Chapter Nineteen

Jessica stared in shock at the man standing in front of her. “You’re Ric Lansing, you’re the District Attorney,” she said, stunned.

“Congratulations Miss Alcazar, but now it looks like I am going to have to change my plans slightly,” he took advantage of her shock and hit her hard in the face, sending her to her knees. “I definitely cannot leave you alive now.” He grabbed her by the arm and roughly pulled her back to her feet. He pushed her into the still standing crates behind her and pinned her there by putting one hand around her throat. “I didn’t want to have to kill you - yet, I still need you for leverage, but I can’t allow you to be able to identify me.” He brought the knife up, ready to plunge it into her heart.

Jessica was still dazed from the punch to her face, and it was hard to breath with the way he was squeezing her throat, but she was not going to let him get away with this, she was not going to be victim. At the last moment, as the knife came down, Jessica allowed her body to go limp, which threw him off guard slightly and she shifted her weight to the right. The knife continued to plunge down, but missed her heart and tore into her right shoulder. Jessica cried out in pain and twisted away from Ric, causing the knife to scrape down her arm. With the movement, Ric broke his grip on her throat and Jessica stumbled away from him.

Gasping for air, Jessica tried to move away from him, but Ric recovered quickly and grabbed her now injured arm. Jessica yelled out in pain and swung her body around, kicking Ric’s very sensitive area. As he went down, Jessica started to run, she needed to find a way out this time or she was dead for sure.


The tension in the room was so tense; you could cut it with a knife. Jason sat on the couch staring at the wall opposite him, Alcazar sat in the armchair, eyes focused on the fireplace. Sonny and Carly looked between the two men, not sure what was going to happen.

Alcazar prided himself on being a patient man, but he was worried about his daughter and based on Jason’s reputation, Alcazar knew he was going to have to speak first or sit here all night in silence. “You have to understand Morgan, that my daughter means a lot to me . . . and I will not have her involved with you or anyone associated with you,” he said, glaring at both Sonny and Carly.

Jason shook his head. This man is relentless,he thought. He was not going to sit here, in his own home, and be told – yet again – that he was not good enough for Jessica. “This is not going to work,” he said in a low and dangerous voice, shifting his cold blue eyes to Alcazar. “We are not going to be able to see eye to eye on this and I will not leave Jessica. I suggest you leave.”

Alcazar nodded his head, stood up and headed to the door.

“Wait!” Carly called out, stopping Alcazar before he could open the door. “What is wrong with you two?” she asked incredulously. “You are both being hard-headed pigs and it is getting us nowhere! I understand that you both love her in your own ways, but come on! Enough is enough!”

Jason stood, standing as straight as he could. “Stay out of this Carly,” he said as he grabbed his jacket. “I will handle this my way.”

He pushed past Alcazar and walked out of the penthouse. Before getting on the elevator, he turned to Max. “Make sure Carly stays put and does not follow either me or Alcazar when he leaves.”

Max nodded in understanding, although he was not looking forward to having to stop Carly when she was intent on doing something.


Jessica made it to the door of the basement. I can’t go back down there, I’ll be trapped, she thought, but she had been unable to find another way out and she knew Ric would be after her again soon.

She looked around, not sure what to do. Her arm was numb and she couldn’t move it. She felt dizzy and weak from blood loss and the last couple of blows to the head. I won’t be able to defend myself if he attacks me again. Before Jessica could come to a decision, she heard Ric come up behind her. She spun around, but was so dizzy that she lost her balance. She grabbed onto Ric and the two fell down the basement stairs.


“Stan, it’s Jason, I need you to look into any enemies Alcazar might have pissed off recently. Anything you can find that cane lead us to what happened to Jessica. Yeah . . . call me as soon as you have something.” Jason flipped the phone closed as he walked through the docks. He had a feeling she was somewhere nearby and he was going to do whatever he could to find her.

Jessica stirred. Every part of her body hurt and she groaned as she rolled off of Ric, who had broken her fall. It was hard as she tried to focus on Ric. He was still breathing, but was apparently unconscious. She was not going to wait around for him to wake up. She checked his pockets, hoping to find a cell phone, or the keys to the front door.

“Come on, where are they?” she mumbled and finally found what she was looking for in his suit jacket pocket. The cell phone was fully charged, but there was no reception in the basement. Jessica also found a set of keys. She grabbed the keys and phone and made her way back up the stairs, trying to keep her balance as her head continued to spin. Jessica made it to the top and turned to close the door behind her, seeing Ric still lying at the bottom. Not wanting to take any more chances, she closed the door and, using her one good arm and her feet, she was able to move a few boxes in from of the door.

Looking down at the phone, Jessica saw there was better reception and she dialed a familiar number.


Jason’s phone rang and he flipped it open, not recognizing the number that flashed on the screen. “Yea?” he said. He heard heavy breathing on the other end, but no one spoke. “Hello? Is someone there?”


Jessica could hear Jason’s voice on the other end of the line, but it was getting harder and harder for her to focus. “Jason . . . “she finally got out, but then everything became black.


“Jessica? JESSICA!!” Jason yelled into the phone. The line was still connected, but he couldn’t hear anything. He quickly disconnected the call and called Stan.

“Listen, a call just came in and I think it was Jessica, have the called traced and let me know where it leads,” he said. Once he got Stan’s okay, he hung up and called Sonny. “I’m down at the dock by Pier 52; I might have a lead on Jessica.”

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