Chapter Thirteen

Everything was working out exactly like he wanted. Alcazar knew about Jessica and Jason’s relationship now, as did Corinthos. He had just witnessed Jason breaking up with Jessica, but he could tell that there was still love between them and he planned on using that to his advantage. He was going to have to lay low a couple of more days before taking the next step. Jessica was going to be angry at her father and that would make her rebel against his authority, making it easier to get to her.

He looked through the two large files he had on the Alcazar and Corinthos crime families. He knew the contents by heart and couldn’t wait for the day when the two families destroyed each other, making his job easier and Port Charles safer.


Jessica sat curled up in the corner of the couch. She still couldn’t believe that Jason had broken up with her. He said he couldn’t be with her; that it would be too dangerous for them to be together and he did not want to be the cause of her getting hurt. But she was hurt. Once the guard had escorted her back to her apartment, she had curled up on the couch and not moved. Jason was her life and he had just walked out of it.


The guard was still trying to figure out how Ms. Alcazar had gotten out of the apartment and he was not looking forward to calling the boss, but he knew he had to. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed.


“Where is she now?” Alcazar said into the phone as he grabbed his jacket and headed out the door.

“She’s in the apartment now sir, I am looking at her lying on the couch. I’m not sure how she got out sir, but I found her at the park, near the gazebo.”

“Was she alone?” he asked. He would keep his word and see Jason dead before he saw him with his daughter again.

“She was sir,” he said. He had seen a change in Ms. Alcazar when he arrived. He expected her to fight him, yell and scream, but she walked with him quietly back to her apartment and had not moved from the couch since they walked in. He was now in the kitchen, not wanting to take a chance that she would slip away again.

“I will be there in five minutes, make sure she doesn’t disappear again,” said Alcazar, he then disconnected the call as he headed toward Jessica’s apartment and possibly another fight.


“Well, what happened?” Carly asked as she walked into Jason’s living room, without knocking. Has she ever knocked? Jason wondered as he looked at her. He did not want to talk about what happened with Jessica, but he also knew that Carly would not go away easily.

“I told her it was over,” he said simply, he was not one to beat around the bush. He remembered the hurt look in her eyes and it broke his heart all over again. When the guard had arrived to take her home, she did not fight him, but had walked with her head down and tears still in her eyes.

“What?” Carly exclaimed; that was the last thing she thought Jason would say. “Jason, you need to tell her that you made a mistake, that you are still in love with her,” Carly started to rant.

Jason sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose, he was starting to get a headache and he just wanted Carly to leave him in peace. “I do love her Carly, but this is the best for her. I don’t want to see her hurt.”

“You don’t want to see her hurt? Jason, what do you think you did to her when broke up with her? I’m sure she wasn’t jumping for joy over it,” Carly said, arms waving. She received a glare from Jason after that last part. “Look, you may think this is the best thing for her, but let me tell you, it’s not. Jessica loves you deeply Jason, I don’t know if you realize that. You are the first man she has ever loved in this way.” Carly shook her head as she walked over and sat beside her best friend. “Jason, Jessica may be an independent woman, and she may not always need you to run to her rescue, but she needs your love and I am sure that her heart is broken tonight. You may think that you’re protecting her by not being with her, but she is headstrong and determined and I feel that she will get into more trouble without you in her life, she’ll take more risks – like sneaking out tonight to see you – without your love there to help her.”

Jason knew Carly was right, he just didn’t know what to do about it.


Alcazar walked into Jessica’s apartment and saw her curled up in a ball on the couch. According to the guard, who had returned to his post at the door, she had not moved since he brought her back. Alcazar walked over and sat on the couch. “Jessica, Jessica, please, look at me,” he said, worried about the way she was acting.

“Go away,” she said in a whisper. She did not want to see her father right now. He was the reason Jason left her.

“Jessica, I cannot have you sneaking out like you did tonight, it’s too dangerous.”

