything was said.”

Jason nodded as he grabbed his own jacket. He went over to Jessica who was standing by the kitchen listening to the conversation as she sipped her water. “I had a great night,” he said as he leaned over and kissed her gently on the cheek.

Jessica smiled. “I did too.” She then walked with him to the door and stepped out into the hallway. “Jason, please be careful,” she whispered.

“I will. I’m just going to talk to Sonny,” he assured her gently.

“Who is this Faith Roscoe? Is she dangerous?”

“She’s psychotic Jessica and I want you to stay away from her. In fact, I think it would be a good idea for you to have a guard while she’s in town,” Jason said, knowing Jessica was going to protest. He was surprised when she nodded her head.

“Okay. I’ll talk to my father about it.” Seeing his surprised look, Jessica lifted her hand and gently touched the side of his face. “Don’t look so shocked Jason. I may not like the idea of having a body guard, but I will do whatever it takes to protect our daughter.”

“Thank you,” said Jason. He leaned in closer to her and captured her lips with his. Breaking the kiss after a minute, Jason took a step back. “I’ll call you later,” he said.

“I’ll be waiting,” she answered, smiling as she watched him walk down the hall. After the elevator doors closed, Jessica went back into the apartment.

Diego looked up from the couch. “Sorry I interrupted,” he said.

“You didn’t interrupt, Diego,” Jessica said. “I guess I fell asleep after dinner and Jason put me into bed.”

“So I take it things went well tonight.”

“They did,” she said with a smile as walked back into the small kitchen. “There are still some leftovers, are you hungry?” she asked.

“Sure,” said Diego as he got up and joined her. “You know, I think its great that you and Jason are getting back together,” he added as he helped Jessica pull the containers from the fridge. A couple of minutes later they were sitting on the couch, plates of food between them, eating and talking.

“What makes you think Jason and I are getting back together?” she asked as she took a bite of the salmon.

“I saw the way the two of you were looking at each other Jessica. And I doubt he would have still been here if things weren’t going well,” Diego pointed out.

Jessica smiled. “I guess you’re right,” she said. “I do love him Diego, but I don’t want to rush this. I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing. Not just for me, but for my little girl as well.”

Diego nodded. “Can I tell you what I think?” Diego asked as he set his now empty plate aside.

“Of course,” Jessica said, curious as to what her brother thought about her current situation. They hadn’t really talked much about it.

Diego took a deep breath and thought a moment before saying what he had to. He didn’t realize how much he looked like Lorenzo when he did that. “I know you’re nervous about being with Jason again. Dad told me what happened with Lansing and all. But if you want to do the right thing for your daughter, I would try to work things out with him. I grew up without a father Jessica. Hell, the man didn’t even know I existed. I wouldn’t wish my experiences on anyone, not even my worst enemy,” he said. “I mean, I know your situation and mine are different and you wouldn’t raise you daughter to think you were her sister and her parents were killed. But she deserves to know her father and have her parents – who obviously love each other – together.”

Jessica smiled and placed her hand over her brother’s. “Don’t let anyone ever tell you you’re not insightful, Diego,” she said. “But your right, I may not have had the same experiences you did, but I grew up without my father for nine years. And I treasure the time I had to spend with him. I would never keep my daughter and Jason apart and I know he would do everything in his power to make sure we are safe,” she said. “You know something; you’re a lot like dad.”

“I am?” Diego asked, his eyes brightening a little at the thought. “How?”

“Well, you’re smart for one. I don’t know if you know this, but Dad was a scholar at Oxford in England. He was working on his doctorate to become a history professor,” she began. At Diego’s shocked look, she smiled. “I know. Makes you wonder what happened to make him go into the business he’s in, right? Well, all I know is that while he was there, working on finishing up his doctorate, he met a young woman named Sophie. He fell in love with her. He said she was a woman who wanted to save the world. But then he lost her when she was on one of her missions in a small village. I don’t think he ever recovered from that. And I know he blames himself. He said he had left her there to run off and help Uncle Luis with some trouble he had gotten himself into. When he returned, he found out she had been killed. Dad felt that he couldn’t continue to pursue his dreams and went into the family business. He pretty much shut off his feelings . . . locked them away so he wouldn’t feel the pain of losing her. I think it’s why he has become so powerful in what he does. I know he met my mother not too long after that. I remember he said he never expected to fall in love again, but he did. He said he let her in a little bit. They married, but when my mother found out what he did, she was scared. My father agreed to stay away to keep her safe. He didn’t want to lose her like he did Sophie, so he backed off, kept his distance. And when my mother found out she was pregnant with me she never told him. I knew about him, though. My mother made sure to tell me that even though he wasn’t around, she knew he loved me and that her decision was based on keeping me safe. She even swore the rest of her family to secrecy. From what I know, they never divorced even though they were separated until the day she died. Before she died, she made sure that my father learned about me and I had a chance to know him. I think she felt guilty for keeping us apart.”

