Chapter Fifteen

“I will NOT let you kill Jason!” Jessica shouted, unaware that both Jason and her unknown attacker were nearby, listening. “Jason has done nothing wrong! He cares about me and has tried to protect me. He loves me for who I am and I love him for who he is and I won’t let you destroy it!” She continued to shout at her father.

“I am not going to argue this with you Jessica. I will not allow you to see Morgan or have anything to do with his life!” Alcazar shouted back, knowing he was losing control.

Jason was about to make his presence known and stop the argument when he saw a flash of silver from the shadows on the other side of Jessica. He looked harder and saw a figure step slightly from the shadows, pointing a gun right at Jessica. Not considering the consequences, Jason jumped over the railing, bringing Jessica to the ground as the shot rang out. He heard Alcazar shouting and more gunfire, but he didn’t move, not until he knew Jessica was okay.

Jason started to move, but felt a sharp pain pierce through his side at the movement. He put his hand to his side and when he moved it, it was coated in blood.

The shooting stopped and Jessica moved from where Jason threw her. She looked around. She and Jason were alone at the moment. “Jason? Jason what happened?” she asked. Getting no response, Jessica turned and saw Jason leaning against the low wall, his hand holding his side. He looked pale and his breathing was labored. “Jason!” Jessica dropped to her knees next to him. “We have to get you to the hospital,” she said as she pulled off her jacked and used it to apply pressure to the wound.

Jason yelled out in pain and Jessica almost jumped. With difficulty, Jason said, “Make sure. . . .to. . . press hard. . . stop the. . . bleeding.” It was getting hard for him to focus; the blackness was starting to close in on him. He did not want to lose consciousness, not until he knew Jessica was safe. “Run. . . Jess. . . get away from. . . here.”

“No, no I’m not leaving you Jason,” said Jessica.

Jessica was so focused on keeping Jason awake; she did not hear the footsteps come up behind her. A hand came in front of her face and a sweet smelling cloth was placed over her nose and mouth. Jessica struggled, trying to break free, and then everything went dark.


Carly and Sonny arrived at the docks just as Jason was being loaded into the ambulance. Carly ran over and saw Alcazar. “What the hell did you do?” she shouted at him.

Alcazar didn’t hear Carly at first. He watched as Jason was loaded onto the ambulance and the doors were closed. It took Carly hitting him in the chest to get his attention. “What?” he asked.

“What??!! I can’t believe that you shot him!” she said as Sonny caught up to her.

“I did not shoot Morgan,” he said emotionlessly.

“Then what are you doing here?” Sonny asked, trying to get the image of Jason’s pale face out of his head. He wanted to get to the hospital, but he also wanted answers.

“I was here with Jessica.”

“And she said that you were on your way to kill Jason,” Carly shouted at him. Then she looked around. “Wait. Where’s Jessica?” she asked.

“Yes, I did come here to kill Morgan. I said that I would if he tried to contact my daughter. Jessica followed me here and we argued. Out of nowhere, Morgan threw himself at Jessica, taking a bullet that was meant for her. I didn’t even see the guy. I went to find him and when I got back here, Morgan was lying there,” he pointed to the low wall Jason had been leaning against, unconscious. “Jessica was gone and so was the shooter.”


Jessica slowly opened her eyes, trying to remember what happened. She sat up and looked around, not recognizing her surroundings. Where am I? she asked herself, taking in the dark walls and small cot she was laying on. Slowly sitting up, Jessica closed her eyes at the pounding in her head. Tentatively she opened her eyes again and let them get adjusted to the dark. Once they did, Jessica saw she was in a small room. She was sitting on a narrow cot, the only furniture in the room besides a straight back chair in the corner. She located the door, but was pretty sure it would be locked. Jessica sighed as she shifted on the bed and leaned back against the wall behind her.

She let her mind wander over the events of the evening, hoping that Jason was okay. She needed to believe that someone got help and that he was not still lying on the docks, bleeding. Jessica willed herself to not cry, it wasn’t going to help her. She needed to be strong so she could figure out what was going on and how she was going to get out of here.


The ambulance pulled up to the doors of General Hospital’s Emergency Room and Monica and Bobbie ran out to meet the ambulance.

“What do you have?” Monica called out as the doors were opened and the paramedics started to pull out the gurney.

“Male, late twenties, gun shot wound to the left side. It passed clean through, but he lost consciousness before we got there,” said the female paramedic.

Monica nodded and looked at the man and froze. “Oh my. . . Jason,” she said in a strained voice.


“What is taking them so long?” Carly asked as she paced back and forth in the waiting area of the emergency room.

“Carly, relax, as soon as they know something, someone will come out and talk to us,” said Sonny, noting how worried Carly was. Jason was her best friend, the one other person, besides Sonny, who knew the real Carly, the one she kept hidden from most everyone else. Under Carly’s tough and catty exterior was a lost little girl who wanted to be loved.

“I know Jason is going to be okay. He always is,” said Carly as she finally sat beside her husband and he put his arm around her. “I know he’ll get through this.” She knew she was trying to convince herself of this. “But I’m also worried about Jessica, Sonny. I know you don’t like her because of who her father is, but someone grabbed her and Jason is here because he took a bullet for her. He loves her Sonny.”

Sonny nodded. He agreed with Carly and he saw what not being with Jessica was doing to his friend. Jason was not open about his feelings, but Sonny could see how much Jason cared about this girl. “You’re right Carly. As soon as Jason is okay, I am going to make sure we find Jessica.”

Carly looked at Sonny, surprised that he agreed to look for Jessica and that he said she was right. She was about to comment on it when she saw Alcazar out of the corner of her eye. She got up and walked over to him. “I’m sorry about what happened Lorenzo,” she said quietly, putting her hand on his arm.

Alcazar looked down at the woman who would always have his heart. “Thank you. I have men out looking for my daughter. I wanted to come and see how Morgan was,” he said. At Carly’s puzzled look, he added, “Jessica would have my head if I don’t tell her what happened when I find her.”

Carly smiled sadly. She knew in that moment that Alcazar was trying to make peace with the relationship between his daughter and Jason.

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