Chapter Twenty-Six

“Hey, Commissioner, you wanted to see us?” Detective Cruz Rodriguez asked as he walked into Mac’s office with his partner, Lucky Spencer.

Mac looked up from the files in front of him. “Yeah,” he said. “I need you two to keep an eye on what’s going on between Alcazar/Morgan and Corinthos.”

“You’re expecting trouble?” Lucky asked.

“Could be,” Mac said. “Morgan and Alcazar both blame Corinthos for his part in Jessica Alcazar’s death. There has to be tension now that he’s back in town.”

Rodriguez and Lucky nodded, knowing this was not going to be an easy task. Morgan and Alcazar had built themselves up to be very powerful in the underworld – but mercifully, things have been quiet since they teamed up. There seemed to be more order and control in the area of organized crime, and if Mac had a choice, he would rather keep things the way they are now than have Corinthos come back into town and mess it all up.

“Just keep tabs on what’s going on. I don’t want a full scale mob war erupting,” Mac said, dismissing the men.


Lucky and Cruz left the office and headed out into the main area of the PCPD.

“So, where do you want to start?” Cruz asked.

“Let’s head over to the Alcazar/Morgan estate and make sure they’re aware that we’re watching them,” Lucky suggested.

Cruz nodded. “I’ll see if Corinthos location can be nailed down and then we’ll drop in on him next.”


Manny paced his control room, one eye on the bank of computer monitors as he thought. He was going to put a stop to Corinthos once and for all. Then he could go ahead with what needed to be done without interruption.

Still fuming, Manny stopped in front of the monitors. Detectives Rodriguez and Spencer had just walked into the living room, accompanied by one of Alcazar’s guards.


“Mr. Alcazar will be right with you,” Juan said as he eyed the two men he had escorted into the living room.

“Thanks,” said Lucky with a nod. While waiting, he took the opportunity to look around. Being that this was not the first time he was in this house, he noticed some slight changes that he was sure was Skye’s touch. There were a few more pictures on the mantel and fresh flowers dotted the large room. The room itself was inviting and comfortable – not what you would expect from one of the top international crime lords.


“Did they say what they wanted?” Lorenzo asked Juan as he sat behind his desk.

“No, sir,” Juan answered. “Just that they wanted to talk to you and Jason.”

“Fine. Call Jason and have him come over,” Lorenzo said as he put his files away and prepared himself for whatever the PCPD wanted from him now.


Jason walked into Lorenzo’s living room, nodding to Lucky and Cruz. He had nothing against them – in fact, he had known Lucky for years. They were good cops and were actually concerned with the well-being of the citizens of Port Charles and not their own agendas. It was actually refreshing.

Lorenzo came downstairs at that moment and greeted the detectives. “Is there a problem gentlemen?” he asked.

“No. At least not at the moment,” Lucky said. “We’re here to let you know that we know Corinthos is back in town. We also know he’s a suspect in your son’s accident, Alcazar. We just want to make sure things stay the way they are – calm and quiet.”

Lorenzo nodded. “Then you should also be aware that Corinthos is working with a man named Manny Ruiz. And if you think Sonny is trouble, you haven’t seen anything yet.”


Manny shook his head. If Alcazar thought he could diffuse the situation by involving the cops, he had another thing coming.


“Do you think it’s a good idea to involve them?” Jason asked after Lucky and Rodriguez had left.

“Probably not, but I don’t see how we couldn’t,” Lorenzo said. “And it might be good to have another set of eyes on them.”

Jason nodded, but he felt that the PCPD’s eyes would also be on them, slowing down their own plans. He said as much to Lorenzo.

“I know, but they’re always watching us anyway. We just have to make sure we don’t get caught.”


Manny smiled. Perfect. He could kill two birds with one stone – so to speak.


Sonny knew he had taken a chance by meeting with Jason – but it was a chance he had to take. Manny was more unstable that he had been lead to believe and Sonny was beginning to realize that he had made a mistake in going to him in the first place. Sure, Sonny had wanted Alcazar to pay for taking his family from him, and maybe even make Jason pay a little for turning his back on him, but to hurt that little girl? Sonny had to draw the line somewhere. She had nothing to do with any of this. In fact, because of him, that little girl was now motherless.

Even if it was the last thing he did, Sonny would make sure no harm came to Jason’s daughter.


Things at the house were quiet once the police had left. Manny knew they would be looking for Sonny next, letting him know they were watching. Maybe he could use that to his advantage. The police had been by to talk to Alcazar and Morgan and now were on their way to Corinthos. An adjustment to his plan started to formulate. But in order for it to work, Manny was going to have to get back onto the Alcazar estate.


The knock on his door had Lorenzo looking up. A smile curved at his lips when he saw Skye. “Hi,” he said, getting up and going over to her.

“Hi,” said Skye as she kissed him. “Are you up for a break?”

