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Summary: The disappearance of her brother sends a doctor to Atlantis to team up with Weir’s group to find him.

Rated: NC-17

Chapter One

The sun beat down on the land below sucking away the already limited air, making it seem hotter than its one hundred and seventeen degrees.

Major Dayius Omiga took the moment to take a drink of water from his thermos, relishing in quiet delight as the semi-cold liquid rushed down his throat. He felt as if he were back home and inside one of the many saunas they had in the workout room on base. Three years made him miss home – and the wife and child that he had left behind. Make that ex-wife and child.

Although he missed his loved ones, Dayius would not have changed his decision to become part of a team sent through the Stargate to explore unknown worlds. To experience the unseen lands.

A day with his team was never dull.

With a sigh, he put the lid back on his thermos just as a shadow loomed over him. “We’re running out of water, Amyia.”

His partner, and second-in-command, nodded her ever-present rifle tucked into her side as her eyes scanned the land in front of them. Dayius could always count on her being sharp, even in dire situations such as this.

“Well Major, if we hadn’t gotten lost, we would have been at the Stargate by now,” she replied, then stated the very obvious. “Actually, three days, seven hours, and thirty-seven point…”

Dayius put his hand up to stop her. “I know very well what day it is,” he said with a raised brow.

Amyia smiled in satisfaction. “Just checking…sir.”

Rolling his eyes, Dayius began walking again. “Where are Michael and Tayon?”

“Stumbling about a half mile back,” Amyia answered with another smile. “They will be along.”



Nails dug into his back and Michael growled both in pain and in pleasure as he thrust deeper into his lover. When they returned home, he would definitely be chopping those nails off himself.

Biting the skin just between her neck and shoulder, Michael groaned as he spilled deeply inside her, a movement that pushed her right over the edge with him. As both of them gasped for air, he smiled. “We have got to stop doing this,” he said, brushing back the soft tendrils of hair that belonged to his partner.

Tayon let out a sharp, but very satisfied laugh as she leaned her head against his. “You know you love it.”

Licking his dry lips, Michael sighed. “It’s not a matter of me loving it. Tayon we are breaking military…”

She put a hand up to his lips, stopping him from continuing with his usual tirade. “We risk our lives for them each and every day when we go on these missions.”

“Which we signed up for, willingly,” he said behind her fingers.

Tayon rolled her eyes. “It is beside the point Michael, we see things that not a lot of our people see…and not a lot of it is good. We risk our lives. So why is there a law forbidding team members from engaging in a little fun once in a while?”

Michael put his hand up again. “Because it’s the law.”

Her feet touched the ground and Tayon glared at her love in defiance. “It is a law written by men that have nothing better to do than sit on their aging hairy asses coming up with plans to keep us in line.”

Michael pulled up his pants and then pulled on his shirt, grabbing his handgun and strapping it to his thigh. “It keeps us alive.”

Turning away, she began dressing herself. “Why do I even bother with you?” she muttered, slipping into her own shirt, which immediately stuck to her skin. Damn heat.

A growl escaped Michael as he took his rifle from its resting place against the tree. Within easy reach. “We aren’t doing this again, Tayon.”

Shaking her head, Tayon put her own handgun in the back of her pants. After grabbing her rifle she stood. “I am done talking.”

“Tayon!” shouted Michael as he watched her walk back into the forest. He followed her. “Damn it, Tayon wait!”


“Dayius, look.”

An answering curse came from behind a tree and Amyia watched in amusement as the man in question made his entrance. “Trouble, sir?” she asked.

A growl from Dayius nearly made her laugh.

“Remind me when we get home that I need to cut the grass,” he muttered under his breath.

Amyia bowed her head slightly, but the amusement stayed. “Of course, sir.”

Dayius shook his head and then turned his attention to the matter at hand. “Now what do you want me to see…”

A sharp intake of breath stopped his words short, and Dayius let his eyes move up. The dark and very tall object that he could only guess was a spacecraft stood a few feet away in a quarry several feet below them, almost hidden by the trees. “Amyia…please tell me the heat hasn’t gotten to me.”

“If it has, sir, then we are all hallucinating the big black ship as well,” came Amyia’s reply.

Swallowing past the dryness in his mouth, Dayius nodded. It was not a hallucination. “Are you getting any readings yet?”

Amyia shook her head. “Not from our stand-point, sir.”

Turning his head, Dayius nodded to Michael and Tayon. “Nice of you to finally join us…Michael any signs of life forms?”

Looking down at his life signs detector, Michael shook his head. “None that I can see…but it could be abandoned, sir,” he said, his voice sharp.

“And I’m not getting any readings from mine either. No energy readings in or outside this craft,” came Tayon’s reply before Dayius could say anything. “This place has been abandoned for quite some time. And according to my readings, it’s been here for years.”

