Chapter Three

“Poppi!” Elaina cried out as she ran into the living room of Lorenzo’s house.

Six months after Jessica’s death, Lorenzo decided that the penthouse was too small for him, Diego and Skye. Diego had moved back in, unable to stay at the loft anymore. And Skye had moved herself in to take care of Lorenzo – not that he was complaining. Then there was Elaina. Lorenzo had wanted her to have a room of her own when she was there. It hadn’t taken him long to find the house. When he had seen it, he knew it was the one. It sat on a large lot, had access to the lake, a stable and private riding trails. The house itself was light and full of life. It was exactly what Lorenzo needed. He took it on the spot and moved in immediately. He had also given Skye full reign on decorating it. Lorenzo had been very pleased with the outcome. Everything was airy and light and cheerful.

“Poppi! Deego! Sye!!! I here!” Elaina yelled as she bounced up and down. Then she turned to her father and Sam. “Where they?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” said Sam with a smile as she looked at Jason. “Maybe we should check in the backyard.”

Elaina’s face lit up as she took off, her diapered bottom wiggling back and forth as she ran. Jason and Sam followed. “Elaina, slow down!” Jason warned, knowing it didn’t matter. Once she got going, nothing stopped her, not even falling.

“Wanna see Poppi!” Elaina said as she reached the back door. But it was closed and she couldn’t reach the doorknob. She turned to her father, who had caught up with her. “Open pease,” she said.

Jason smiled as he reached for the door. He knew she was excited and if she could have, she would have opened the door herself. “When we go out there, you need to slow down, got it?” he said.

Elaina nodded, bouncing on her toes.

Jason shook his head, knowing the minute he opened the door, she was going to forget all about what he just said.


Jason smiled as she watched Elaina bolt through the door once he had opened it, his warning having gone through one ear and out the other.

“You know she won’t want to leave here once she sees what Lorenzo has for her,” Sam said at his side.

Jason laughed and nodded. He and Lorenzo had discussed the gifts they were going to be getting Elaina. Jason had decided that since Elaina was growing up so quickly and her independence was taking hold, he was going to get rid of her baby furniture, put it in storage – he didn’t have the heart to part with it completely – and buy “big girl” furniture. In fact, the bedroom was being redone while they were out. And Lorenzo had gotten her a . . .


Jason could hear Elaina’s squeal of shock and delight. He and Sam caught up with her and laughed at Elaina’s open mouthed surprise. Standing in front of the stables were Lorenzo, Skye and Diego with a small gold colored Shetland pony.

“For me?” she asked, looked at Lorenzo and pointing at herself.

Lorenzo smiled, passed the reins to Diego and went over to his granddaughter. “All for you,” he said, scooping her into his arms.

“What do you say Elaina?” Jason asked as he watched his daughter. She still had yet to take her eyes off of the pony.

“Tank you Poppi,” Elaina said, throwing her arms around her grandfather’s neck.

“You’re welcome, princess,” Lorenzo said, hugging her. He put her down and she ran over to the pony, reaching out a hand for the horse to smell.

“Likes me!” she squealed when the horse snuffed at her hand looking for something to eat.

“Come on little one,” said Diego, scooping her up. “Let’s go for a ride.” Diego placed her on the saddle, stuck a riding helmet on her head and started to walk the horse to the fenced in paddock next to the stable.

“She loves it Lorenzo,” said Sam as she watched Diego and Elaina.

Lorenzo nodded. Although he hadn’t known his own daughter when she was that age, he knew Elaina was just like Jessica. Pulling his eyes from the little girl, he turned to Jason. “So, have you considered my offer?” he asked.

“What offer?” Sam asked with curiosity as she looked between the two men.


Stan leaned back in his chair and rubbed his eyes. He had been monitoring the movements and communications of Sonny Corinthos and Faith Roscoe for the past two years. He still couldn’t believe the events that unfolded two days after Jessica’s funeral. And he wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t been in the room when Max asked to speak with both Jason and Alcazar – away from Sonny’s home.

~ Flashback ~

Max paced back and forth nervously. How was he going to do this? If he told Jason and Alcazar what he had seen and heard the night of the shooting, he would be betraying a powerful man whom he had worked for for years. A man who gave him a job and trusted him with his life and the life of his family. But Max knew that what Sonny had done was wrong. It was one thing to destroy the life of an enemy, and that was what Max had been made to believe about Lorenzo Alcazar. The man had tried to take advantage of his connection with Sonny’s wife Carly. When he could have saved her and returned her to her family, Alcazar had taken her for himself and kept her prisoner. But in this case, Sonny wasn’t going against an enemy – not completely. In this case, he was going against Jason.

Max had always trusted and respected Jason. Jason was never unpredictable or explosive. He was smart. He thought things through and weighed the consequences of his actions. Max had been surprised when Jason had fallen in love – and with Lorenzo Alcazar’s daughter, nonetheless. But instead of distracting Jason from the business, he was more vigilant than before.

