Chapter Thirty-One

After a moment Skye pulled back reluctantly, not wanting to let go because she knew once she did he was going to go after Manny and that scared her. Skye had been in a lot of situations over the years and nothing had ever scared her as much as the thought of losing Lorenzo did.

Looking down at Skye, Lorenzo could see the fear in her eyes. “I am coming back to you,” he said, taking her face in his hand, looking her right in the eye.

Skye swallowed hard and nodded, not trusting that she wouldn’t break down in tears if she tried to talk. It was probably a combination of all that was going on and the hormones that were making her so emotional.

Closing his eyes, Lorenzo pulled her to him again. “I love you Skye and I know I have a lot to come back to. I would never give that up,” he whispered, stroking her hair.

“I know Lorenzo,” Skye managed in a whisper. “And I know you have to find your sister and Elaina. I would never ask you not to.”

Lorenzo pulled back again and looked down at her. “It will help me to know you’re staying as calm as you can and taking care of yourself and out little miracle,” he said, letting one hand slide down to her belly. “As soon as this is all over, I am taking you and our baby home.”

Skye nodded, although she knew deep down that this would never truly be over. After Manny was gone, there would be another and another; it was part of Lorenzo’s life. And now a part of hers. And if she was deeply honest with herself, she knew she would never give up Lorenzo’s life in a million years.

“Just promise me Lorenzo, promise me that you’ll be careful,” Skye pleaded, gripping his jacket.

Lorenzo took Skye’s hands in his. “I promise,” he said, leaning in to kiss her.


Lulu knew Lorenzo was downstairs with Skye and figured she would stay in her room to give them some privacy. But she was going a little stir crazy already. Lulu was not used to waiting around; she wanted to be a part of the action. She was a Spencer after all and being in the thick of things was in her blood.

With frustration and restlessness starting to flow through her, Lulu got off the bed and began pacing. The room she was in was almost the same size as her room at the Quartermaine’s. In fact, if she took a moment to think about it, the safe house was more than she excepted. Sure, it wasn’t as big as the Quartermaine’s or even Lorenzo’s house, but it was large, comfortable and actually homey.

Stopping at the window, Lulu looked out at the blooming, colorful garden. It was apparent that someone took care of the house and the grounds even when it was not in use. Lulu was sure Lorenzo chose this house so that Skye would be comfortable.

Lulu’s thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of her cell phone. “Hello,” she said after pulling the phone out of the pocket of her jeans.

“It’s me,” said Diego, a smile coming to Lulu’s face at the sound of his voice. If she had to, Lulu would admit that she was worried about him and had been hoping Diego would get in touch with her.

“Diego,” Lulu breathed out. “Are you okay? Max told us about Jason.”

“It was pretty bad, Lu,” Diego said. “I seriously thought he was dead. He was pale and there was so much blood,” Diego said and Lulu could hear in his voice how much this had shaken him up.

“Do you think he’s going to make it?” Lulu asked, her thoughts going to little Elaina who had already lost her mother

“Honestly, it would be a miracle if he did,” Diego admitted. “My father and I did what we could to try to stop the bleeding, but I don’t know how much good it did.”

“I’m sure it did plenty good, Diego,” Lulu said not wanting him to blame himself for something he had no control over.

Diego sighed and Lulu knew there was more. “What else is going on Diego?” she asked.

Lulu listened as Diego told her about Stan’s issues with the mainframe and not being able to access the tracking device in Elaina’s bracelet. “But Stan is a computer genius, I’m sure he’ll figure it out.”

“I don’t know if he’ll have enough time to figure it out Lulu,” Diego said, exasperation evident in his voice.

“There has to be some way to do it,” Lulu said, not wanting any of them to give up.

“There may be,” Diego said. “I’m bringing in Spinelli.”

“Spinelli? That weird kid from PCU?” Lulu asked. She had seen him around the campus, but didn’t know too much about him.

“I think between him and Stan, they can get the systems up and going again so that we can find Elaina and Sam,” Diego said and Lulu could hear the desperation in his voice.

“Okay, keep me updated. And Diego . . . be careful,” Lulu said, finding she was gripping the phone a little tighter in her hand.

“I will,” said Diego.


Sam shifted slightly on the cold, hard floor. She wasn’t sure how long she had been sitting there, or how long Elaina had been sleeping. There were no windows in the room – there was nothing in the room. Sam leaned her head back against the wall and sighed. There had to be something she could do to get them out of there – wherever there was.

Elaina stretched and opened her eyes. She wasn’t in her room in the bed her Daddy had bought for her. When she turned her head, she didn’t see the picture of her Mommy in heaven. Slowly, Elaina sat up and rubbed her eyes. It was dark in the room. It took her a moment to remember what had happened. Her Daddy was hurt and she and her Mommy Sam were in a strange room.

Sam felt Elaina moving and she tightened her arms around her. “Shhh . . . I’m here sweetie,” she said.

Elaina looked up and then cuddled into Sam. “I want to go home,” she whispered, sniffling.

“I know baby. So do I,” Sam said. “We’ll go home soon.”

“I wouldn’t count on that,” Manny said from the doorway.

Sam looked up, her body now tense and alert. She hadn’t even heard the door open and wondered how long he had been standing there. She needed to be more alert if they were going to get out of there. She held Elaina closer.

