Chapter Eleven

Jessica sat still for a moment until the dizziness passed. She wasn’t sure how long her father would be gone so she grabbed the phone and dialed. ”Hey, it’s me,” she said when the person picked up. “I need you to come to the hospital. My father’s insisting that I move in with him and I think he’s suspicious of what is going on between me and Jason,” she finished as she hung up.

As soon as she set the receiver down, the door opened again and Dr. Quartermaine came in, followed by her father. “You’re father said that you got dizzy and almost fainted,” said Monica as she came to Jessica’s side and checked her pulse.

Jessica nodded. “Yeah, I was standing up and all of a sudden got dizzy.” She did not elaborate on the circumstances leading to this though.

Monica nodded as she then wrapped a blood pressure cuff around her arm. “You’re blood pressure is up, but that is to be expected after a heated argument.”

Jessica looked at her father and knew that he had explained what happened. “Yeah, well, my father thought he could run my life and I disagreed,” she said, glaring at her father.

Monica smiled as she looked between the two. “I understand, as I have been there with all three of my children, but Jessica, your body has been through a lot of trauma in the last few days and this dizzy spell is evidence that you have not completely healed. Now, professionally, I would recommend that you stay with your father during your recovery, but you also need to avoid stress, so you and your father are going to have to come to some sort of compromise concerning your recovery.”

After Monica left, Lorenzo and Jessica looked at each other, not sure what to say.

Lorenzo cleared his throat, knowing that putting off discussing this was not going to make it any easier. “I would like you to stay with me, but I will not resist if you don’t want to,” said Lorenzo. He did not want to continue to argue about it.

“Thank you,” Jessica said. “I think it would be better for us if I stayed at my place.”

Lorenzo nodded. “You’re right; we cannot continue to argue like this. All I want if for you to be safe, but I do understand what Dr. Quartermaine said about stress and having you come live with me will not help with that,” he said. “Will you at least let me take you home and make sure you are settled?”

Jessica smiled slightly. “I would like that,” she said, She knew her father meant well, but she needed her space and wanted to be able to see Jason without worrying about her father finding out.


Carly hung up the phone and sighed. She had been on her way out of the penthouse when Jessica called and said that she was heading home and meet her there later. “Where are you going?” Sonny asked as he came down the stairs and saw his wife standing by the door with her coat and cell phone in her hands.

“Ummm. . .nowhere right now,” she said, putting her things down and sitting on the couch. “I was going to see Jessica at the hospital, but she just called and said she was on her way home, so I am going to meet her there later.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Sonny walked over to the wet bar and poured himself a glass of water, his back to his wife, so he missed her eye roll, but knew it was there.

“Of course you don’t Sonny, but Jessica is a good friend and I want to see that she is alright.”

Sonny was not about to get into an argument with her, so he nodded. “Take Jason with you. Ms. Alcazar’s attacker is still out there and I do not want you hurt,” he said, sitting beside her.

Carly smiled to herself. Perfect, now I don’t have to come up with an excuse to drag Jason with me.


“Carly, this isn’t a good idea. Alcazar is already suspicious and this is just inviting trouble,” said Jason as he and Carly stopped outside of Jessica’s apartment door. Jessica had called Carly twenty minutes ago to tell her she was home and her father had left.

“Okay, listen Jason, you and Jessica love each other. You both need to talk about what is going on and where this is going. I know Alcazar is suspicious, Jessica mentioned it when she called earlier,” she added at Jason’s puzzled look. “But you two need to figure out what to do. And my being here is to throw off any more suspicion. You are simply guarding me,” she finished with a smile as she knocked on the door.

When Jessica opened the door, Jason took in her pale and tired looking face. He saw how much this was taking its toll on her and all he wanted to do was to hold her in his arms.

“Come on in,” Jessica said, stepping back lo let Carly and Jason in. Carly has explained why Jason was with her.

“How are you?” Jason asked quietly as he stepped closer to her.

“Better now that you are here,” she said with a small smile. Neither noticed, as Jason leaned in to kiss Jessica gently, that Carly left the room and headed into the kitchen. After the kiss ended, Jessica led Jason to the couch. “We need to talk,” she said.

Jason nodded and then listened as Jessica told him about her argument with her father earlier that day. “I’m afraid that he’s going to figure it out and kill you,” she said bluntly.

Jason shook his head. “That won’t happen Jessica. Although I don’t like Alcazar, I know that he loves you and wouldn’t do something that would hurt you so much, no matter how much he hates me.”

Jessica was shocked at Jason’s analysis of her father, but he was right. “I’m scared Jason. I don’t want to lose you, but. . . with all this going on, it will be hard to be together.”

Before Jason could say anything, Carly came back into the room. She had been listening in this kitchen the whole time. “I think I have the perfect plan.”

Jason rolled his eyes. “Carly, your plans tend to blow up in your face and drag innocent people into it.”

