Chapter Ten

“I said I’m fine,” Lorenzo insisted as Milo and Max helped him up. Every inch of him hurt as the two men helped him to the couch.

Sam shook her head. “Lorenzo, you could have internal injuries and not know it,” she said to her brother. When Sam walked into the library, she had taken in the destruction of the room and the image of her brother lying in the middle of the floor, obviously beaten pretty badly and unconscious. Checking his pulse, she had called for Max and Milo – knowing that whoever had done this was now gone.

Before Lorenzo could protest again, Jason and Carly burst into the room. Carly gasped when she saw Lorenzo’s face. “I’m getting ice and the first aide kit,” she said, hurrying out of the room and toward the nearest bathroom.

As Milo and Max checked the room, Jason grabbed the phone and dialed Stan. “Get to the main house now,” he said in a hard and angry tone before hanging up. Then he turned to Lorenzo. “Do you remember what happened?” he asked.

Lorenzo nodded and then instantly regretted it as his whole head throbbed with the movement. “Yeah. I was finishing up some work in here before Skye and Elaina got back. I never heard anyone coming. Whoever did this beamed me on the back of the head first.”

Sam took in Lorenzo’s bruised and cut face, the gash on the back of his head. “He needs to go to the hospital Jason,” she said.

Lorenzo shook his head. “No. I’ll be fine.”

Jason turned to Milo. “Call Dr. Robinson and have him come by the house.”

Milo nodded and pulled out his phone.

“How did you know to find me here?” Lorenzo asked his sister, seeing the anger and worry in her eyes.

“Skye. She said something didn’t feel right when she and Elaina got here. You didn’t come when Elaina called for you and she saw your cell phone on the desk in the living room. She brought Elaina over to Jason’s and told me what was going on.”

“Are they okay?” Lorenzo asked in alarm. Whoever had done this could have still been here when Skye and Elaina were looking for him.

“We’re fine,” said Skye as she walked into the room behind Carly. Then she saw Lorenzo. “Oh God.” She rushed over to him, grabbing the first aide kit from the other woman’s hands. “And don’t say you’re fine,” she snapped at him when he went to open his mouth. There was a bloody gash on his head, his lip was split and swollen, there was a large bruise forming on his cheek under his eye. And Skye had a feeling there were more bruises where she couldn’t immediately see. “Sit back,” she said, arranging the pillows behind him. She watched Lorenzo wince and hiss in pain as he sat back. Pulling his shirt from his pants, she unbuttoned it and shook her head at the large bruise she could see. “Lorenzo, you could have several broken ribs.”

Lorenzo was deeply touched by Skye’s concern for him, but he had a job to do. “I don’t think they’re broken Skye – just bruised. And Dr. Robinson is on his way over.”

Skye nodded without comment.

Sam looked around the room. Most of the furniture was broken as well as any kind of statue or knick-knack. Books and photos had been tossed from the shelves, a few of the books torn apart. Then she saw the paper on the floor, near where Lorenzo had been lying. Walking over, she picked it up and unfolded it.




“Let’s just say that I let Alcazar know I’m in the game,” Manny said with a smile that did nothing to ease Sonny’s tortured mind.

“This is not a game Ruiz,” he said, staring at the man in disbelief. “I just want Lorenzo Alcazar to pay for destroying my life – and everyone else who took a part in it.”

“And what better way to destroy them to torture them as they have tortured you. You’re the one who said Alcazar stole Morgan from you. That he was the one who sent his daughter after your enforcer – seduced him and drew him into her web. That he orchestrated things with Lansing to continue to draw Jason in. And how she trapped him forever with that brat. From what you have said, this was all Alcazar’s doing, and he must be punished. And he will be.”

Sonny nodded. Manny was right. This was all Lorenzo Alcazar’s fault and he had to pay. It was as simple as that. Then he would have his sons back and Jason. But what about Carly and Skye? Sonny shook his head to clear the thoughts. No, they involved themselves in this – they stayed by Alcazar’s side, especially Carly, when everything went down. His own wife had turned her back on him and went to Alcazar for help in taking his children from him. And Skye? Well, it was her own fault for falling in love with Alcazar. And now she too would have to suffer the consequences of her choice.


Jason was pacing the library. He couldn’t let this touch his family – not again. The last time he was lax in his duties, he had lost the woman he loved with all his heart. There was no way Jason was going to lose his daughter to this. To Sonny and a psychotic killer.

“I want you to take Elaina down to the island,” he said absently to Sam, who was still in the room with him. Dr. Robinson had given Lorenzo a sedative after examining him and was now sleeping in his room. Jason was just glad that he didn’t have to deal with Skye right now – as soon as Lorenzo had started to refuse, Skye had threatened to shove it down his throat herself. Lorenzo had no choice but to give in.

“You know, as well I do, that running and hiding won’t help,” Sam said from the couch. She had been going over the information Stan had compiled on Manny Ruiz. “I don’t know this Ruiz as well as you or Lorenzo, but from what I have read so far, he seems even more unstable that Sonny. I think keeping Elaina close is the only way to protect her.”

