Chapter Five

The warm breeze ruffled his black silk shirt slightly, but Sonny Corinthos barely even noticed. He stood on the veranda, his eyes dark and brooding, a mood that did not match the beautiful scenery laid out before him.

Anyone else would be taken in by the startling pale blue sky, miles of white sand, and the lure of the majestic, blue-green ocean practically on their doorstep; anyone else would feel they were in paradise. Anyone, that is, except for Sonny Corinthos. For Sonny, this island was his exile, his own hell – and he was going to make the person that put him there pay.

Turning away from the gorgeous view, Sonny crossed the large living room, not noticing the plush furniture and expensive art that adorned the walls and flat surfaces. He headed to his private office and picked up the phone. He hated this house. It was too quiet. Too empty. And he had spent too many days over the last two years replaying the events over and over in his head. And each and every time, he came to the same conclusion – Lorenzo Alcazar was going to pay for what Sonny lost.


“Yes, I need two orders of your appetizers special, a chef’s special and the grilled salmon with wild rice and vegetables. And send over the dessert sampler as well,” Skye said as she made some notes on a pad of paper tucking the phone in between her ear and shoulder. “Seven o’clock if perfect. Oh, and come to the back door. Perfect. Thank you.” Skye ended the call and got up from the kitchen table, a satisfied smile on her face. Everything was going as planned. Now she just had to make sure the house would be empty tonight. There would be no phone calls, no interruptions, and no business. Tonight was going to be just for her and Lorenzo. A nice dinner, candles, soft music, just the two of them.

Leaving the kitchen, Skye went into the library, seeing the table she had had moved in there. It was covered with a white linen cloth, tall candles in silver holders with a small bowl of rose petals in the center. Skye planned on using the good china setting placements. Looking around the rest of the room, Skye made sure all the candles she had set out were in place. Smiling, Skye closed the door as she left. Everything was almost ready.


“What do you mean you don’t want have anything to do with this?” Sonny asked angrily, pacing as far as the phone cord would allow. “This is your fault!”

“Are you kidding me?” the voice on the other end said, followed by a laugh. “I did not convince you to give me the information Sonny. You did that all on your own.”

“Listen Faith, I am in this mess because you had to have your revenge – I’ve lost of my business and my family – and you are going to help me get it all back,” Sonny said in hard tone, rubbing his hand over his hair – the usually impeccable style now an unruly mess of curls.

“I would love to help you Sonny, but I plan on keeping a low profile. I accomplished what I set out to do and I would prefer to stay alive long enough to continue to enjoy it,” Faith said, leaning back on her chaise lounge and inspecting her manicured nails.

“All you accomplished, Faith, was to give Jason and Alcazar more power than they ever had before. All you accomplished was to have me exiled from my home and family. I won’t allow it to continue.”

Faith laughed again. “Give it up Sonny,” she said. “Enjoy the peace and quiet. But if you go back there, you will be dead. We both know that.”

Having heard enough, Sonny slammed the phone down and stalked over to the bar. Pouring a sizable amount of brandy into a glass, Sonny swallowed the amber liquid in one gulp, banging the glass onto the table. If Faith wasn’t going to help him, he was going to have to find someone who would. He just had to make sure it was someone crazy enough to go up against Lorenzo Alcazar without backing down until the job was finished.


It had been a long day and Lorenzo was tired. He rubbed his face as he walked into the living room, looking around the empty room. In fact, now that he thought about it, the house seemed quiet – too quiet. Where was everyone? He looked at his watch. It was after eight o’clock. He knew Diego was done with classes for the day, and Skye was usually waiting for him here in the living room, but neither of them were anywhere in sight.

Heading over to his desk, Lorenzo saw the flashing light on the phone, indicating there was a voice message. Lifting the receiver, he punched in his access code and listened, a slow smile spreading across his lips.

“Hi Lorenzo,” came Skye’s silky voice. “Knowing you, you’re wondering where everyone is. Don’t worry . . . everyone is fine. Diego is out on a date with Georgie, Elaina is tucked into bed, and Sam is out with Carly. We have the whole house to ourselves tonight. Just us.”

Lorenzo smiled as he slid off his suit jacket and tossed it over the desk chair. Skye’s message continued.

“I know for a fact that you have not eaten yet. Come to the library, and leave your cell phone behind. Business is done for the day.”

The message ended and Lorenzo replaced the receiver. He didn’t waste any time in making his way to the library. The large double doors were closed, but he could hear the sounds of faint music on the others side.

Lorenzo slowly opened the doors, stopping in the doorway as he took in the room before him.


Stan looked up from the computer as Jason walked into the office rubbing his hands over his face. Chuckling, Stan leaned back in the high-backed leather office chair. “Terrible Two’s hitting hard?” he asked in amusement.

Jason nodded as he practically fell onto the black leather couch against the opposite wall. Elaina had been in rare form today – cranky and clingy one moment, then stubborn and defiant the next. It had been a trying day all around, topped off by a bedtime tantrum.

“If this is going to be a regular performance, she’s not leaving that room until she’s at least three and a half,” Jason moaned, his head leaned back against the cushion.

Stan laughed and shook his head. “Man, just wait until she starts dating!”

Jason’s head shot up and he looked at Stan with wide eyes. “Don’t even go there,” he said, shaking his head. Jason didn’t even want to acknowledge the fact that his little girl would one day be old enough to date. It was too horrifying to even think about.

A beep from Stan’s computer drew the two men’s attentions to it. Stan hit a few keys and brought up a file.

“What is it?” Jason asked, getting up and going to stand behind Stan so he could see the screen.

“There’s a message from the tracker on Sonny’s phone. He used the land line ten minutes ago,” he said.

“Where was the call to?” Jason asked.

