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Below you will find the series I wrote in dedication for General Hospital's Samantha McCall, Jason Morgan, and Elizabeth Webber. Although, these three do not make appearances together often on the show, there is a simmering attraction, in both of the women, for Jason. I wanted to break all walls when it came to my writing and in these four stories, I have done that.

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Tequila Nights - Girls' Night Out

Summary: When Lucky assumes yet again that Elizabeth is cheating, Elizabeth finally has enough and goes to Jakeís for an evening of well-deserved drinking. Sam is still angry over Jasonís sudden excuses that she would be better off without him. Finally having enough, Sam heads over to Jakeís for a drink and is surprised to see Elizabeth.

Emily has a fight with Sonny and finally realizes that Jason was right. Depressed, she goes to Jakeís for a much-needed drink and is surprised to see her two friends there. Robin is angered by Patrick after being caught in the supply closet by Kelly. Deciding to head to Jakeís, she is surprised to see her friends, including Sam.

By the end of the night will these women be spending a night in jail when a fight between Carly and Robin starts, or will they get what their hearts desire?

Rated: M

Tequila Nights - Naughty Girls

Summary: Itís been three weeks since the girls got together for a wild night at Jakeís. When Elizabeth gets the divorce papers, and gets into a nasty fight with Lucky on the docks, she decides itís time to go back to Jakeís. After confronting her mother about the night she asked Jason to stay away, Sam is shocked when Jason asks her if she really wants to move in.

Both having a rotten day at work, Emily and Robin once again join the girls for a girlís night out which turns into Sam bringing Elizabeth to the penthouse.

Is it a sleepover that turns into a wild night of passion between Jason and Elizabeth? Will Sam be thrown to the side as desires come forth and a secret is revealed?

Watch out, the naughty girls are in the house!

Rated: M

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