Chapter Four

Jessica had just finished making a cup of hot chocolate – her one weakness – when there was a knock at her door. Glancing at the clock, she saw it was after midnight and knew there was one person who would come to see her at this hour.

“Come in Dad,” she said as she opened the door and walked back to the couch with her mug.

“Why didn’t you ask who was at that door?” Alcazar demanded, shaking his head at his daughter’s blatant disregard for her own safety. “What if it had been someone who wanted to hurt you?” he asked.

Jessica rolled her eyes as she sipped her hot chocolate. “I doubt that if someone really wanted me dead they would knock first,” Jessica stated calmly.

Lorenzo shook his head again and sat on the couch. “I heard you went to The Cellar tonight,” he said. He wasn’t sure how to talk to her. They did not have much of a relationship while she was growing up and then she just showed up at his front door.

Jessica sighed and set her half empty mug down on the low coffee table. “Did you have me followed?” she asked, building up to blast him for going against her not wanting bodyguards.

“No, I did not have you followed. Carly called me,” he said, noting Jessica’s surprised look. He continued on before she could say anything. “She called to tell me that she liked you, thought you were nothing like me – except for the eyes – and that your working with her had nothing to do with me.”

Jessica was quiet a moment. “Good,” she said. “I wanted to make it clear to both her and Sonny that I was not influenced by either your business dealings or fascination with Carly.”

Lorenzo nodded. “Just be careful, Sonny Corinthos is not a very trusting man, especially when it comes to the Alcazar name.”

“I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that you kidnapped his pregnant wife and held her for months and then constantly hounded her when she was rescued and took advantage of her brain injury. It’s a wonder he doesn’t trust the family names,” Jessica said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Lorenzo knew not to argue, knowing he wasn’t going to win. “You know, Corinthos is going to have you checked out,” was all he could think to say.

“That’s fine with me. I wouldn’t have expected less, I have nothing to hide,” she said, knowing it was true. She figured the only strike against her was her last name.

Lorenzo nodded, he had his reservations about Jessica having any connections with Corinthos, but he knew he wasn’t going to talk Jessica out of this. “You are so much like your mother,” he said quietly.

Jessica looked up at him in surprise. “This is the first time since I have been here that you mentioned her.” Jessica still missed her mother very much, she had died when Jessica was nine-years-old.

Lorenzo stood up. “I know my relationship with Elaina was strained when she found out about my real business, but I loved her very much and always will,” he said, a peacefulness he felt only when he thought of her, washing over him.

“Even though she kept my existence from you until she died?” Jessica had always known who her father was, but had never actually met the man until after her mother’s funeral.

“Even then, I loved her,” he said, bringing Jessica back from her thoughts. “I was surprised, of course, when a lawyer contacted me to say that my wife was dead, although we were not together, we were never officially divorced, and that she had willed custody of our nine-year-old daughter to me.”

Jessica remembered the day when her grandmother had introduced her to her father, a man she had never known before.

Bringing herself back to the present, Jessica stood up as well. “I also remember how scared you looked when I came into the room,” she said with a small smile. “But I am gown-up now and I need to start living my own life.”

He nodded, silently agreeing with her. He said good-night a couple of minutes later and smiled as he heard the locks clicking into place behind him.


“What did you find?” Sonny asked as Jason walked onto Penthouse 4 first thing the next morning. He had spent the night finding out what he could about Jessica Alcazar and was exhausted, but he wasn’t about to show that to his mentor. He blinked past the burning in his tired eyes.

“Well, she’s clean. No criminal background at all. She was born to Elaina Gutierrez-Alcazar on August 22, 1985. She grew up in South America until she was nine. Her mother died ten years ago from cancer and that’s when she was put into Alcazar’s custody. She grew up in boarding schools in Europe. She’s also very smart, according to her school records. No record of juvenile delinquency in school, it seems she was a loner. Absolutely no involvement with Alcazar’s business,” he finished, rubbing his eyes and accepting the cup of coffee Sonny handed him. “Thanks.”

Sonny nodded. “Well, I guess there’s nothing I can use to keep her away from Carly,” he said as his wife came down the stairs, rolling her eyes.

“Are you satisfied now?” she asked, standing in between her husband and Jason. “I wish you two would trust my judgment for once.”

“You were right once Carly, don’t push it,” said Sonny, flashing a smile as he moved out of his wife’s reach.

Jason smiled slightly, and then said his good-bye’s and headed back to his own penthouse across the hall to get some sleep.


“So, I wrote up some duties you can take over around here,” said Carly as she handed Jessica some notes.

“I take it your husband thought I was safe?” asked Jessica as she looked over the papers.

Carly took a deep breath and looked at the younger woman. “Sonny did have you checked out, but he didn’t find anything.”

“I figured he would and I don’t have a problem with it,” Jessica reassured Carly. “It comes with the name.”

“Look, I like you and I know you will be a great asset to my club, and a great new friend, so don’t worry about what Sonny thinks or what other people will think because of who your father is.”

“Wow,” said Jessica, sitting back in her chair and staring at Carly in awe.

“What?” asked Carly curiously, a small smile playing over her lips.

“It’s just that I never really had friends while growing up who were not afraid to speak their mind in front of me. I mean, my mother kept me pretty much secluded as a child and then in boarding school, it seemed as if everyone was afraid of me. I guess it is just refreshing,” Jessica finished.

Carly smiled, knowing she was going to like this girl more and more.


Jessica was very satisfied with the way things had gone that morning. They had finished up by going over a schedule and more formal responsibilities. Jessica had then decided to treat herself to a few new outfits, something Carly gladly joined her for, and lunch at Kelly’s. Jessica was heading home, thinking about her day when she felt like she walked into a leather-clad wall.

Stumbling back, Jessica felt a pair of strong arms grabbing her and steadying her before she fell. Looking up to apologize for not paying attention, Jessica looked up into an amazing pair of blue eyes.

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