Chapter Two

Carly Corinthos smiled to herself as she sat at the bar and surveyed the packed club. The Cellar was fast becoming one of Port Charles’s hottest spots.

“Hey beautiful,” said a voice on her right side as a hand slid around her waist.

Carly smiled and turned to face her husband. She still got tingles every time he smiled at her. Sonny and Carly had been through a lot over the last few years, but it seemed that their love was strong enough to get them through any thing.

“Place looks great,” Sonny said, turning again to look at the packed tables.

“I know. I can’t believe it’s all coming together,” she said with a satisfied smile.

Sonny was proud of his wife and her accomplishments. She had worked hard to get this club up and running and he wasn’t about to let anyone or anything ruin this for her.


Jessica walked into The Cellar and stopped at the entrance. She knew this was not going to be easy, especially considering who she was. She was aware of the fact that not many people in Port Charles liked her father, but she was hoping they would at least give her a chance.

Jessica scanned the room and found the person she was looking for. The woman was standing by the bar and Jessica had to admit that she was beautiful. Her dark hair was sleek and shiny as it swayed around her shoulders. The red V-neck top hugged her petite frame as did the black leather, knee length skirt. A pair of knee high black boots completed the look.

Jessica took a deep breath, realizing that she had been doing a lot of that in the last couple of weeks. Slowly, she approached the woman at the bar.

Carly had seen the young woman standing at the entrance. The girl caught her eye because Carly had never seen her before. She watched as the girl slowly walked toward her.

“Mrs. Corinthos?” Jessica asked, knowing full well who she was. “I was wondering if I could speak to you.” Jessica said, noticing the very good-looking man standing next to Carly. She knew this was Sonny Corinthos, her father’s number one enemy – at least in her father’s eyes.

Jessica saw that Carly was looking at her expectantly, probably wondering what this girl could possibly want.

“My name is Jessica and I just moved to Port Charles. I heard about your club and was wondering if I could work with you,” she said in a rush of one breath. Carly and Sonny were looking at her.

So far Carly liked this girl. She had guts to walk up to the owner of the club, introduce herself and ask for a job. Plus, Carly had to admit, this girl, Jessica, had great fashion sense.

“Let’s talk somewhere a little more private,” said Carly, motioning for Jessica to follow her to the back where her office was located. Sonny followed, intrigued by this girl who reminded him, he was sure, of someone he knew.

Once they were settled in Carly’s office, Jessica said, “Before you ask, I am 19 years old and don’t have much experience waitressing, but I learn fast, am very creative and organized and a hard worker.” Jessica paused to take a breath, noting the amused look on Carly’s face.

“I like you. I like the guts it took for you to do this,” said Carly as she jotted down some notes. “I do need a hostess and someone to help me manage the day to day running of this place,” said Carly as she glanced over at her husband. Sonny had been quiet throughout the interview. Finally, he cleared his throat, causing Jessica to turn towards him.

“What did you say your name was and how did you know that Carly owned this place?”

“Well, Mr. Corinthos, I have heard a lot about you and your wife and this club and I wanted a chance to work with a woman who is strong and knows what she wants and how to get it. As for who I am . . . like I said, my name is Jessica . . . Jessica Alcazar,” she finished, taking in Carly’s wide eyes and Sonny’s stony expression.

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