Chapter Five

Jessica couldn’t tear her eyes away from the man who still held her. After another moment, he stepped back from her slightly, his hands falling from her arms.

Jessica finally found her voice. “I’m sorry,” she said, glad that her voice did not come out in a squeak. “I guess I wasn’t paying attention.”

“No problem,” Jason answered as he looked at the woman in front of him. She was young, maybe about twenty. She had startling green eyes fringed with long dark lashes. Her lips were full and looked soft and she had long dark hair that framed her face.

“Well, I see you two have met!” Carly said as she nonchalantly came down the stairs. On the outside she was calm, but on the inside she was doing cartwheels at the connection she saw pass between the two of them. Carly saw how Jessica couldn’t take her eyes off of Jason and how Jason held onto her a little longer than necessary when he stopped her from falling.

“Actually, we just ran into each other, literally,” said Jessica, finally tearing her eyes away from the man in from of her to look at Carly. “You two know each other?” she asked, thinking this would be an advantage for her. If they already were friends then maybe she would see more of this good looking man around the club.

Carly nodded as she came to join the two. Looking them over, Carly decided that they looked good together. “Jason has been the rock in my life for years,” she said, putting a hand on his arm. “Jason Morgan, this is my new co-manager at The Cellar, Jessica Alcazar.”

Jason nodded, he knew who she was but hadn’t expected her to be so beautiful.

Feeling that her work was done – for now – Carly backed away from the two of them and started up the stairs. “Well, I should get going, Max is waiting. . . and no Jason, I did not ditch him,” she said when Jason gave her a look.

After she was gone, Jessica laughed. “Is she always like that?” she asked. Jason smiled slightly as he nodded. “You’ll get used to her,” he said. “Do you want some company on your walk?” he asked. He didn’t want to leave her just yet.

“I’d like that,” she said with a smile. They started walking in the direction of her apartment, neither of them noticing the man watching them.


After walking Jessica to her place, Jason headed to the warehouse to do a quick security check and pick up some paperwork before heading home for the night.


Jessica let herself into her apartment and threw her coat and bag onto the couch. It had been a long day, the best part of it was meeting Jason Morgan. She couldn’t explain it, but in the little time she spent with him, she felt a kind of attraction toward him. She laughed to herself and brushed it off as a physical attraction and nothing more.


The dark haired man couldn’t believe his luck. He had found a way to get rid of both Corinthos/Morgan and Alcazar. All he had to do was watch and wait and plan and everything would fall into place.


It was another busy night at The Cellar, and Jessica was enjoying every minute of it. A lot of people were there, but it did not seem cramped at all. There was a band playing that night and a few couples took advantage of the open dance floor. As Jessica’s eyes roamed over the crowd, she couldn’t get the piercing blue eyes and gentle smile of Jason Morgan out of her head.

“I bet I would need only one guess to know who you’re thinking about,” said a voice behind her.

Jessica jumped and spun around, seeing Carly standing behind her. Her boss looked good tonight in a black halter top and dark blue jeans. Jessica herself had decided on a light pink top that showed off her figure and a pair of black pants that were wide on the leg.

Knowing her cheeks were now red, Jessica avoided looking at her boss and headed toward the bar. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she said as she ordered a glass of sparkling water.

Carly rolled her eyes. “Come off it Jessica,” she said. “I saw the way the two of you looked at each other last night. I felt the connection, so I know you felt it too.”

Jessica really couldn’t deny it. She didn’t know Jason very well and she didn’t have much experience with relationships, but she had felt something when she was with Jason last night.


Jason walked into The Cellar. He didn’t usually go when it was open – unless he was forced by Carly – but he had promised Sonny he would keep an eye on Carly’s new employee to make sure there wasn’t any trouble.

He spotted the two woman over by the bar, deep in conversation. He smiled slightly as he watched his friend being very animated, as Carly tended to be, and Jessica stepping slightly back to avoid Carly’s flying hands.

His hopes of going unnoticed faded when Carly caught his eye and waved him over. Sighing, Jason walked over, knowing that if he ignored her or walked away, Carly would hunt him down, but not too sure if he wanted to know what she wanted.

“Ladies,” he said before ordering a beer.

“Hi Jason,” said Jessica, again captivated by his eyes.

Carly watched the exchange, ready to put the first part of her plan into place. She knew Jason was going to be there tonight. She “overheard” Sonny telling Jason to keep on eye on Jessica; obviously he still did not trust her. This upset Carly, but she figured she could use it to her advantage to push the two of them together as much as possible. “Hey!” she said, getting both of Jessica’s and Jason’s attention. “Ummm. . . Jessica, can you go in the back. . . there’s a box of cocktail napkins we need,” she said, trying to look innocent. “They should be on the top shelf.”

“Now?” asked Jessica, surprised because she had checked the supplies herself and thought there were already enough napkins behind the bar.

“Yes, now,” said Carly. Then she pushed Jason toward Jessica adding, “Jason will help you.”

Jason rolled his eyes and turned to Carly. “Since when do I work for you?” he asked, starting to feel annoyed with her and her games.

Carly ignored him and walked away.

Jessica laughed at the exchange and headed toward the back room, not sure if Jason was following her.

She quickly located the box at the top of the shelf out of her reach. Looking around, she found a step stool. Opening it, Jessica placed it where she needed it and climbed up. Even in her heels her fingers just barely touched the box. She raised herself onto her toes to reach better, and just as she got a grip on the box, the little step stool started to wobble and Jessica felt herself falling. Bracing herself to hit the floor, she was surprised when she landed in a pair of strong arms. Opening her eyes, she met Jason’s blue ones.

“We really need to stop meeting like this,” she said with a laugh, feeling quite comfortable in his arms.

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