Chapter Seventeen

Carly watched as Jason walked painfully with Sonny to the place on the docks where Jessica was last seen. Alcazar was already there with some men, looking for any clues as to Jessica’s whereabouts or who might have done this. Carly was worried about Jason; he was breathing hard, clutching his side and looking very pale. “Jason,” she started to say, but cut herself off at the look he gave her.

One of Alcazar’s men came up to the group that had now formed. “Boss, I saw Lansing and Scorpio headed this way,” he said.

Alcazar nodded, knowing the local law enforcement would show up eventually. He glanced over at Sonny, Carly, and Jason, surprised that the younger man was there so soon after surgery. Jason just glared at him. Alcazar turned from Jason’s angry eyes and focused his attention on the District Attorney and Police Commissioner as they walked up to him.

“I understand there was a shooting here tonight,” said Ric as Sonny rolled his eyes as his brother stated the obvious. “Anyone here willing to give details?” he asked, ignoring Sonny and turning his full attention to Alcazar and Jason.

Both men remained quiet. “Fine,” said Ric. “No one wants to give a statement, not unusual, I understand. But let me also say that from what I understand, a young woman is missing, I believe your daughter Mr. Alcazar,” Ric added, looking right into Alcazar’s hardened green eyes. The same eyes that were glaring at him only an hour before. “I am sure you already have your own search for her underway, but let me remind you, she was attacked once and left for dead, and now she’s gone. I wouldn’t wait too long if I were you,” he said cryptically, taking one last look around at those who were standing there. Before turning away, he looked from Carly, to Sonny, to Jason. “Hey big brother,” he said, smirking at Sonny’s irritated look. “Looks like your watch guard here is ready to pass out, might want to get him checked out, wouldn’t want to be left unprotected.” And with that said, Ric shook his head and left with Mac in tow. He had accomplished what he wanted, for now.


Jessica was now getting annoyed. Her kidnapper had been gone for hours and she was getting hungry, thirsty and edgy. He seemed to not care about her well-being while he was keeping her captive. Maybe he doesn’t need me alive, she thought to herself as she got up off the bed and walked slowly around the room. She had left the lamp on, and was able to walk and stretch her muscles without bumping into anything. She wanted to be ready when he came back. Not wanting to wait for either her father or Jason to find her, Jessica had used the time to come up with an escape plan, not too easy since she had no idea where she was, but she was tired of being the victim.

Jessica was making her way past the door when she heard footsteps on the other side. She quickly stood behind the door, knowing this was her chance. She heard the lock click and the door started to swing open. She held her breath, waiting for him to step into the room.

As soon as she saw him step in, past the open door, she acted, kicking out at him, catching him in the stomach. He cried out in surprise and pain and hunched over at the sudden lose of air. Jessica didn’t wait, but instead brought her leg back up, almost to her nose, and brought it down, fast and hard, on his back. The man landed face first on the hard cement ground. Jessica jumped over his body, still in the door and took off. She knew she should have locked him in the room, but wasn’t sure how much time she had before he got up. She didn’t check to see if she had completely knocked him out.

As she ran down the hall, Jessica saw a flight of cement stairs ahead of her and flew up them, two at a time. The door at the top was not locked and Jessica peered around the corner, making sure no one was on the other side. The coast was clear and Jessica went through the door, turning the lock on the door knob after closing it. It wouldn’t do much to keep him in there, but it would buy her some time to get further away from him.

Looking around as she walked quickly and quietly, Jessica saw that she was in what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse and that she had been kept in the basement. There were boxes and crates still stacked up around the perimeter of the wide open floor. Jessica stopped and looked around, listening for any sounds, anyone still in the building that would prevent her from leaving.

Jessica found an opening in the stacks of crates and slipped between them, finding a small space, wide enough for her to fit through. Deciding that trying to navigate through the maze of crates was safer than walking out in the open of the warehouse floor, Jessica slowly and carefully made her way toward what she hoped was the way out.


“Damn it!” he said as he pulled himself up off the floor. Where the hell did she learn that? He wondered as he straightened the jacket of his suit. He had come straight from his job to check on her, maybe play with her head a bit, and see how far he could go before she would break. He was not expecting the little wench to knock him out and take off.