Jessica sat up, anger boiling through her. “Being your daughter is too dangerous!” she yelled, standing up. She was tired of being told what was good for her or how she had to be kept safe. “What are you going to do dad, lock me in a tower and hope I never get hurt? It doesn’t work that way! I have my life to live and I wish you would respect that! No matter where I am or who I am with, I will always be in danger because I have the misfortune of being YOUR daughter! Whoever is after me, whoever has made me a target is not because of the man I am in love with but because of the man who gave me life! YOU brought me into this life and it is YOUR fault if I’m in danger!” Jessica could see the hurt in her father’s eyes, but she didn’t care.

Alcazar was speechless. Jessica had just accused him of putting her in danger just by giving her life. He knew she was right, but it was a harsh reality when thrown in his face by his own daughter.

“Now I really understand why mom didn’t want you to know about me,” Jessica said, not at all feeling sorry for what she was saying. She was angry and tired of having her life controlled by a man who claimed to want to protect her, but who was really keeping her prisoner. Without another word, she turned and headed into her bedroom, slamming the door.


Three days had passed since he witnessed the breakup of Jessica Alcazar and Jason Morgan. Now was the time. He picked up the phone and dialed the number of a local florist. “Yes, I would like to order two dozen long stemmed roses to be delivered to Jessica Alcazar,” as he rattled off the address, he added, “Please make sure they arrive by 5pm this evening and that the man at the door sees them.” He smiled to himself after he finished placing the order and hung up the phone. Now the real fun was going to begin.


The guard watched as the florist delivery man left. Ms. Alcazar was out shopping, with another guard following her. He was glad he wasn’t with her, he was sure she was driving the other man crazy right now. Ever since her fight with the boss last night, an argument he could hear loud and clear through the door, all the guards new to keep on their toes when on duty with her.

Looking at the large vase of red roses in his hands, the guard let himself into the living room and called his boss.


Dear Jessica,

I know that you are hurting right now and I am deeply sorry for that. I love you, nothing will change that and soon enough we will be together again. Please don’t forget our love or the night we spent together. Remembering the softness of your skin and the taste of you on my lips is what has kept me going these last few days. Please know that I am working on a way for us to be together always, I will not let anyone stand in our way.

I will find ways to get in touch with you and let you know when it is time. Just remember that I love you and always will.


Alcazar read the words on the note over and over again, his anger building each time. After the third time, he picked up the vase and hurled it against the wall, watching as the glass shattered into a thousand pieces and water and roses spread over the floor.

The door opened just then and Jessica came in with a haggard looking guard behind her. “What the hell are you doing?” she asked her father. He was clutching a piece of paper in his hands and had a dangerous look in his eyes. She looked at the opposite wall and saw the destroyed vase and flowers.

“I warned you Jessica, I said that if Morgan continued to see you, I would kill him,” he said, taking in the surprised and angry look on her face.

“What are you talking about?” she asked, not backing down, not anymore. “I haven’t seen Jason in days, not since he broke up with me because of you,” she shouted at him.

“Then I hope you remember that time, because it is the last you will see of him.” Alcazar then stormed out of the apartment.


Jessica stared at the closed door, not sure what was going on. She turned to the guard that had been at her door. “What is he talking about?” she demanded.

“A vase of roses arrived for you a little while ago with a note from Morgan,” he simply stated.

Jessica spun to grab the phone, but was stopped by the guard who had been with her all day. “I am sorry miss, but I cannot allow you to warn Morgan,” he said.

“You think so, huh?” she said. Jessica was angry and when she was angry she was not going to let anyone stand in her way. She started to turn away from the phone. Without warning, Jessica kicked the guard in the chest, sending him crashing into the low coffee table. She grabbed his gun and headed to the door when it opened. The other guard was met with a gun in his face. “I suggest you get out of my way,” she said in a low dangerous voice. “And I wouldn’t call my father, because if I find out he knew I was coming, he is not the one you would have to worry about.”

The man backed off as Jessica ran out the door, cell phone to her ear. “Carly, it’s me. There’s trouble, where’s Jason? I think my father is going to try to kill him.”

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