“Do we know if it landed here?”

Michael shook his head. “No, sir. But nothing can land here without having gone through a Stargate first.”

Nodding, Dayius looked out at the ship and the surrounding quarry that most of it had inhabited. “So it may have crashed here.”

“Yes, sir.”

Taking another drink from his thermos, Dayius finally came to a decision. “We don’t know if there are life forms on this thing, nor do we know if it’s from here or not. Or why it crashed. We need to take readings, investigate the outside-in. Maybe we can figure out why it’s been abandoned.”

Michael took a step forward. “I don’t think that is a good idea, sir,” he said. For the last three years he had gotten to know his leader, he had never once called him by his first name. And it was starting to annoy Dayius.

“Did I ask for your opinion?” asked Dayius, his voice sharp and commanding.

Looking down, Michael shook his head. “No, sir.”

“We were sent to this world for a reason, and we are going to investigate every thing we can. And that includes this ship. Got it Doctor?”

Michael nodded once again. “Yes, sir. I know what to do.”

Dayius rolled his eyes. “Then let us go and do our jobs and then move on,” he said, right before he began moving to the ship.

Tayon looked at Michael and shook her head. “Never question his judgment, Michael. What the hell were you thinking?”

Glaring at Tayon, Michael began walking after Amyia and Dayius. “I have a bad feeling about this place.”

“You always say that,” she snapped at him.

“Have I ever been wrong?”

Tayon hoped that he was wrong. Because if he wasn’t, and they got stuck in that spacecraft, all hell would break loose.


The inside was as deep and dark as the outside, and unnaturally taller.

A breeze blew across Tayon as she pointed her rifle in front of her. Ready at a moments notice and quick to defend her team, even though she was shaking like a leaf.

“It’s freezing in here,” she stated as she continued onward through the narrow hallway. She nearly tripped over something and when familiar hands righted her, she immediately pulled away. “Stop touching me!”

“I was catching you!”

“If you haven’t noticed already the wall would have caught me, Michael!”

“You are acting like a spoiled little brat!”

“And you are being an arrogant shit…”

A loud sound from Dayius made them both jump. “Will you two shut up before I send you both out of here!”

“And what Dayius, so we can get lost again?” snapped Tayon.

Dayius narrowed his eyes. “I wasn’t the one who sent us in the wrong direction!” he snapped back.

“But you kept on going…”

“I do not have to defend myself to you or…”

The sound of Amyia’s gun went off making all of them dive for cover. Once she was sure she had their attention, Amyia glared. “I do not want to hear about who’s fault it was, and I don’t care to listen to you three argue!” she snapped at them. “Now get up and let’s look around, and then go and find our ship. And not another peep from you!”

As one Dayius, Michael, and Tayon stood mumbling their grunts and groans.

“Did I ask for opinions?” yelled Amyia.

“No ma’am,” Michael quickly answered.

Amyia looked at Tayon.

“No, you did not…ma’am,” Tayon answered, glaring at Michael and Dayius.

With one look at Dayius, who shrugged sheepishly, Amyia nodded. “We split up. Tayon you’re with me. Michael…Dayius…try not to break anything.”

As she turned and began walking all she could hear was the grunts of approval as she disappeared around the corner.


The higher they rose, the colder it got.

“This does not make any sense,” said Tayon as she walked behind Amyia, her rifle against her chest, her life signs detector swinging slowly from left to right, looking for heat signatures. “Outside it seems to be getting hotter, while in here…it’s getting colder.”

Amyia nodded, her eyes scanning the darkness. “It must have been here for years, but what I don’t understand is that if the ship is here, where are its inhabitants? They couldn’t have just vanished into thin air.”

Tayon gave into the immediate urge to pull her rifle closer to herself. It seemed as if the darkness was closing all around her, sucking her in somehow. “Maybe they abandoned the ship,” she questioned.

“Maybe…but there would be some evidence,” came Amyia’s response.

Rolling her eyes, Tayon continued to move forward.


Dayius kept close to Michael, although he moved faster than the other man who was currently lost in his readings.

It was dark and quiet, too quiet for his liking. And it was freezing as well.

“I suppose this is where all the air went from outside,” said Michael, the first words he had uttered since being teamed with Dayius. He looked up when he heard a curse and winced when he saw that Dayius had hit his head on a sharp part of the wall. It was unusual; the wall seemed to be protruding, as if moving with each of their movements.


Straightening, Dayius nodded and then continued onward. “It could be,” he said, silently accepting Michael’s apology. “But the ship is cornered off, why would it be sucking air from the land?”

Michael rolled his eyes, putting his hands up. “Hey, you’re the big man; I’m just the technical guy.”

