Chapter Fourteen

He had been waiting for so long and now it was all falling into place. He followed, without being seen, as Alcazar headed toward the docks looking for Jason. He was glad that he had followed them the night they left The Cellar together and had gone back to Jessica’s place. Although he had not been in the apartment with them, he had stayed hidden in the shadows of the building until they came out again. In the note, he had assumed what had happened, and it had the desired effect.

He wanted to be there when Alcazar killed Jason, he wanted to see the emotionless, cold-blooded killer go down and stay down. Hiding around the corner from the docks, he watched as Alcazar looked around, waiting for Morgan.


“Carly, where’s Jason?” Jessica yelled into the phone as she ran through the park and past Kelly’s. She had to find him before her father did.

“I don’t know Jessica, I haven’t seen him all day,” said Carly, worry evident in her voice. “Why would Alcazar be going to kill Jason? I know for a fact that he has not been around you. He’s made sure to keep himself busy with work.”

“I don’t know what happened. All I know is that when I got home my father was there, there was a smashed vase of roses and a note, apparently from Jason. He said that he was going to keep his word and kill Jason,” Jessica said as she headed toward the docks. “Look, call Jason and tell him to stay away from the docks, I see my father,” she said, and then she hung up the phone without waiting for Carly’s reply.

“Dad, wait,” said Jessica as she approached her father.

Alcazar spun around and saw Jessica, “Where are the guards, you shouldn’t be here,” he said, not wanting to do this in front of her.

“Yes, I should be here. I won’t let you do this,” she said, stepping closer to him. “I have followed your orders and I have not seen Jason. Those flowers and whatever the note said did not come from Jason. He broke up with me the night you found out and we have not seen each other or spoken to each other since.”

Alcazar looked at his daughter. He wanted to believe her, but he couldn’t. He remembered all the lies she told and the sneaking around she had done to be with Morgan. He remembered seeing them together, right here, wrapped in each other’s arms. He had seen the look in their eyes and had heard the words they said to each other. He also remembered the words written in the note and couldn’t get them out of his head. “If you have not spoken to or seen each other, explain this,” he said in a low voice as he thrust the note at her.

Jessica took the paper from him and opened it, trying to keep her hands from shaking. She read through the letter, knowing that Jason would not have written this. He would never have put his feelings onto paper like this to be delivered by a stranger. But she understood her father’s anger. The note implied that she and Jason were making plans to run away together. It also alluded to the night they spent together. She wasn’t sure how whoever had written this had known, but she knew that it did not look good.

“Jason did not write this,” she said, handing the paper back to her father and hoped she could convince him it was the truth.

“So, you’re telling me that everything in here is a lie?” he asked. He noticed that Jessica did not respond right away. “Are you and Jason planning on running away together?”

Jessica looked her father in the eyes. “No,” she said.

“Okay,” Alcazar looked down and bit his lips a moment before asking the next question. He was afraid he already knew the answer, but wanted to hear it from Jessica. “Did you and Jason sleep together?”

Jessica continued to look at her father. She wanted to tell him it was none of his business, but knew that would not work. “Yes,” she said.

Alcazar was surprised that she had actually answered the question. He shook his head as he looked at the daughter he barely knew. “I will end this my way,” he said.


Jason was heading toward the docks when his phone rang. He pulled it out and flipped it open. “Yea,” he said.

“Jason, thank God I found you,” said Carly on the other end.

“What’s the matter Carly?” he asked, hearing the urgency in her voice. “Are the boys okay?”

“The boys are fine. It’s Jessica.” Before Jason could ask what was wrong, Carly launched into what Jessica had told her earlier. “Just get back to the penthouse without running into Alcazar,” she pleaded with him.

“Where did Jessica say she was Carly?” Jason demanded. He was not going to run and hide. He was not afraid of Alcazar, but he was afraid of losing Jessica to whoever was after her.

“Jason. . . “ Carly did not want to tell him, but she knew he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“Carly, where is she?”

“Fine. She’s on the docks with Alcazar,” she said, rolling her eyes when the line disconnected.

Jason ran the rest of the way to the docks and stopped when he heard loud voices.

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