Chapter Fifty-One

“Just rest Lorenzo,” Sam said as she gently brushed her hand over his forehead.

Her hand felt so cool against his head. He lifted his hand and put it over hers. “I just . . . I just want . . . to go home,” he said. His voice was weak and came out in a whisper.

“I know . . . we’re going home now,” Sam assured him. “Just rest. I’ll wake you when we land.”

When he closed his eyes, Sam got up, watching him a moment before leaving the small cabin and closing the door behind her.

“How is he?” Jason asked when Sam came out of the room.

She shook her head, wrapping her arms around herself. “Not good,” she said. “He’s running a fever Jason.”

“I called GH after we took off. They’re going to have an ambulance waiting when we land,” Jason explained. “After what was done to him . . . he’s going to need medical attention.”

Sam took in a breath and let it out slowly. “I was hoping that once we got him out of there, it was over . . . but it’s not, is it? We could still lose him . . .”

Jason pulled Sam into his arms. “No, we won’t lose him, Sam. Lorenzo is a fighter. He made it this far . . . he’ll continue to pull through.”

Not wanting to interrupt, Diego approached Jason and Sam. He was worried about his father as well. “Jason? Stan put in an anonymous call to to Florida PD. They should be heading over to the compound now.”

“Thanks,” Jason said. He turned to Diego, still holding Sam. “As soon as we land, we’re taking Lorenzo to GH. I’ve called Monica and she has a team waiting. An ambulance will meet us.”

“I want to go in the ambulance with him,” Diego stated.

“You and Sam will go with him. I’m going to check in on Elaina and get Spinelli started on making sure whatever charges are brought up on Manny, stick,” Jason said.

“Has Skye been told yet?” Sam asked, looking up at Jason. Staying in his arms like this was not a problem for her.

“No. When I go to the house, I’ll tell her,” Jason said, sitting on the couch with her.

“She’s going to want to see him, Jason. You won’t be able to persuade her otherwise,” Sam pointed out, resting her head on his chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart. It was a calming and reassuring sound.

“I know, and I won’t try to stop her. I’ll bring her over myself,” Jason said. “But I want you and Diego with him. I’m also going to have Max and a full detail of guards with you.”

Sam looked up at him. “I think the hospital staff will have a problem with that,” she said.

“I’ve already told all of this to Monica. It’s for his safety – until Manny is in custody, I am not taking any chances – with any of you. Monica agreed with my plan.”

Moving closer to him, Sam closed her eyes, falling asleep instantly, the sound of Jason’s beating heart in her ear.


“Lainey? Can I have cookies?” Elaina asked.

“Sure, come on, let’s see what’s in the kitchen,” Lainey said, taking the little girl’s hand.

“Mommy Sam buyed me choco chip cookies,” Elaina said happily as they went down the stairs.

As they entered they headed into the hallway, the front door opened and Jason walked in.

“DADDY!” Elaina cried, pulling away from Lainey and running to her father.

Jason scooped his little girl up and held her tight. “Hey Princess,” he said. “Are you being good?”

Elaina nodded. “We get choco chip cookies,” she explained. “Lainey say I could.”

“Jason?” Lainey asked, wondering what was going on with Lorenzo.

Jason looked at Lainey and nodded. “Sounds like a good idea,” he said, putting his daughter down. He turned to Lainey. “Is Skye upstairs?” he asked.

“Yes. She went to lie down after lunch.”

“Is she okay?”

“A little tired . . . and worried.”

“Alright. Can you keep an eye on Elaina a little longer? I need Skye and Lulu to come with me.”

“No problem,” Lainey said. “Come on Elaina. Let’s go get those cookies. And how about a big glass of milk?”

Elaina took Lainey’s hand again, swinging it. “Choco milk!” she exclaimed.


Taking the stairs two at a time, Jason found Skye in the library.


She turned quickly at his voice. “Jason, oh God, where is he? Where’s Lorenzo?”

Jason held up his hands. “He’s on his way to General Hospital.”

Skye gasped. “What happened Jason? I know something’s been going on and you haven’t been telling me.”

He knew he wasn’t going to be able to avoid it. “Sit down,” he said.

Keeping her eyes on him, Skye cautiously sat, preparing herself for what Jason was about to tell her.


“Diego!” Lulu cried as soon as she saw him.

Diego turned and caught Lulu in his arms as she ran to him. He held her tight, his head buried in her hair.

Looking up, he saw Jason come in with Skye – saw the worry and fear on her face.

“How is he?” she asked Sam, who had gotten up to meet them.

“The doctors are still in with him,” she said. “He lost consciousness on the way over here,” she added. Jason had said he was going to tell Skye all that had been happening to Lorenzo while he was held captive by Manny, so Sam knew there was no point in sugar-coating anything now.

