Chapter Sixteen

“What are you not understanding Corinthos?” Manny asked, wondering if the man’s mental issues were impacting his ability to understand.

“I understand plenty,” Sonny snapped. He was getting sick and tired of Manny treating him like some underling with no common sense. “Remember, I am the one who brought you into this. So you need to keep that in mind.”

Manny shook his head as he watched Sonny push his hands through his unruly curls. And people called him crazy. “Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten.”


After the encounter with Sonny on the docks, Lorenzo felt drained and confused. The meeting left him with more questions and worries than before and it was unsettling. He was quiet, comtempelating what Sonny’s next move would be and how he was going to protect his family.

Diego watched his father. He was deep in thought – probably trying to anticipate Sonny’s plan. He didn’t want to interrupt his father’s train of thought, but he had some of his own observations and questions he wanted to voice.

Clearing his throat, Diego was able to get his father’s attention. “Do you think Corinthos and Manny are working together?” he asked.

Lorenzo thought a moment and then nodded. “Sonny isn’t in this alone. And it was Manny that attacked me at the house. I’m not sure what the arrangements between them are in all of this, but I have past experience with Manny Ruiz, and he is not known for his ability to work with others.” Diego processed what his father said. “What are you going to do about it?”

Lorenzo focused in on his son and sighed. “I will not let him take any more of my family away from me.”

Diego nodded in understanding.


Sam sat at the kitchen table, Jason across from her. She wasn’t sure how or where to start. Hoping that Jason would be the one to start, Sam bit her lip, her eyes on the smooth table top.

Jason could see how uncomfortable Sam was – he felt the same way. Sam had been the rock in his life, his saving grace during a dark time in his life. Sure, he cared for her, how could he not? But with the questions Elaina was raising – and apparently not just to him – it was forcing Jason to think and even look at Sam differently. His concern, though, was that it wasn’t fair to Sam. His heart belonged to Jessica, and when she died, that part of him died with her.

Finally clearing his throat, Jason looked at Sam, who was still looking at the table. “I heard what Elaina was asking you,” he said.

“I kind of figured you had,” Sam said softly. Was he upset about it? Sam was afraid to lift her eyes to find out.

“She was asking me the same questions about you,” Jason stated gently.

Surprised, Sam looked up at Jason. “She did? What did you say to her?” she blurted out.

Jason bit back a smile of amusement at Sam’s reaction. “Honestly, I was shocked . . . the questions came out of nowhere. But I assured her that I liked you and I was glad that you’re here with us.”

“I pretty much told her the same thing,” Sam said as she nodded.

“She seemed content with our responses, so I don’t think we need to worry about her,” Jason said.

Sam thought about that a moment. “Are you sure you’re not worried?” she asked cautiously.

Jason looked at her quizzically. “Why would I need to be worried?” he asked.

Biting her lip, Sam fought the temptation to look down at the table again. She needed to sort her thoughts before telling him what she was thinking.

Jason watched her. “Sam?” he prompted when she didn’t respond. “Why would I need to be worried?”

Swallowing, Sam let out a breath. “Maybe she’s asking because she’s confused. I mean, she knows her mother is not here . . . but with me here, it might be confusing her as to my role in her life and yours.”

“I don’t think she’s confused Sam. Elaina has proven to be very observant and intelligent. She knows who you are in her life. I’ll be honest with you Sam, I was expecting these questions . . . just not this soon.”

“So you don’t think that my being this involved in Elaina’s life is more harmful than helpful?”

Reaching out, Jason put his hand over Sam’s. “You are not hurting Elaina,” he said gently, his eyes on her. “You have been there for her from day one. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“But Jason, I don’t want you to think I’m trying to take Jessica’s place in any way,” sam said, the worry shining through her eyes.

Jason shook his head. “Sam, Jessica loved you. She admired and respecting you. And I can guarantee you, Sam, that Jessica would be as grateful for your support as I am. You are not taking her place. You have your own role in both of our lives. And I have heard you talk about Jessica to her – you are keeping her memory alive. You are doing nothing wrong here.”

