Chapter Four

Sam settled in the lounge chair on the back patio as she watched the kids. Carly had arrived with Michael and Morgan and now all three kids were playing near the stable with Goldie, Diego supervising.

So much had changed since that horrible day in the park. Never in a million years did Sam think she would be settled in one place for this long, helping to take care of a little girl and living with a man who could have lost much more than he had. When she had arrived in Port Charles, Sam had planned on only staying for a little while, but that all changed when Faith Roscoe interfered in her family’s life. And because of that interference, a beautiful, young, vibrant woman was dead and a little girl had to grow up without her mother. There was no way Sam could leave after that. Her family needed her.


Jason looked around the guest house – his new home. It was homey and comfortable, two things he wanted for Elaina. The penthouse was okay, but Elaina needed to run around and be near her family, and Jason was not going to deny her that. He couldn’t.

“Everything okay with the house?” Lorenzo asked as he walked in the front door. The cleaning company he had called had done a great job in a short time. He was very pleased.

Jason nodded. “It’s great,” he said. “I talked to Max, he’ going to get some of the men together to move the new furniture for Elaina’s room here,” he added. The house was pretty much furnished, and Jason planned on keeping it that way. He would go back to the penthouse tomorrow and grab some personal items for the house. He was also going to have to work with Stan to have everything in his office moved here and set up.

Lorenzo watched Jason. It still amazed him that he and the man he had despised upon arrival to this town were as close as they now were. But Lorenzo was not going question it – not anymore. He and Jason Morgan were family now and family was important to Lorenzo. He had already lost so much of his family; he was going to treasure the ones he still had left.


“Deego ride pony?” Elaina asked her uncle, pointing at him and then looking at her new pony.

Diego laughed. “I’m afraid I’m too big to ride Goldie,” he said. “And besides, I think it’s time to give her a rest.”

“Like nap?” she asked, tilting her head to the side to look up at him.

“Yeah, like a nap,” Diego said as he started to lead the pony back to the stable and the stall that had been set up for her. “But first, we have to clean her up.”

“Like bath?” Elaina asked.

Diego nodded. “Do you want to help me?”

“I can?” she asked with a smile.

“Come on, I’ll show you how to take care of Goldie and then she can take her nap.”

“Me take nap?” Elaina asked, ready to refuse if he said yes.

Diego shrugged and looked at his watch. “I don’t think so. Lunch should be ready soon.”

“Okay,” Elaina said, glad she wasn’t going to have to take a nap. She was having too much fun to take a nap now. Besides, naps were for babies and Elaina was not a baby anymore.

Diego showed Elaina how to wipe down Goldie, brush her and clean her shoes. Then they gave her fresh water and hay before closing the stall door. “Alright munchkin,” he said, swinging her up into his arms. “Let’s go get cleaned up before lunch.”


Skye finished setting out the last of the food for lunch on the dining room table. There was fruit, sandwiches, salads and pitchers of lemonade and iced tea. The dinning room was decorated with streamers and balloons and a cheerful birthday tablecloth was spread over the large dinning room table. Skye stood back and surveyed her work.

“Wow, this looks great,” Lorenzo said as he came into the dinning room, seeing Skye.

Skye smiled. “Thank you,” she said. Stepping to the corner, she pulled out Elaina’s high chair, but Lorenzo stopped her.

“I have a feeling the guest of honor will not want to sit there,” he said with a laugh.

“She can’t reach the table without it,” Skye said.

“Sam brought this by,” he said retrieving the booster seat. “She said Elaina has been refusing to use her high chair at home.”

Skye nodded. She had witnessed Elaina’s independence grow – especially in the last few months.

“So, did Jason take you up on your offer?” she asked as she put the high chair away and put the booster seat on the chair at the head of the table.

Lorenzo nodded as he watched her move around the room. “He’s moving in tonight,” he said.

Skye smiled and walked over to Lorenzo, wrapping her arms around his neck. “You are so amazing,” she said, leaning up to kiss him.

Lorenzo returned the kiss. “To what do I owe such praise?” he asked, gently running his fingers through her thick, dark red hair. If it was possible, Lorenzo thought Skye was more beautiful than when he met her.

Skye shrugged. “It’s the truth Lorenzo. You and Jason have put aside your differences for the love of Jessica and Elaina. That’s what makes you so amazing.”

Lorenzo closed his eyes a moment. “Continuing to fight with Jason was pointless, Skye. I denied how much Jessica loved him. I didn’t want to see it because I knew that once I accepted it, I would lose my daughter to another man. A man that would love her in a way I couldn’t. A man she would share her life with when there was still so much I didn’t know about her. But I watched their love grow Skye. I saw how happy Jessica was and how much she loved Jason. And I watched a man who never showed much emotion, love her back. Jason put his life on the line more than once for my daughter. And he broke off ties to the man who was responsible for taking her from us.” Lorenzo shook his head. “I never thought there would be anything that would come between Jason and Sonny. But love proved that Jason would do anything for Jessica . . . and his daughter. In Jessica’s memory, I put aside my past with Jason and finally saw him for the man he was. And I have to admit, Skye, I am honored to have gotten the chance to know that man.”


