Chapter Ten

She was walking through the park. The night was clear but cold and she pulled her jacket closer to her. She smiled as she thought of the man she was falling in love with. It surprised her because she had never felt this way about anyone before and she was enjoying these feelings. As she continued on her way through the park, she felt herself being grabbed from behind. Her scream was cut off by a gloved hand over her mouth. She struggled, but stopped at the white-hot pain in her stomach. Her eyes widened at the sight of the knife dripping with her blood.

“NO!” she screamed, sitting straight up in bed. She was breathing fast and sweating.

“Hey, hey, its okay, you’re okay,” said a voice soothingly as strong arms wrapped around her.

Jessica settled into Jason’s familiar embrace, glad that he was there. He must have come in while she was sleeping. She started to calm down as he held her, lightly stroking her hair. After a couple of minutes, she pulled back slightly and looked up at him. “I’m glad you’re here,” she said. Jessica knew that Jason was taking a risk by being there, but she felt better with him by her side.

Jason nodded and kissed her forehead. He had been trying to get some sleep, but was unable to. All he could think about was the fact that he could have lost her, so he got dressed and headed over to the hospital.


After Jessica had fallen back to sleep, Jason got up and headed to the door. Before leaving Jason stood by the door looking back at Jessica sleeping peacefully. He loved her more than he thought he would and he would do anything to keep her safe.

With one last look, he quietly walked out of the room and right into someone standing on the other side.


Lorenzo was surprised to see Jason Morgan coming out of his daughter’s room. He stood in front of the younger man, his arms behind his back and looked Jason right in the eye.

“What were doing in my daughter’s room?” he asked. He still had a feeling that Morgan and Corinthos were involved in some way and he wanted them no where near his daughter.

Jason stared back at Alcazar. He knew that whatever he said would not be believed, so instead, he turned and walked away, half expecting Alcazar to stop him, but he didn’t.

Alcazar watched as Jason walked away without a word and shook his head. He made a note to himself to have guards posted out front when he was not there. He knew Jessica would hate it, but he was going to do what he should have done when she first arrived, no matter how much she fought him.


When Jessica woke up the next morning she was alone, and wondered if Jason being with her last night was only a dream. She knew it was risky for them to be together in public, especially here where her father could walk in at any moment. I think Jason and I are going to have to talk about where this relationship is going and how we are going to confront my father. She thought to herself, knowing that the time was quickly approaching.

A knock on her door brought her out of her thoughts and she watched as her father entered the room. “I just saw Dr. Quartermaine and she said you can go home today,” he said, watching her face light up at the thought.

“That’s great. I’ll get dressed and we can go,” she said, starting to get out of bed and almost forgetting about the stitches – again.

“Hold on,” said Lorenzo as he gently eased her back on the bed. “It will take some time to finish the paper work. So you might as well relax. I already have a bag packed for you to change into,” he added, indicating the bag he had placed on the chair.

Jessica nodded, settling herself back down. “Thanks,” she said. She knew her father was worried and was trying to take care of her. Maybe it won’t be such a bad thing, she thought to herself. It had been a long time since she had a parent to take care of her.

Alcazar moved the bag to the floor and sat in the chair beside her. He did not want to ask her the question that was on his mind, but he wanted to confirm his suspicions, not matter how much he wanted to be wrong.

“When I came by here last night, I ran into Jason Morgan as he was leaving this room,” he began, keeping his eyes on Jessica’s face. “What was he doing here?”

Jessica kept her face neutral. She shook her head. “I don’t know. I never saw him,” she said, looking at her hands. “I was sleeping and when I woke up this morning, there was no one here.”

Alcazar nodded his head. “I will be posting guards outside this door until you are released and you will be coming home with me until this matter is solved.”

“What? No,” Jessica said. “I will not hide away. I have my life and I will live it my way.”

“As long as someone is out there trying to kill you Jessica, you won’t have a life to live!” Alcazar yelled. “I want you protected and that includes from Corinthos and anyone connected to him. You will also not be returning to your job at The Cellar.”

“Wait a minute. You are NOT going to tell me how to live. And you will NOT tell me who I can associate with!” By this time, Jessica had sat up and swung her legs over the bed. Pulling her robe tighter, she stood up to face her father.

“Have you forgotten you were almost killed? I am your father and I will protect you, not anyone else and that includes Morgan!”

“What is that supposed to mean? What is your obsession with Jason and Sonny? Can’t you understand that not everyone is out to hurt me because of you? And don’t throw this attack in my face! Just because you have enemies, doesn’t mean they are mine!”

“What is going on between you and Morgan?” Alcazar shouted.

The question threw her off for a second and she almost yelled out “We are in love that is what is going on!” but she caught herself. “What are you talking about?” she asked, no backing down.

“I am talking about the fact that every time I turn around, Morgan is hovering around you and I do not like it!” he said.

“Well, that’s just too damn bad, now isn’t it?” Jessica was getting more and more angry.

Lorenzo was shocked at the way Jessica was talking to him. He could see she was angry, but that was not going to stop him. “Whatever is going on is over Jessica. I do not want you to see him.”

“That is not your call to make! I am not a child and I can decide who I want to see or not!”

“You are nineteen Jessica. I am only doing what I see as right to keep you safe,” said Lorenzo, becoming more and more frustrated at the way she was fighting him.

“I have spent years making my own decisions without you, so I think I know what I am doing. I am not going to give up my job and stop being friends with Carly and Jason just because you said so!” Jessica yelled. All of a sudden, she was hit with a wave of dizziness and swayed slightly.

Lorenzo saw this and caught hold of her arms before she could fall and helped her to settle back into bed. “I’ll find Dr. Quartermaine,” he said and left before she had a chance to protest.

As Lorenzo walked to the nurses station to have Dr. Quartermaine paged, he kicked himself for fighting with Jessica. This was the second argument they had had while she was in the hospital and he knew that when he had her moved in with him, they might get worse. He didn’t know what to do.

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