Chapter Six

Two months later

Cold winter weather started to settle over Port Charles as Jessica made her way home from The Cellar. Jessica had settled nicely into her new life in Port Charles and loved her job. She and Carly had become closer over the past couple of months and Sonny seemed to tolerate her.

The one thing Jessica really liked about living in Port Charles was her growing relationship with Jason. Jessica smiled as she thought back to that night in the store room at The Cellar.


“We really need to stop meeting like this,” she said with a laugh, feeling quite comfortable in his arms.

Jason set her down on her feet, but kept his arms around her. Jessica kept her arms around his neck, starring into his eyes.

They spoke no words as Jason lowered his head to hers and gently brushed his lips over hers. Jessica melted into the kiss as it deepened.

- End Flashback-

Jessica and Jason had decided to see where this would go and did not want to rush anything. They had also agreed to keep their relationship quiet for now, due to who they were connected to. It wasn’t easy though, especially when Carly was around. She seemed to have a sixth sense when it came to this kind of thing, but so far she had not confronted either of them.

Cutting through the park, Jessica pulled her jacket a little closer to her as a blast of wind blew over her. Jessica picked up her pace, wanting to get home and freshen up before Jason arrived. For the last few weeks Jason stopped by her place every night after checking on things at the warehouse. She knew he was still at the club with Carly, but would be leaving soon.

Enjoying the quiet night, Jessica did not notice the figure dressed all in black following her.


Now was his chance, she was alone. He had been watching her for a while now and knew this was the right time to act.


Jessica was yanked out of her thoughts of Jason when a gloved hand clamped over he mouth, cutting off her scream. Jessica struggled and tried to pry the fingers off of her mouth, but he was too strong.

She tried to stomp down on the attacker’s foot or kick him in the shins, but that stopped when she felt a sharp, piercing pain in her abdomen. As blackness clouded her vision, the object was pulled out and she could see the knife glistening with her blood. Then everything went black.


“Come on Jason,” Carly said as she followed closely behind him. “Why won’t you tell me where you’re going?”

“Carly, go home,” said Jason, wanting to get away from her and to Jessica. The feelings he had been having for her still surprised him. He had never felt this way for anyone before, including Robin and Elizabeth. Jessica accepted him for who he was without question. She accepted and understood the life he led and did not try to change him or make him choose. He was falling in love with her.

“Jason, slow down!” Carly yelled, practically running now. “You know, you’re going to have to tell me sooner or later.”

“Carly, enough!” Jason shot over his shoulder.

“Fine, but this is not over!” she exclaimed. She turned to go, seeing that Max had been following them to make sure she got home safely, the ever loyal bodyguard. As she headed toward Max, Carly tripped and stumbled over something. Looking down, she saw a black, spike-heeled boot that looked faintly familiar.

Stepping toward the bushes, she pulled the branches aside and couldn’t believe her eyes. “Jason!” she screamed.

Jason raced back to Carly, getting there at the same time as Max. He looked to where Carly was looking and felt his heart jump into his throat. “Jessica,” he whispered.

Dropping to the ground beside her, he gently took her into his arms, searching out her pulse, praying his fingers would find the steady beating. What he found was weak and slow. He quickly scanned her head, searching for an injury, resting his hand on her stomach. He felt something wet and sticky and when he removed his hand, was horrified to see it now covered with blood. “Call an ambulance!” he yelled at Carly and Max as he pulled off his jacket and wrapped it around her pale, limp body.

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