Skye nodded and sank into a nearby chair. What Jason had told her had shocked her to her core. To know what Lorenzo had endured . . . to know how he had been hurt both physically and mentally . . . it tore at her heart. But she was determined to be there for him, to support him in any way he needed to get through this – to be the man she had fallen in love with, the man who was the father of her unborn babies.

They sat there, waiting. Waiting to find out if Lorenzo was going to pull through this. Waiting to be able to see him. Just waiting, praying, and hoping.

After forty-five minutes of waiting, Skye was getting restless and started pacing. “What is taking so long?” she asked. “Shouldn’t they be able to tell us something by now?”

Sam stood as well. “There are some wonderful doctors working on him, Skye. He’s in good hands.”

“I know that,” Skye snapped, her patience running out. “I just want to know he’s going to be okay. That he’s going to be able to come home and be a father to our children.”

“He will, Skye,” Sam said gently, brushing off Skye’s harshness. The woman had been through a lot. “He will. He wants nothing more than to be with you. And he’s going to be thrilled to find out he’s going to be a father to both a little boy and a little girl. And knowing that you have been taking care of yourself and those babies is going to help him that much more.”

Skye nodded as she let out a calming breath. He was back. He was home. And he was going to be okay. She was going to make sure of it.


“Hey, how are you holding up?” Sam asked her nephew as she sat beside him.

“Okay, I guess,” Diego said with a shrug.

Sam nodded. “Where’s Lulu?”

“She went to get Skye some water,” Diego said. He looked at Sam. “Do you think he’s going to be okay?”

“I hope so,” Sam said. “I’m sure he’ll have scars on his back . . . but the doctor’s should be able to handle the infection.”

“That’s not what I meant Sam,” Diego tried to clarify. “I mean, after all of that . . . mentally . . .”

Sam understood what Diego was trying to say. “I don’t know Diego. I’m sure there’s bound to be some residual side effects of what happened . . . we can always talk to Lainey, find out what to expect, see if she would be willing to work with him. It’s all we can do.”

Diego knew Sam was right. He had a feeling, though, that his father’s recovery process wasn’t going to be as easy as they all were hoping.


Dr. Patrick Drake and Monica Quartermaine walked out of the ER, pulling of their gowns and tossing them into the bins by the door. The both sighed.

“I know a good plastic surgeon who can take care of those scars when they’re healed,” Patrick said, pushing his hands through his short dark hair.

“I’m more concerned with that infection,” Monica commented. They had worked hard, but his body had been put through a lot and his natural defenses were weak.

“Robin is going to see if she can find something stronger if what we have him on is not enough,” Patrick said. “Right now, I’d say it’s a miracle he’s made it this far.”

Monica nodded. Jason had filled her in on all that had been done to Lorenzo while he had been held captive. It had helped in determining what kind of treatment route to take. “Let’s go talk to everyone,” she said, heading toward the waiting room.


Skye turned when she heard Monica’s voice. “How is he?” she asked anxiously.

Monica let out a breath before giving them the report. “Lorenzo is suffering from an infection we believe was caused by the lash marks on his back,” she began. “We have him on some intensive antibiotics to control the infection . . . and we have Dr. Scorpio working on a cocktail of drugs if this doesn’t work.”

“Wait, why wouldn’t what you have him on now work?” Skye asked.

“The infection has entered Lorenzo’s blood stream Skye and has spread to his lungs, so it’s going to take some doing to get rid of it,” Monica explained as gently as she could.

“Is he conscious?” she asked, wrapping her arms around herself.

Monica shook her head. “No. We have him sedated in order to keep him still and allow time for the antibiotics to take effect. Once he starts showing signs of improvement, we’ll lessen the sedative and allow him to wake naturally.”

“Okay,” Skye said. She wasn’t going to argue, as they knew what they were doing. “Can I at least sit with him?” she asked.

“Of course,” Monica said. “We’re going to move him to the ICU. As soon as he’s settled, I’ll have someone bring you to him.” She turned to go.

“Monica,” Skye said, stopping her. “Thank you.”

“We’re going to get him through this Skye,” Monica said. “Your babies will have their father in their lives.”


She was going to be strong, but she couldn’t help the tears that slipped silently down her cheeks as she sat next to Lorenzo’s bed. With one hand, she wiped her tears away, using the other hand to hold his.

“I know you’re sedated and that you need to be in order to get better . . . but I can’t wait to see those blue eyes of yours . . . to hear your voice and see you smile. I’ve missed you so much Lorenzo . . . and I have so much to tell you . . . our son is doing wonderfully. Dr. Lee said he was strong and he is definitely kicking up a storm. We may have a champion soccer player on our hands . . . and . . . and our little girl . . . we’re having twins Lorenzo . . . and as soon as you wake up and are getting betting, I’m going to have Dr. Lee do another sonogram so that you could see them . . . it’s a miracle times two . . .”

Making herself more comfortable in the chair, Skye squeezed his hand and leaned her head back. She would wait for the love of her life to wake up. Then they could share in their two miracles together.

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