Chapter Eighteen

“I cannot believe those two!” Carly shouted as she and Sonny walked into their penthouse. She was still fuming over the way Alcazar and Jason were acting. “I just want to take their hard, stubborn heads and knock some sense into them!”

Sonny smiled slightly as he watched Carly yank her jacket off and throw it over the armchair. She then stalked over to the wet bar and poured herself a drink downing it in one gulp.

“I understand that they both love Jessica, but arguing about it, and throwing out ultimatums in place of accepting help is not going to get her found, and found alive,” she continued, oblivious to Sonny, who had also removed his jacket and joined her at the bar.

Sonny looked over at his wife as he poured himself a drink and could see the wheels in her head spinning. He knew she was hatching up some outrageous plan to rescue Jessica and make Jason and Alcazar work together. He just hoped they wouldn’t have to rescue her in the process.


Jessica knew that he had to be in the warehouse with her somewhere, but she hoped that she would make it to the doors before he did. She carefully made her way through the maze of boxes, being careful not to bump into any of them and give her position away.

Jessica finally came to the end of the maze and could see the door just ahead of her. She slowly made her way to the door, sticking to the shadows along the edges of the wall. With the door now in site, Jessica darted out of the shadows to it, but her heart almost stopped when she saw the thick chain looped through the handles and the large padlock hanging from it. Now what am I going to do? She asked herself, dismayed at her current situation. There has to be another way out of here. Jessica figured she would have to back track through the warehouse and head toward the basement. Just as she was about to re-enter her maze, she felt him grab her from behind, his gloved hand covering her mouth.

She struggled and was thrown into the door, the chain and padlock biting into her back painfully. He punched her hard in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her and causing her to fall to her knees. Jessica tried to pull in some breaths and steady herself to fight back. She was not going to let him win.

He grabbed her arms and hauled her to her feet, gripping her tightly so she would not run off, but Jessica kicked out at his shin and then elbowed him in the jaw with her free arm. He lost his grasp on her and she started to run.

Jessica kept to the center of the large room where she would have more room to run faster and sprinted toward the basement door.


He was not going to let her get away. He ran after her, ignoring the throbbing in his jaw, sure that she had broken it. He gained on her, grabbed her, and threw her into a stack of crates and boxes. He watched as she crashed into them, causing the pile to tumble down around her. He walked over to her, pulling the knife from his pocket.


Jessica shook her head, trying to ignore the pain that was coursing through her body. Jessica looked around and saw him heading right for her, a knife in his hand. She recognized that knife. She had last seen it shining in the moonlight and glistening with her blood.

“Why are you doing this?” she yelled, trying to buy some time. Maybe if she got him to talk, to tell her what his plans or reasons were for doing this, she could use it against him and escape.

He shook his head. “No, no, no,” he said. “I have worked to hard and long to be tricked by a selfish brat like you. You are just a pawn in my game and as soon as I am done with you, I will kill you,” he said.

Jessica’s eyes widened at the calmness of his voice, as if they were discussing something as trivial as the weather and not the ending of her life. She knew there would be no reasoning with him. “You won’t get away with this; my father will find me and kill you.”

“Oh, they won’t find you my dear. Your father, your friends and your lover will be so distracted by your disappearance; they won’t even know what hit them.”


Jason made his way back to his penthouse. He needed to clear his head and figure out a way to find Jessica. But as soon as he saw Carly standing in his doorway, he knew that was not going to happen. She looked determined to make him see things her way.

“Not now Carly,” he said as he pushed past her and into his apartment. Carefully, Jason eased his jacket off and threw it over the desk chair. He then walked to the couch and sat slowly, wincing at the pain in his side. He leaned his head back against the cushions, his eyes closed, but he knew she was still there.

“Go away Carly,” he said, not opening his eyes.

Carly had watched her friend silently, wishing she could do something for him. Jason had always been there to help her in the past, no matter what mess she got herself into, and she wanted to do the same for him. She hated to see the look of pain on his face and in his eyes and she knew it was not all from his injury.

Ignoring Jason’s command, Carly gently sat on the sofa beside him. “Look Jason, I just want to help. I care about Jessica too and I want her found,” she said, not getting a response from Jason. For a moment, she thought that he had fallen asleep.

“Alright Carly, I’ll bite. What’s your plan?” he asked, turning his head to face her.

“I think you and Alcazar need to work together with Sonny. You all have a large amount of resources at your disposal and if you put them together, we should be able to find her,” she said.

Jason shook his head. “I am not working with Alcazar on this Carly, you know that.”

“Jason, she is his daughter and he loves her too. You both need to stop fighting and threatening each other and start working together!” Carly exclaimed, getting frustrated again. “Can’t you just put your hate for Alcazar aside for now?”

Jason looked at Carly and wondered if she remembered what Alcazar had done to them over the years. Before he could say anything, there was a knock and his door and Sonny walked in.

“Alcazar is here and I think we all need to talk,” he said. Seeing the look on Jason’s face, he added, “I don’t like it either Jason, but I think the only way we are going to find Jessica is to work together.”

Jason knew that both Sonny and Carly were right, but he was not about to admit that verbally in front of Carly, she would never let him live it down. He nodded his head.

Sonny went across the hall to where Alcazar was waiting with Max keeping a close eye on him. “Jason has agreed to the meeting. We’ll talk across the hall, I don’t want him to have to walk back and forth,” he said.

Alcazar nodded in agreement and followed Sonny to Jason’s penthouse. He looked around, noticing that it was not as dark or as decorated as Sonny’s and he thought that it fit the younger man well. He looked to where Jason sat on the couch with Carly, trying to not show the pain he was in. At that moment Alcazar realized something, this man, his enemy, had taken a bullet meant for his daughter. He had refused to stay in the hospital after surgery so that he could find her. I hate to admit this, he thought to himself, but I can see how much he loves Jessica. And for reasons he could not explain to himself, it scared him. He barely knew his daughter and just when she was finally letting him into her life, he was about to lose her to a man who obviously loved her very deeply.


Jessica was trapped. She had no room to run from her captor. She knew her life was about to end.

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