Chapter Three

Jessica wasn’t sure how to break the silence that descended over the small office. She decided to jump right in before either of them could say anything. “I know there is a history between the both of you and my father and I do not agree with a lot of his actions, particularly what he did to you Mrs. Corinthos,” Jessica said, shifting her gaze to the older woman. “I am here to make a name for myself that is not associated to my father’s business. You can trust me to work for you and be around you without influence from my father,” she finished, trying to read the looks on Sonny’s and Carly’s faces.

Carly recovered first, glancing sideways at her husband, knowing he was not going to like her decision. Carly understood Jessica’s feelings about wanting to make it on her own. “Well, I am willing to give you a chance,” said Carly as she stood up, and extended her hand with a smile. “How about you meet me here about 11 am tomorrow and we can go over responsibilities,” said Carly, ushering Jessica out of the office before Sonny could voice his opinions. Carly saw Jessica glance at Sonny and whispered, “Don’t worry about him.”

Jessica nodded her head and headed back out to the main floor of the club. She was proud of herself for doing what she did on her own without her father’s influence.


Sonny continued his pacing through the penthouse that he started in Carly’s office. He did not like this one bit, but he knew Carly and he knew how stubborn she was, especially when it came to doing something he did not approve of.

Just then, as Sonny was making his latest pass through the room, the penthouse door opened and in walked Jason Morgan, Sonny’s right hand man, his enforcer, and his best friend.

“You wanted to see me?” he asked as he shut the door and stood by the desk. Jason had known Sonny for as long as he could remember. He respected the older man who took him in and gave him a life and a job that he loved.

“I need you to get some information for me,” Sonny said, handing Jason a thin folder that contained the little he already knew. “Her name is Jessica Alcazar,” he began, stopping at the slightly surprised look on Jason’s face. “Yeah, she’s Alcazar’s daughter. She came by The Cellar tonight and talked to Carly about working for her.”

Jason looked at Sonny, knowing the answer, but asking the question anyway, “Did she hire her, knowing who she was?”

“Of course, it’s Carly we’re talking about here,” said Sonny with a tiny smile, but feeling frustrated over the whole situation. “She said that she wanted to give this girl a chance to prove herself.”

“What are your thoughts about the girl? Can she be trusted?” Jason asked as he opened the folder and scanned through the information inside.

“She claimed she was not connected to Alcazar’s business in any way and was not interested in using a job with Carly as an advantage for Alcazar.”

Jason nodded, “Okay, I’ll see what I can find out. When do you want it?”

“Before 11 am tomorrow, that’s when she and Carly are meeting at the club,” said Sonny, taking a sip from the drink he had poured.

Jason nodded again and then left. He had a long night ahead of him.

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