Chapter Seven

Lorenzo paced back and forth in the emergency room’s waiting room. Almost a half-hour ago he had received a frantic call from Carly, telling him to get to General Hospital quickly, that Jessica was hurt.

Lorenzo had rushed to the hospital to see Carly and Jason, who had brought her in. They were unable to give him much information, except that they had found her in the park with what appeared to be a knife wound in her stomach. They had been unable to find the attacker or the weapon.

Lorenzo spun around when the doors leading to the OR that held his daughter opened and Monica Quartermaine cam out. Lorenzo’s heart almost stopped at the sight of the blood – his daughter’s blood – on her gloved hands and scrubs.

“How is she? What’s going on with my daughter?” he practically yelled, getting the attention of Carly, Jason and Sonny. They went over to see what was going on. Jason was doing his best not to let his emotions show on his face, but he was terrified that he would lose the woman he loved.

Monica held up her hands to hold off more of Alcazar’s questions. “Jessica has what appears to be a knife wound in her upper abdominal region. Luckily, the muscles where very strong in that area and kept the damage from being any worse. No major organs or arteries were hit, but she did lose a lot of blood,” Monica took a breath and looked around at the faces around her, her eyes stopping on her son’s. For a split second the hard look her always wore slipped and she saw relief on his face and something she thought she would never again see in his eyes: love.

“Is she going to be okay?” Lorenzo asked, brining Monica’s attention back to him.

“We were able to repair the damage and stop the bleeding, but the amount of blood she lost and the time out in the cold has taken a toll on her body. She’s still unconscious and I can’t tell you when she will wake up. It could be hours, or it could be days,” Monica finished.

Lorenzo nodded, taking in everything she said. “I want to see my daughter,” he said, making sure he made it clear there was no room for discussion.


Lorenzo sighed. He has been sitting by his daughter’s side for the last hour, but there had been no change. He held her hand in his. Her skin still felt cold to the touch and her face was unusually pale.

As he continued to feel helpless – a feeling that he hated – he vowed that he would find who did this and make them pay. And he knew where to start.


“Jason, will you relax and stop pacing!” Carly exclaimed, feeling frustrated at not being able to help her friend. “Monica said that Jessica was going to be okay.”

Jason stopped pacing and sat down next to Carly. “I know, but I should have been there,” he said, running his hands through his spiky hair.

“Jason, I know how much you care about Jessica,” she said and then smiled at Jason’s surprised expression. “You guys might have thought you could hide it from me, but you can’t. I know you two have been seeing each other secretly,” she added.

Jason nodded, knowing he couldn’t be able to lie to Carly, even if he wanted to. “I love her Carly and not being able to be with her right now is killing me,” he said, knowing Carly would understand.

“I can understand why you and Jessica wanted to keep you relationship a secret Jason, but it’s going to come out eventually and Sonny and Alcazar will know,” Carly said sympathetically.

Jason nodded and vowed to talk to Jessica as soon as possible. Before he could respond though, someone grabbed him from behind, hauled him out of his chair and threw it into the bar. “What the hell did you do to my daughter?”


“Lorenzo stop!” Carly yelled, forcing herself between the two men. “Jason did nothing to Jessica, this was not his fault!”

Lorenzo looked down at the woman he knew in his heart he still loved. Taking a deep breath he backed off slightly, but glared at the two people in from of him. “I told her not to get involved,” he said in a low voice, wanting to hurt whoever hurt his family.

Carly stared at Alcazar, not believing he was blaming them for what happened. “You think we had something to do with this?” she asked.

“Who else would do this Carly?” Alcazar shouted at her. “Sonny will never get over or forget what you and I had, so this is his revenge!”

Carly and Jason stared at him in astonishment. “You think Sonny did this? You’re crazy!” she said.

Lorenzo stared at her. “Crazy? Yeah, maybe I am crazy, crazy to have allowed my daughter to be involved with any of you. I should have known something like this was going to happen, and believe me, when I find out the truth Carly, everyone will pay.

Just then Alcazar’s phone rang, interrupting whatever Carly was going to say. Pulling the phone out of his pocket, he stepped away to take the call. “Alcazar,” he said. He listened for a moment. “I’ll be right there.” Without saying anything to Carly or Jason, Alcazar left.

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