“Lorenzo is going to find us and then it’ll all be over for you,” Sam said, glad that her voice was steady and strong. She couldn’t be weak – not now.

Manny laughed. “I highly doubt that,” he said. “See, I’m sure your big brother is busy dealing with the death of his best friend.”

“What? No, Jason’s not dead. You’re lying,” Sam said, not wanting to believe it. He was just saying that to get a rise out of her and she wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of seeing her scared. Jason was strong. And Sam had seen where he was shot in the leg. It was probably bad, but not that bad.

“That’s where you’re wrong my dear,” Manny said shaking his head. “See, after I had you and that brat taken away, I shot Jason again – in the chest. I’m sure by now he’s bled to death where he’s fallen. No one is coming for you Samantha. And if they do, it will be too late.” Then he slipped out of the door again.


“Jason, I know you’re tired, but you need to fight,” Jessica insisted. “You have to go back to Elaina and Sam and my father. They all need you.”

“I need you Jessica,” Jason said, turning away from his body on the bed. He had to admit that he didn’t look so hot. “I have missed you so much.”

“I know,” Jessica said gently with a smile. “I’ve missed you too. But you can’t stay with me. Not know. It’s not your time.”

Jason knew she was right. He was torn between wanting to be with her and being with his daughter. He didn’t want to leave Elaina without at least one of her parents. “I hate having to leave you again.”

“It’s the right choice,” Jessica said. “You’ve been doing a wonderful job with Elaina. She’s beautiful, Jason. And she is so loved by all of you. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

“I’ve been doing my best. And I’ve had a lot of help,” Jason said, taking her hands in his.

“I’m glad. It’s good to see my father happy with Skye. And I am glad he’s getting another chance to be a father. And I love watching Diego with Elaina. Knowing that my family is supporting you and Elaina has made this easier for me. But there is something you can do that will also help.”

“Anything,” Jason said, squeezing her hands. He wanted to hold on a little longer.

“I want you to be happy Jason. I want you to let someone into your heart again. I want you to move on with your life and fall in love again.”

“I-I can’t Jessica,” Jason said.

“You can. And you will,” Jessica said firmly. “It’s going to happen Jason and you can’t stop it.”

“I can try,” Jason said with a raised eyebrow.

Jessica laughed. “I know you will,” she said. “I love you Jason. Always and forever.”


“Boss?” Max said as he stepped into Lorenzo’s office. He had watched him return from the safe house a few minutes ago.

Lorenzo looked up and gestured for Max to enter. “Do you have anything?”

“Jason is hanging on. They say he’s stable but can’t be sure if there was any brain damage until he wakes up,” Max reported.

“Did they say how long that would take?” Lorenzo asked as he poured an amber liquid into a tumbler. He needed to feel the burn of the alcohol slide down his throat and warm his stomach. Seeing Skye, feeling her fear and worry, he needed to refocus on getting her home safely.

“No,” Max said with a sigh. “But his vitals are strong, which I was told was a good sign. Monica is on the case and she’ll make sure to take good care of him.”

“Good,” Lorenzo said, setting the glass down. He turned to Max. “Make sure someone is on his room twenty-four/seven. And make sure the doctors keep you updated on Jason’s condition.”

Max nodded before leaving the room. He knew Jason was strong and had a lot to live for. He wouldn’t leave behind his daughter.

When Max was gone, Lorenzo moved over to the window overlooking the driveway. He saw Diego’s car pull up and knew he had returned with this kid who he claims was a computer whiz and who would be able to hack back into their systems so they could locate Elaina and Sam.

Waiting and watching, Lorenzo saw Diego climb out of the car, rubbing his thigh where he had been shot. Lorenzo sighed. Diego had been shot in the same leg twice in the past two years. Then his gaze was diverted to the other person climbing out of the car. This was the person Diego said could help them? Lorenzo wasn’t so sure as he looked at the kid. He wasn’t sure how he would describe him. He looked unkempt. A skull cap covering his hair – but Lorenzo could see tufts of brown sticking out from under the cap. His clothes were baggy and there was a bag – probably containing his computer – slung across his chest.

Lorenzo sighed. He just hoped this kid would be able to help them.


Diego kept an eye on Spinelli as they walked into the house. He didn’t see his father in the living room, but Stan was there.

Stan had already voiced his concerns about letting an outsider into their systems – there was too much sensitive information there. But Diego made it clear that this was an emergency case. They had to access the program to track the device in Elaina’s bracelet; otherwise they weren’t going to be able to find her. And Diego was not going to accept his aunt and niece being gone for good. He already lost his sister – he would be damned if he was going to lose any more of his family.

“Whoa,” said Spinelli as he looked around. “Nice place.” Spinelli had heard of Alcazar and the power this man possessed and was surprised when the man’s son came to him asking for his help.

Diego turned to Spinelli. “Listen, what you have to do is very important. If you mess up, there won’t be anywhere you can hide.”

Spinelli swallowed hard and nodded. These were definitely people not to mess with. “You have my word. I am the assassin of cyberspace. Anything you need, the Jackal can find.”

“I hope that’s true,” Lorenzo said as he came down the stairs. “If not, I have a few of my own assassins that will make cyberspace seem like heaven.”

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