Sam laughed as she looked around the table at her family. Maybe it wasn’t a traditional family, but then again, Sam had never had a traditional family. But that didn’t make her love them any less.

In the last two years Sam had watched her family grow and change as she learned more and more about them. There was Carly; a woman had become a very good friend. Sam had seen Carly strength and determination in full force when she was going for sole custody of her sons. She never gave up and was fiercely protective of not only her sons, but of Jason and Lorenzo as well. Over the time Sam has gotten to know her, she had learned all about Carly’s past relationships with both Jason and Lorenzo – and it made her understand more why they were all so close now. This whole thing with Sonny and his involvement with Faith only proved to strengthen that bond.

Skye was another woman Sam had become close to – and that surprised her the most. Sam had always seen herself as adventurous and daring. Always taking risks before considering the consequences. Skye was the complete opposite. She was sophisticated and cultured. She had a classical beauty while Sam’s own looks was more comfortable and laid back. In fact, Sam didn’t think she had ever seen the woman in a pair of jeans and sneakers – thinks Sam lived in. When Sam had learned of her brother’s growing relationship with Skye she had been surprised. Skye was far from any other woman Lorenzo had been with and didn’t think this would last. But Sam had been proved wrong. Skye brought out a part of Lorenzo that Sam didn’t think anyone ever could. Skye loved Lorenzo deeply and accepted him for who he was – no strings attached. Sure, she worried about him – they all did – but she did not judge him based on what he did for a living, but instead, on the man he was deep down. Skye has been able to get below those layers Lorenzo builds over himself for protection. Skye was the one who had kept Lorenzo from falling and breaking when his daughter died. If it hadn’t been for her, Sam didn’t know what would have happened. For all her class and culture, Skye was a very intelligent woman who had overcome many obstacles in her own life, a woman who was willing to give herself wholeheartedly to someone she loved. It had been wonderful to watch their relationship grow.

Sam smiled as she thought of her nephew, Diego. He was so much like Lorenzo when Lorenzo had been that age. He was intelligent, business savvy, and loved with his whole being. After a rough start, Diego had fully integrated himself in the Alcazar family – and not just in the business aspect of it. He built a relationship with his father even in the face of tragedy, never letting his father pull too far away from everyone. Sam was proud of the accomplishments Diego has made and knew he had a full and bright future ahead of him.

Elaina was the light of the whole family’s life. She was full of energy and love and gave it unconditionally. Sam never thought in a million years that she would be so attached to a child, she had never seen herself as the nurturing type, but Elaina brought out a maternal side of her Sam didn’t even know existed. And although Sam knew she could never take Jessica’s place as her mother – not that she ever would – Sam was honored to be in Elaina’s life and take a part in her upbringing.

Then there was her brother. Lorenzo had lost so much in his life over the years that Sam had been afraid he wouldn’t be able to come back from this. Losing Jessica had been different than losing a lover, a niece and even a brother. Jessica had been his flesh and blood. She had been his daughter, a part of him. And watching his own daughter die, her blood on his hands, would have broken him if not for the other people in his life. Sam would always be grateful to Skye and Jason and Carly for being there to keep Lorenzo together. They all shared in their grief in some way and let Lorenzo know that he was not alone in this. Sam watched her brother become strong again, watched him build a life with a man he once hated, and not let his anger and grief consume him.

Finally, there was Jason. Sam had been amazed at Jason’s strength in the face of his grief. Instead of letting his grief consume him, Jason put it to use. He used it to pull away from Sonny and form a personal and business relationship with Lorenzo. He used it to be a father to Elaina. He used it to honor his love for Jessica. The more time Sam spent with him, the more she was getting to know this amazingly complex man. She saw sides of him that were rarely shown. She saw the playful, goofy Jason when he thought he was alone with Elaina; the protective, caring father; the cold-hearted business man; and the friend he had become to her. Sam had gotten used to the fact that Jason didn’t talk a lot – he didn’t have to. He offered support, strength, and guidance when she needed it. He also gave her time and space. Without ever really discussing their places in each other’s lives, Sam and Jason had settled into a comfortable co-existence where they can share the challenges of raising Elaina and enjoy the friendship they have built.

This was Sam’s family – a family she treasures everyday of her life.


“Did you have a good birthday?” Jason asked Elaina as he tucked her into her new bed.

Elaina had been ecstatic when she discovered they were living next to her Poppi’s big house. And when she saw her new room, - it had taken a god while to settle her down. Now she was dressed in her favorite purple nightgown, tucked into her new “big girl” bed with the lavender and white covers.

Elaina looked up at her father through sleepy emerald eyes and nodded. It had been an exciting day. A pony all her own. A new house. A “big girl” bed. There was no topping that.

Looking around the room once more, Elaina smiled when she saw the framed picture on the bedside table. Then she turned back to her father. “Night Daddy. Love you,” she said. Then she turned back to the picture and snuggled into her blanket, her well-loved teddy bear clasped in her arms. “Night Mommy Angel,” she whispered. “Love you.”

Leaning over, Jason kissed his daughter’s head. “Night my Princess. Love you.”

Turning on the nightlight, Jason turned off the bedside lamp and closed the door, leaving it open a crack. Then he stood by the door a minute to listen.

“Hi Mommy. Poppi buyed me a pony.”

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