Lorenzo nodded. He could use a distraction. “What did you have in mind?” he asked.

Skye smiled. “Nothing too exciting. I have a follow-up appointment with Dr. Lee this afternoon.”

Lorenzo remembered that. “Now, anything to do with out child is definitely exciting,” he said with a smile. “I’ll have Max pull the car around front.”


Manny watched as Alcazar and Skye left the house. He wasn’t sure where they were going, and he didn’t care. But having them out of the house would be beneficial to him, as he needed to get in. He checked the other monitors to see how clear everything would be.

It looked like Morgan was still on the property, at the lake with his daughter and Corinthos’s son’s. Their mother was with them as well.

Manny’s eyes scanned the monitors. He saw Alcazar’s mother in the library – on the other side of the house from Alcazar’s office. And then he found Sam, Alcazar’s sister, in Morgan’s house in the living room.

Grabbing a small, portable monitor that he could use to flip from one screen to another, Manny left. He had some supplies to pick up before he carried out this new twist in his plan.


Carly sighed as she watched Michael and Morgan play with Elaina in the shallow end of the lake. It was a beautiful afternoon, but she just didn’t feel it.

Jason looked over at Carly. “You okay?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Carly said.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, turning more to face her on the blanket he had brought with him.

Carly shrugged. “Am I being fair to Michael and Morgan?” she asked.

Jason wasn’t sure what Carly was talking about. “What do you mean by being fair?” he asked.

Carly turned to him. “By not letting them see Sonny.”

Jason sighed. “You can’t give in Carly,” he said. “Sonny is too dangerous and unstable.”

Carly looked down at her hands. “But he’s their father,” she said.

“Have they been asking about him?” Jason asked, looking over at the boys. Neither Michael nor Morgan had said anything to him about Sonny.

“No. It’s like they don’t even care that he’s back. I know Michael had that run in with him . . . did I poison them to their own father?”

Jason heard the worry in Carly’s voice. “No, Carly. You didn’t poison them at all. Sonny did. When he worked with Faith to kill Jessica, Sonny ruined what he had with his sons on his own. Both Michael and Morgan are old enough to make the decision to not see their father.”

Carly looked at her sons as they played with Elaina. She knew that Jason was right, but that didn’t stop her from feeling guilty anyway.


It had been a major risk – but the fact that he had managed to get into the house again, in broad daylight at that, and take the items he needed – attested to the fact that there was no way they would be able to catch him.

Slipping out just as unseen as he had gone in, Manny made his way to the tree-lined woods just beyond the lake, the items he had come for tucked into the various pockets of his black cargo pants.

Once he was off of the property, Manny pulled out his cell phone. “Find Corinthos and call me back,” he said before disconnecting the call. It was time to take total control of the situation.


“Look Sonny,” Lucky said. “All we want to do is make sure an all-out war doesn’t explode in this town.”

Sonny sighed. “I told you already. I didn’t come here to start a war with Lorenzo Alcazar. My sons are living here and I wanted to be close to them again.”

“Right,” said Cruz. “What can you tell us about a man named Manny Ruiz?”

Sonny didn’t give anything away. He knew how to play this game. “I’ve heard the name, never met the man.”

“Is that so?” asked Lucky, not believing him.

Sonny nodded. “If we’re done here officers,” he said. “I have things to do.”

Cruz looked him up and down. “Just remember Corinthos . . . we’re watching you.”


The police left. Manny shook his head. He was going to have to keep an eye on those two. They might prove to be more trouble than they were worth.

Screwing the silencer onto the gun, Manny made his way to the door. Sonny was staying in his old penthouse. As soon as the elevator doors had closed and it started to make its way down, Manny slipped out of his hiding spot and went to the door, stopping it from closing all the way.

Sonny turned. “What are you doing here?” he asked when he saw Manny. They didn’t have a meeting set up and Manny had never come to him before. Sonny had always been the one to go to him.

“There are a few things we have to settle,” Manny said, the gun at his side. With a smile on his face, he lifted his arm and pulled the trigger twice, catching Sonny in the chest both times.

Manny stood over the body. Then he pulled the thick silver bracelet out of his pocket, dropping it next to the body. He left the apartment, leaving the door open. Once outside, Manny ditched the gun where it was likely to be found in a search.


“Lorenzo, what are you looking for?” Skye asked as she walked into the bedroom. The appointment had gone very well with Dr. Lee and she and Lorenzo had decided to go out for dinner.

“My silver bracelet,” Lorenzo said as he dug around in the draw. “I forgot to put it on this morning.”

“Are you sure you put it in there?” Skye asked as she walked over to him.

“I thought I did,” Lorenzo said. “Maybe Diego borrowed it. I’ll ask him later.”

Looking one last time in the drawer, Lorenzo took Skye’s hand and they left the room.

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