Diego listened intently. “So he was married when he knew Maria, my mother,” he said.

Jessica nodded. “Yeah, he was,” she said. “But he must have felt something for her Diego. I don’t know all the circumstances surrounding his involvement with Maria, but I do know that he loves you very much and regrets the time the two of you missed together.”

“When I first found out, I was so angry,” Diego said. “First I was furious at Maria for lying to me all my life, for keeping something like this a secret. Then I was angry at him for not being there. I figured that if he really did feel something for her, he would have tried to find her, you know, tried to get the truth out of her.

“And what do you feel now?” Jessica asked.

Diego shrugged. “Now I finally feel a part of something, you know? I have a father who cares about what I think and do. I have a sister who is pretty cool. And I have a niece on the way. I never thought I would even have a home Jessica, let alone a family who cares about me.”

Jessica smiled as she wiped a tear from her eye. “Great, go and make the hormonal, pregnant woman cry,” she said with a laugh.

Diego laughed as well. “Come on, Dad will kill me if he knew I had you up this late, and I really don’t want to think about what Jason would do” he said with a mock shiver as he helped her off the couch.


Jason nodded to Max, who was standing outside of Sonny’s door, before knocking and then walking into the penthouse. As soon as he had heard what Diego said about Faith being in town, he came straight here.

Sonny looked up from his seat on the couch when he saw Jason. “What’s up Jason? You said on the phone it was important,” Sonny got up off the couch and went over the wet bar. He poured himself and drink, offering one to Jason, who declined.

“Where are Carly and the boys?” Jason asked. He knew Carly had a passion for eavesdropping and he didn’t want her to be involved with this – yet. But he knew he was going to have to keep a close eye on her as long as Faith was around. Carly and Faith were like water and oil. They didn’t mix. And when the two of them were anywhere near each other, all hell tended to break loose.

“Carly’s at the Cellar and the boys are sleeping,” said Sonny as he looked at his friend.

“Faith Roscoe is back in town,” Jason said, never one to beat around the bush. Getting right to the point was much easier.

“Damnit,” Sonny swore under his breath. “Did you see her?”

Jason shook his head. “No. Diego Sanchez said he ran into her in the park when he was out with Brook Lynn. It appears Alcazar has already made contact with her.”

Sonny nodded. He knew Alcazar wouldn’t be stupid enough to jump back into bed with Faith – literally and figuratively speaking – but it didn’t sound good. Then he thought of something that Jason said. “Why were you hearing this from Diego?”

Jason sighed. “I was over at Jessica’s when he came home and told us what happened.”

Sonny nodded his head. It was late; they now had Faith to deal with, so Sonny was not going to get on Jason’s case about Jessica, at least not tonight. “Alright,” said Sonny, turning his mind back to the problem at hand. “I want security tightened at the warehouses. I’ll put an extra guard on Carly and the boys. I also want you to get Stan started on tracking Faith’s movements from the moment she left Port Charles to her return now.”

Jason nodded as he listened to Sonny’s orders, knowing that as soon as he went to his penthouse across the hall he would start making all the necessary calls and arrangements.

“Before you go Jason, what about Jessica?” Sonny asked. He was still not too thrilled about the situation Jason was in, but he also didn’t want an innocent woman and child hurt, especially if they were connected to his best friend. God help anyone who stood between Jason and those he cared about.

“I told her to stay away from Faith as much as she could. She also agreed to a bodyguard until further notice. She was going to talk to Alcazar about it,” Jason answered, already knowing he was going to have one of his own men on her as well.

“Good,” said Sonny as he finished his drink. “Have Stan get that information to me as soon as possible.”

Nodding again, Jason turned and left the penthouse. It was going to be a long night and he had a lot to do.

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