Sam nodded and smiled. “Thank you, Jason,” she whispered. It meant so much to hear Jason say what he did.


Lorenzo sighed and rubbed his hand over his face. After arriving back at the estate, he and Diego climbed out of the limo. The confrontation with Sonny had taken a lot out of him – causing Lorenzo to think about things and feelings he had tried to not think about for a while.

Diego watched his father carefully. “Pop . . . you okay?” he asked worriedly.

“Yes, Diego, I’m fine,” Lorenzo said with a small smile as he put his hand on his son’s shoulder. “I have a lot of things to think about though. You don’t need to worry about me.”

“I think I do, Pop. You’ve had to deal with a lot recently. You know you don’t have to do any of this alone,” Diego said. “Because you’re not.”

Lorenzo nodded. “I know Diego. Believe me, I know,” he said with a nod and smile for his son. “Look, I know you have plans with Georgie. Go. Have a good time.”

“Are you sure?” Diego could still see the look in his father’s eyes.

“I’m sure,” Lorenzo said. “Just be careful.”

After Diego had climbed into his own car and drove away, Lorenzo turned and headed toward the house. All he wanted to do right now was kiss the woman he loved and spend some time with his granddaughter. Then he would sit down with Jason and figure out what to do about Sonny Corinthos.


“Mamma Mella!” Sam screeched as she raced into the kitchen and threw her arms around Esmerelda, squeezing her tightly.

Esmerelda laughed as she hugged Sam. “Let me look at you,” she said, holding Sam an arms length from her. “You look amazing.”

Sam blushed. “You are the one who looks amazing!” she said with a laugh. “How was your flight? Was everything okay?”

“Everything was fine. I have to say, traveling in style is very relaxing,” Esmerelda said with a smile. Then she looked over Sam’s shoulder. “And where is my little munchkin?”

Sam laughed. “She’s taking a nap – and believe me, she needs it. She and Jason spent the afternoon out after spending all morning at the lake.”

Esmerelda laughed. “Take a breath girl,” she said. “You still haven’t managed to talk at a normal speed when you get going.”

“You mean she actually spoke at a normal speed at one time?” Jason asked as he walked into the kitchen and hugged Esmerelda. “It’s god to see you.”

“You too my boy,” said Esmerelda as she hugged Jason back. “It’s good to see you looking better.”

“Okay, enough chit-chat,” said Sam, bouncing on her toes. “Lorenzo should be here any minute, and I want him to be surprised.”

“Sam, relax. I saw him over in the driveway talking to Diego,” said Jason with a smile.

“I just want him to be surprised,” Sam said.

“Surprised about what?” Lorenzo asked as he stepped into the kitchen through the back door. Looking up, he stopped. “Mamma?”


“Hey, Georgie, I’m on my over. Meet me at Pier 52,” Diego said as he navigated his car through the streets of Port Charles.

“I’ll be waiting,” Georgie said with a smile. Then she closed her phone and slipped it into her bag.

Diego snapped his phone shut and tossed it onto the seat beside him. He didn’t notice the car coming up behind him.


“But . . . but what are you doing here?” Lorenzo asked, still shocked at seeing his mother in his kitchen.

Esmerelda raised an eyebrow. “Now, that is not how I raised you Lorenzo Alcazar,” she said, waving a finger at him.

“Yes ma’am,” Lorenzo said as he pulled his mother into his arms.

Skye smiled as she watched them. This is exactly what she had hoped would happen. She could see Lorenzo visibly relax in his mother’s arms. It brought tears to her eyes. She looked over at Sam and saw the same thing in the other’s woman’s eyes. And they smiled at each other.


“Now the fun starts,” Manny said to himself as he watched the black Porsche being run off the road by the large SUV one of his men was driving. If Lorenzo Alcazar thought he was going to get through this without collateral damage, then he was going to be sorely mistaken.

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