But Sonny had been a different story. He had been unstable and stubborn. One minute he was offering to help Alcazar when his daughter was missing and the next, he was demanding that Jason stay away from her.

And now he had to reveal what he had seen and heard. This wasn’t going to be easy.

Jason sighed and watched Max pace. The man obviously had something to say, something important, otherwise he wouldn’t have pulled Jason away from the hospital right now. Finally having enough, Jason shook his head. “Max, what is going on?”

Max stopped his pacing. He faced the two powerful men that sat before him. He glanced at Stan quickly. The other man shrugged. He had no idea what was going on, but had a feeling that it was big.

Clearing his throat, Max brought his eyes back to Jason and Alcazar. “I think I have information on the shooting,” he said.

Jason and Lorenzo sat up straighter. “What information?” Jason asked. “We know Faith had something to do with this.”

Max nodded. “She wasn’t working alone. Someone told her about Julius – who is now dead. She knew he was working for us. She also knew about the surveillance we had on her. Faith used this inside information to set up her sniper. She knew everyone was going to be in the park and when.”

Jason took this in. Who would double cross them like that? “How did Faith find out about all of this?” he asked. The look in Max’s eyes told him he was not going to like the answer.

“Sonny,” Max said simply.

~ End Flashback ~

And that had been the beginning of the end. Stan had seen Jason angry before, but never like this. He had watched as Jason sat there, his eyes hardening more and more. After the revelation, Jason did the one thing he knew would hurt Sonny the most – he took his business away bit by bit; he helped Carly to take the Michael and Morgan from him; and he made sure Sonny was left with nothing. Anyone in the organization who stood by Sonny through this was eliminated. And the thing Stan had been amazed about the most, was that Jason did this all with a quiet calm. When it was all done and over with, Sonny Corinthos never knew that had hit him.

When the take over was complete, Jason revealed to Sonny that he was the one behind it. He let Sonny know that he knew what he had done. When Sonny had asked why Jason had not just killed him, Jason had calmly stated that death was not good enough for what he did. That Sonny was going to have to suffer for this. And Jason knew that taking everything would make Sonny suffer.

Then, Jason turned right around, and using the truce he and Lorenzo Alcazar put in place at the funeral, he offered to merge his organization with Lorenzo’s. Now the two men, who had once been powerful separately, now held more power and territory than ever before.


Jason smiled as he watched Elaina and the pony she had name Goldie. He didn’t think had seen her more excited. At that moment, she was feeding the pony carrots with Sam, giggling when Goldie took the carrot from her hand.

Sam. She sure had come through when he needed someone. If it wasn’t for her, Jason knew he wouldn’t have been able to get through those first few months. She had kept him focused on his daughter, even when he was exacting his own form of revenge on a man who had given him the life he had been living. Sam never let him forget that he had another life he was responsible for. She never let him shut down completely. And she kept Jason and Lorenzo connected through Elaina.

Sam had been a force of nature. She swooped into his home before Elaina was to be released from the hospital and made sure it was livable. She stocked the fridge and cabinets. She cleaned the penthouse from top to bottom. She fixed up the nursery and even cleaned up Jason’s room. And when Elaina came home, Sam had insisted on staying to help out for a while.

That had been two years ago, and Jason knew he would always be grateful for her help.

“You have to agree Jason that my offer is a good one,” Lorenzo said as he sat at the table on the patio with Jason, watching his granddaughter and Sam.

“It is,” said Jason with a nod.

“So, are you going to take it?”

Jason looked over at the man that for years he had hated. The man who he now trusted with his life and his daughter’s life. “Yeah, I will,” he said.

Lorenzo nodded. “Good. I’ll make sure the guest house is cleaned up. When do you think you can move in?”

Jason looked again at his daughter. “If we get some of the men on it now, we can have it done in time for Elaina to go to bed,” he said.

“Sounds good to me,” Lorenzo said. He didn’t think this day could get any better.


“Aunt Sammy, can Goldie sleep in my bed?” Elaina asked a she gave her pony another carrot.

Sam laughed. “I don’t think there will be enough room for the two of you,” she said, knowing her great-niece was serious in her request. “And besides, she has her own bed to sleep in.”

Elaina knew that was true. She had been shown where Goldie would sleep. She was just going to have to figure out a way to change that.

When the carrots were done, Elaina looked up at Sam as she started to wiggle. “Gotta go potty,” she said, dancing around.

Sam looked down at her. She knew Elaina was wearing a diaper, but then she remembered that Jason had told her about Elaina’s demands to stop wearing a diaper. Knowing there was a bathroom in the stable; she picked up Elaina and took her there.

Elaina was proud of herself as she ran out of the stable and to the back patio. “Daddy! Daddy! Poppi! I go potty!” she yelled.

Jason and Lorenzo looked at each other and then at Sam, who was following Elaina.

“She refused to use her diaper,” she said with a shrug. “Come on munchkin, let’s get cleaned up.”

Jason watched the two go into the house and shook his head. Then he looked at Lorenzo. “Are we ready for this?” he asked.

Lorenzo laughed. “Not at all.”

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