“Funny Jason,” said Carly. “Look, both Alcazar and Sonny will be on extra alert with this attacker still out there. Jason, you could be my guard whenever Jessica is at work, and Jessica, you can use work as a way to ditch whatever guard Lorenzo puts on you.” Carly thought this was a great plan and was very proud of herself.

Jason was about to protest when Jessica spoke up. “I think that’s a great idea.”

“What?” Jason asked, looking between the two women who had wide smiles on their faces. “You have been hanging around Carly too long,” he said to Jessica.

“Come on Jason, this is the only way we can be together. I don’t want to give up on us because of this,” Jessica said quietly.

“I don’t either, but this could be risky Jessica.”

“Jason, I love you and this is a risk I am willing to take, if you are.”

Jason looked into Jessica’s emerald green eyes. He loved her so much and wanted to do anything to keep her safe and make her happy. He nodded his head. “Then so am I.”


Carly’s plan seemed to be working out nicely. Lorenzo did put a guard on Jessica, but she found it not to be as annoying as she thought as the guy kept a respectful distance. Jessica and Jason spent time together when he was not working, at The Cellar.

A few nights later Jessica and Jason were wrapped in each other’s arms in her office. “Jason can we go back to my place?” she asked.

“Jess, we can’t, it’s too risky,” Jason said, but he wanted nothing more than to spend a quiet night with her like they used to instead of at the club where it was noisy and there was always the possibility of someone coming in.

“We can go out the back door and be back before anyone knows we left. I just want some quiet time with you.”

Jason nodded and led her out of the back door. They made it back to her apartment without anyone seeing them. Once the door was locked, Jason pulled Jessica into his arms and kissed her deeply. It felt great to have her in his arms like this.

Jessica pulled out of the kiss and took Jason’s hand and walked to her bedroom.


“Where did you two go?” Carly demanded when Jessica came out of the office and back out into the club. Jason was still in the office and was going to go back out the back door and come back in through the front, making it look as if he were checking things out.

“No where,” said Jessica, not looking at Carly as she went behind the bar.

“Don’t give me that,” said Carly, following her. “I went to the office to check on you a while ago and neither of you were there.”

“Fine, we went to my place for a little bit.”

“What?! What if someone had seen you?”

“Since when are you worried about being caught doing something you’re not supposed to?” Jessica threw at Carly, noting how the older woman’s cheeks turned slightly pink.

“You got me there,” she said. “So, how was it?”

“How was what?” Jessica asked innocently, not looking at Carly as she continued to wipe down the bar.

“You know what,” said Carly, smiling at Jessica’s obvious discomfort.

“I am not going to talk about that, especially here,” Jessica said, becoming embarrassed. Her night with Jason had been magical. Neither had planned on it happening, but it did and Jason had been gentle with her.

“Fine, but I’ll be here when you’re ready for some real girl talk,” Carly said over her shoulder as she walked away. Jessica smiled and shook her head as she finished wiping the bar and then moved to checking the supplies.


Later that night, once Jessica had closed up the club, Jason came back after bringing Carly home. “What are you doing here?” Jessica was surprised to see him, her guard usually escorted her home.

“I wanted to make sure you got home okay,” Jason said after kissing her. He knew she had a guard but he had sent the man away by pretending to be another guard and told him he was a replacement and would be taking Jessica home.

Jason helped her to finish closing up and they started on their way home. As they were walking through the docks, Jessica stopped a moment to look out at the water. Ever since arriving in Port Charles Jessica found that taking some time to look out over the water – no matter what time of day it was – was very calming. Looking out over the water, Jessica said, “You know Jason, I am glad I met you. You have made my life worthwhile. All my life I grew up wondering who I really was. I wasn’t known as just Jessica while I was in school, I was only known as the daughter of arms dealer Lorenzo Alcazar.”

Jason wrapped his arms around her and turned her to face him. “Before meeting you Jessica, I never knew I could love like this. You have made me feel think I was told I would never feel again.”

Jessica felt her breath quicken at his declaration. In the time Jessica had known Jason he had never talked much about his past, although he had told her about his accident and his separation from the Quartermaine family.

Jessica turned in Jason’s arms and tilted her head up to meet his lips. It never got old, kissing Jason, he was always gently with her and she could practically feel the love radiating off of him.


Alcazar was fuming. The guard he had assigned to Jessica showed up, saying that the replacement was going to take Jessica home. Alcazar had been confused, as he had not assigned a replacement that night. Alcazar had then stalked off, promising punishment later, to find Jessica. As he approached the stairs from the left side of the docks, he stopped in his tracks, not wanting to believe what he was seeing. . .


After Jason had left the penthouse, Sonny had realized that he had forgotten to give Jason some papers he would need. He had tried calling, but for some reason Jason’s cell phone was either off or he was not answering. Sonny knew that Jason stopped by the warehouse every night and decided to take a walk there himself. As Sonny approached the stairs from the right side of the docks, he stopped in his tracks, not believing what he was seeing. . .


Jessica and Jason stood in the middle of the docks, wrapped in each other’s arms, passionately kissing under the moonlight.

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