Jason stopped his pacing and looked at her. She was right. If he sent his daughter away, Jason knew that would distract him more worrying about her. “You’re right,” he said with a sigh.

Sam got up. “She’ll be okay Jason,” she said gently putting her hand on his arm. “There are a lot of people here who will protect Elaina and keep her safe.”

Jason looked down at Sam. When he wanted to just shut the world out, she wouldn’t let him. Sam kept his head above water, kept him living, and not just for his daughter, but for himself and his family. She put her own life on hold to be there for him.

“Thank you Sam,” he said softly.

“For what?” Sam asked with a smile as she looked up into his eyes. Blue eyes so deep that Sam was sure she would drown in them.

“For being here,” Jason said simply. “For taking on a responsibility and life that were not yours to begin with.”

Sam bit her bottom lip, looking down. “You don’t have to thank me for that Jason. You’re all my family and I would never abandon my family.”

And that’s what Jason admired most about her. Sam was strong and independent – much like Jessica had been. But Sam was not Jessica. Sam was her own person and for the first time in the last two years, Jason saw her – really saw her. And he had no idea what to do with that.


Skye sat on the couch in her and Lorenzo’s room as he slept on the large bed. She was angry – but not at Lorenzo, well, not totally at Lorenzo. But at the man who thought he could just come into their home as if he owned the place and hurt the man she loved. Her anger at Lorenzo came from the fact that he refused to go to the hospital for treatment.

Sighing, Skye got up and started pacing, her nervous energy making it hard to sit still. Skye moved around the large room, straightening things up. Dr. Robinson had assured Skye that Lorenzo was going to be fine. There was no internal bleeding and his ribs were only bruised – not broken. He had said that all Lorenzo needed was some rest and he would be okay. But as Skye looked at Lorenzo, her eyes welled up at the bruises on his face. Shaking her head, Skye blinked back her tears and moved into the bathroom to put away the first aide kit and straighten up in there.

Returning back to the bedroom, Skye stopped when she saw Elaina standing by the bed, looking at Lorenzo. Skye went over to the little girl and picked her up.

Elaina looked at Skye and then back at Lorenzo. “Poppi has boo-boos,” she said, pointing at Lorenzo’s face.

“Yes, he does sweetie,” Skye said as she hugged the little girl.

“Poppi fall down?” she asked curiously.

“Your Poppi is going to be okay, but he needs to rest,” Skye said gently.

“Me take nap with Poppi?” Elaina asked, pointing at the space on the bed next to Lorenzo. Then she yawned.

Skye smiled. “How about we both take a nap with Poppi,” she suggested, sitting on the empty side of the bed. She helped Elaina take off her shoes and take the band out of her ponytail. Then Skye slipped off her own shoes and lay down with Elaina in between her and Lorenzo. Turning on her side, Skye watched as Elaina snuggled into Lorenzo sighed, her breathing evening out as the excitement of the day took its toll and she fell asleep.


Stan found Jason and Sam in the living room. “I’ve got the information you needed,” he said urgently, handing Jason a folder. “Two warehouses have been purchased on the waterfront about twenty-four hours ago. Also, two shipments belonging to the Ruiz family have been diverted to the docks where those two warehouses are. Looks like Ruiz is setting up base here.”

Jason nodded as he looked over the information. The warehouses in question were old, rundown ones that had been vacant for a while now. And they were on the opposite end of the docks from his own. “Do we know what’s in those diverted boats?” he asked.

“Not yet, but I have some men working on it. From what I was able to gather, the Ruiz family deals mainly in drugs,” said Stan.

Jason growled under his breath. “Find out for sure what’s in them and then take care of it. I do not want drugs moving through Port Charles.”

Stan nodded. “I also just spoke with Max and security has been tripled on the property and Carly’s house.”

Jason nodded as he continued to look over the file. He was not going to let Sonny and Manny destroy the life, family, and business he has been building.


Diego rushed into the house, finding Sam in the kitchen. “Where’s Pop? Is he okay?” he asked urgently. As soon as he had found out what happened, Diego had left campus as fast as he could to get home.

Sam turned to her nephew. “He’s resting, but he’s going to be okay,” Sam assured him.

“How did this nutcase get in here?” Diego asked angrily. “I though security was being increased.”

“This happened before it was,” Sam explained. “Skye came home with Elaina and felt something was wrong. She came to get me and I found your father in the library.”

Diego started pacing back and forth, reminding Sam of her brother. “Diego, he’s going to be fine,” she said.

“Yeah, this time,” said Diego angrily. “This Ruiz person is a psycho, who knows what he’s capable of.”

“How do you know that?” Sam asked curiously.

“I did my own research,” said Diego.

“Diego, I know you’re angry – so am I. But you can’t go off half-cocked on your own. You said yourself that Manny is psychotic. I know it’s not easy, but you’re going to have to wait,” Sam said firmly, making her nephew look at her.

Diego looked into his aunt’s eyes and nodded. “I won’t go and do anything on my own, but I am not going to sit in the background Sam.”

“Believe me Diego, neither am I,” Sam said.

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