Stan hit some more keys until he found what he was looking for. “Faith Roscoe,” he said, turning to look at Jason.

Jason sighed. “Damn,” he muttered. “See if you can get a transcript of the call. And have Eduardo sweep the property. We may have to bug the house if Sonny is planning anything.”

Stan nodded and got to work locating the phone conversation. He just hoped for Sonny’s sake that this was all innocent – although Stan knew how unlikely that would be.

“Are you going to inform Lorenzo?” he asked as he typed and clicked away.

“No. Not until we know if it’s anything to worry about,” Jason said.


The room was lit only with candles that danced and swayed with the soft, sensual beat of the music. Shadows moved and shifted along the walls in a hypnotic dance cast by the flames. The small table was set for two – bone white china with the Alcazar family crest emblazoned in the center - family heirlooms his mother had treasured - two long stemmed crystal wine glasses; two tall, thin, ivory candles in his grandmother’s sterling silver holders; a small, crystal bowl of flower petals – their delicate scent mixing with the candle light and music. It was beautiful. But nothing was more beautiful in that moment than her.

Lorenzo could barely draw in a breath as his pale blue eyes took in her every move. The way the kelly-green dress clung to every curve and set her dark auburn hair on fire. The way the candlelight reflected in her eyes, setting them ablaze in a green fire.

This beautiful creature, surrounded by candlelight and the precious volumes he had collected over the years, now hidden in the shadows, walked slowly around the room, slipping in and out of the shadows, as if she herself were a ghost moving between this plain and the next. And all he could do was stand there and watch her. His mouth dry, his eyes unblinking, and his heart accelerating the closer she came to him.

It took all that he was to not reach out and grab her, pull her to the carpet, and take her as he wanted. But instead, he pulled in a breath as she slid past him, her body barely touching his. Turning to keep his eyes on her, and appreciating the back of her dress as much as the front, Lorenzo watched as Skye closed the double doors and turned the lock. She then turned back to him and leaned against the doors.

Those eyes. He was undone just looking into those eyes. Moving closer, as if in a dream, Lorenzo slowly reached out and gently traced his fingers down her cheek, reveling in her silky smooth skin. Stepping yet closer, Lorenzo lowered his head to hers, the need to taste her overpowering all of his senses.


Sonny sat in the plush armchair, slumped down so that his head was resting against the back of the chair, a half-full glass of brandy clutched in his right hand as he stared into the fire place. There was only one man to blame for all of this. One man who had single-handedly destroyed his life. And that man was going to pay for what he did. Sonny was going to make him suffer, make him beg for his life. Sonny was going to take away everything – destroy all he had built and acquired. It would be the best revenge.

This was his plan all along, Sonny thought to himself, his eyes unmoving and practically unblinking as they stayed fixed on the empty fire place. He knew what he was doing when he brought his daughter to Port Charles. Sure, he might have objected – but it was all part of the plan. Lorenzo Alcazar was an intelligent man; he knew what he was doing. He had used his daughter to seduce Jason – to distract him. Jason had always been a good man, a man who would help anyone in need. And Alcazar played on that. He sent his daughter to seduce Jason, probably blackmailed Ric into pretending to stalk her – to stab her and then kidnap her and pull Jason in further. Then that bitch had killed Ric – another part of the plan. Then she left without a word. One night she was gone – leaving Jason a broken hearted mess. Sure, Alcazar had laid low when he could have taken advantage, but that hadn’t been in his plans. He needed his daughter gone long enough to ensure her return would bring Jason right into her web. And when she returned pregnant with Jason’s child – supposedly – that was all they needed. Jason was now trapped. Made to believe that the child was his. And when Alcazar’s plan to kill them all failed, and his own daughter died, he couldn’t let go and drew Jason in deeper. Now Jason was a prisoner within Lorenzo’s world – brain washed into thinking this man was family. But Sonny knew better. And it was up to him to make Jason see the truth. He had to save Jason. It was the only way.


Dinner was long forgotten as the kiss deepened and filled with passion and yearning. Skye felt herself lifted into Lorenzo’s strong arms, her own arms wrapped around his neck. A shiver of pleasure ran down her back as Lorenzo’s tongue probed into her mouth, his tongue sliding over hers sensually.

Feeling herself being lowered, Skye felt the plush softness of the sofa under her back. Not letting go of him, Skye pulled Lorenzo down with her, feeling his weight hovering over her.

The kiss slowing and stopping in need for air, Skye opened her eyes and locked on his. In the surrounding candlelight, Lorenzo’s pale blue eyes burned like blue ice, the intensity nearly stealing her breath away. She could – and usually did – lose herself in those eyes. He held nothing back as he looked down at her. Skye saw passion and longing there. And the deep love he had for her. It brought tears to her eyes.

“What about dinner? I thought you were hungry,” Skye said, her words coming out breathlessly as her chest rose and fell.

Groaning softly, Lorenzo leaned in and traced his lips over her jaw line and down to her throat. “Mmmm . . . I am,” he breathed against her skin.

Skye tilted her head back, offering him more skin to feast on. Sliding her hands from around his neck and over his shoulders to the buttons of his shirt. Slowly and expertly, Skye opened the buttons, her fingers sliding over his chest and through the spattering of dark hair, feeling the muscles ripple from her touch.

Tugging the shirt free from his pants, Skye slid it off of his shoulders, the material fluttering to the floor. Skye’s dress soon followed as Lorenzo’s hand and mouth blazed fiery trails over her delicate skin, drawing sighs and moans from her lips.

They took and they gave to and of each other. The sensual beat of the music, the flickering candlelight on the walls, the sway and bend of the shadows against their skin, and the aroma of the roses all set the scene as they moved as one. Loving, honoring, devouring each other – leaving all else behind.

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