Dayius raised an eyebrow. “Why does everybody assume that I know every thing there is to know about each planet we visit?” he asked.

“Because you’re the boss,” came Michael’s response, followed by a smirk.

Shaking his head once again and trying not to wince with the slight pain that remained, Dayius turned a corner. “And if I wasn’t?”

Michael shivered. “I don’t even want to think about that.”

Dayius went to say something when he stopped in his tracks. “What the hell…”

The narrow walls they had been walking since they had entered the spacecraft had opened up into a large, circular room. The flooring they walked on was of a dark marble, one that Michael had never seen before.

Swallowing the sudden lump in his throat, Michael looked up at Dayius. “Sir,” he said then jerked when a light suddenly came on. “Oh shit…”

Dayius looked at his surroundings and then at Michael. “Easy Michael, it’s just light.”

Michael immediately glared at him. “I know what light is,” he snarled.

“You’re jumpy,” Dayius questioned, trying to keep a smile from reaching his lips. He didn’t succeed and had to turn away.

Growling, Michael began walking around the room. “You would be too if you were stuck on a ship that suddenly had lights come on like that.”

And he would be. Dayius could feel a shiver run down his spine, and it wasn’t from the cold. “Anything?” he asked after a moment.

Michael shook his head once more. “You know, I think we should get out of here,” he said.

“We’re not done searching.”

“Look boss, the place is deserted. If they were here we would have found them by now.”

“Michael, I will not say this again…”

A sharp grinding sound stopped the argument from going any further. Michael and Dayius took one look at each other.

Michael began taking a step back. “I have this insane urge to check in with Amyia and Tayon.”

Dayius could only nod, watching Michael take out the communicator. “Tell them to meet us outside.”

“Dawson to Henderson. Do you read me?” Michael barked into the communicator, his rifle now at his side.

The sound of grinding metal returned, this time sharper and louder. Dayius pulled his rifle. “Damn it, Michael tell me you put batteries in those things before we left the ship!”

“It’s not battery operated, sir…and yes, I put them in before we…”


Hearing the voice of his girlfriend put both Michael and Dayius at slight ease. Until the sound returned.

“Where are you?” he asked.

“We’re about to go to the next level,” Tayon answered. “We found an elevator of sorts.”

Michael looked up at Dayius with wide eyes. “Don’t!” he snapped over the communicator.

“What? Michael what is wrong?”

“Go back.”


“Don’t question me! Just do what I say now!” yelled Michael, before nodding as the two men turned to leave.


“Michael?” asked Tayon as she turned the dial. “I didn’t get that, repeat. I didn’t get that!”

Amyia moved over to her. “What is going on?” she asked.

Tayon shook her head, a feeling of dread running through her. “I don’t…” she started.

“Damn it, Tayon if you hear me get back to the entrance right now!” came Michael’s voice over the communicator.

Both women looked at each other. “Michael?” asked Tayon.

A loud sound, like a rifle going off, sounded over the communicator.

“Holy shit! Dayius!”

Tayon looked at Amyia with fear on her face. “Michael?” she cried into the communicator. “Damn it, talk to me!”

The other woman reached out and snatched the communicator from Tayon’s hands. “Dawson?” snapped Amyia. “Dayius? Can you hear me? This better not be a joke!”

Silence overtook the communicator once more, and Amyia swallowed. “Michael?” she asked again.

“Oh my God,” said Tayon, running her hands through her hair. “We have to go after them!”

Amyia grabbed Tayon from moving forward. “No, did you hear anything they said. We meet them at the entrance.”

“But didn’t you hear them! They could be in trouble!”

“Stop it!” yelled Amyia as she shook the other woman. “Pull yourself together, damn it!”

Tayon nodded after a moment and pulled her rifle to her chest. “Okay,” she said.



Knowing that Tayon was now under control, Amyia grabbed her own rifle. “We go to the entrance and wait for them.”

“All right,” said Tayon, as she began moving back the way the two had come.

A sound made them both stop in their tracks when the sound of the elevator began shaking, then moving.

“Oh dear God,” she said, her eyes going to Amyia’s.

Amyia felt the shaking in her body even before the ding came. As the doors began to open, she gasped. “Tayon…”

Another sound was made, but not by either women. In unison, both of them turned their guns out.

“Tayon!” yelled Amyia watching in horror as the creature in front of them grab Tayon by the throat.

Everything moved as if in slow motion. The creature threw Tayon against the wall, and Amyia watched the other woman slump to the floor. Then she found herself against the wall, her rifle ripped away from her, and a deep scratch on her cheek. The creature’s head moved to the side, then slowly moved toward her. Amyia fought against the invisible binds that held her captive to no avail. “No!” she growled out.

The creature smiled, its head turning to the side.

“You hunger, human.”

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