He made his way to the stairs leading into the warehouse, not worrying about her getting away. The center of the warehouse floor was open and bare and he would be able to catch up to her in a heartbeat.

Reaching for the basement door’s handle, he smiled to himself when he realized it was locked. Thinks she could buy herself some time, huh? Well, he was going to show her and he wasn’t going to be nice about it either. He had made the mistake of underestimating her before, but he knew better now. He rammed into the door with his shoulder and felt the weak wood break, allowing him entrance into the main part of the warehouse.

Looking around, he was surprised to not see her, but smiled again as he thought of the crates and boxes piled up around the edge of the room. She probably found a way in between them and was working her way to the exit now. He made his way toward the door, knowing that even if she got there first; there was no way for her to get out. He had chained the door shut with a large padlock, and he was the only one with the key. He himself had used the other entrance at the back of the warehouse, closer to the basement. If she realized this, she would have to backtrack through the entire warehouse and then search for the door as he had hidden it behind more boxes and crates. There was no way out for her.


“Look, we’re not going to find Jessica by standing here glaring at each other,” said Carly. “We need to work together to find her.”

“Carly’s right,” said Sonny, knowing he was going to regret saying that. “We need to figure out who this psycho is, what his plan is and where he’s keeping your daughter,” he directed at Alcazar. “Are we in agreement on this?”

Alcazar looked at Sonny, considering what he was proposing. There was a lot of bad blood between himself, Sonny and Morgan, and he wasn’t sure how much he was going to be able to trust them, but he knew he was going to need help to find Jessica, and find her alive. Alcazar sighed as he nodded his head. “Yes, we are in agreement, on one condition.”

“What condition?” asked Jason, he did not like the idea of working with Alcazar. Even though he was the father of the woman he loved, the man had intended on killing him tonight and that’s why Jessica had been out here in the first place. She had followed her father to stop him and look where it got her now.

“That when this is all over, and Jessica is returned to me safely,” he paused a moment and took a deep breath. “You make it perfectly clear to her that the two of you are over and you have never loved her.”

Jason stared at the man in front of him, wondering if he had finally gone crazy, like his brother. There was no way he would agree to this. He already tried it by breaking up with her, but that hadn’t worked. He was about to say as much when Carly beat him to it, and for once he was glad for her involvement because he was too tired, frustrated and worried to argue.

“What? You have got to be kidding,” said Carly, looking at Alcazar like he had three heads. “Jason already broke up with Jessica and look what happened? Whoever is doing this has a purpose, and we need to figure out what that is.” Carly was on a roll now that she had the attention of all three men. “Lorenzo, you have to understand that Jessica is deeply in love. . . with Jason, and not his breaking up with her to keep her safe or your threats, have stopped her from loving him. And on the flip side, Jason loves Jessica and a bullet has not stopped him from being there for you, despite your threats. Forcing this condition on him is not going to help get Jessica found any faster. The quicker you can accept that fact, the better we can all work together.” Carly finally stopped to take a breath and looked around at the men around her. Sonny looked at her in awe, Jason in appreciation, and Lorenzo with anger.

Carly waited, knowing they were wasting time standing around. She finally had enough. “You know what, the three of you could figure out what you want to do and decide if you’re going to work together or not, but I am going to act.” And with that Carly turned on her heel and stalked up the stairs. If I leave all the decisions to them, nothing will get done, Carly fumed to herself. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do, but she wasn’t worried, Carly was nothing if not creative.


Sonny, Jason, and Alcazar stood there in surprise as Carly walked away, muttering to herself. Sonny was the first to break the silence. “I’m going with her, before we know it, she’s going to need rescuing too.” Sonny patted Jason on the shoulder and headed off after his wife.

Alcazar and Jason remained on the docks in a stand off. Alcazar was the first to speak. “I have not always been the father to Jessica that she needed, but I will be that for her now. I do not want you involved with you or the business and if I have to send her away to make that happen, I will.”

“Then you don’t your daughter at all,” said Jason quietly with a shake of his head. He then walked away from Alcazar before he did something he regretted.

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