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Summary: It’s been three weeks since the girls got together for a wild night at Jake’s. When Elizabeth gets the divorce papers, and gets into a nasty fight with Lucky on the docks, she decides it’s time to go back to Jake’s. After confronting her mother about the night she asked Jason to stay away, Sam is shocked when Jason asks her if she really wants to move in.

Both having a rotten day at work, Emily and Robin once again join the girls for a girl’s night out which turns into Sam bringing Elizabeth to the penthouse.

Is it a sleepover that turns into a wild night of passion between Jason and Elizabeth? Will Sam be thrown to the side as desires come forth and a secret is revealed?

Watch out, the naughty girls are in the house!

Rated: M

Tequila Nights - Naughty Girls

Part Two

It took her longer to get off the bench than she thought.

The pain in her heart was just too much, and the realization that she did have feelings for Jason slowly came to the surface.

Elizabeth looked at the spot where Lucky had been standing and sniffled. She had hurt him more than she thought she had, and now the truth was out. She didn’t know what she was going to do.

Not having the energy to walk herself home, or even call work to tell them she wouldn’t be there, Elizabeth slowly climbed the stairs and looked up at the darkening sky.

November had slowly brought fall into early winter, and surprisingly it had brought out the stars.

How had she let her life come to this? How could she have done this to Cameron most of all? How could she face her little boy without feeling bad about the decisions she had made?

Lucky was the only father her son had ever known, and now she had pushed him away.

Swallowing past the tears she sight of the sign that proclaimed that Jake’s Bar was just around the corner.

“Sam!” laughed Elizabeth as she held onto the counter so she wouldn’t fall. “What brings you here?”

The other woman’s eyes strayed to the bottle of tequila.

“Pain,” she finally answered after a moment.

The memory of that night and what she and her friends had done had remained locked in her brain, coming out when she least expected it to.

That night had brought her closer to Sam than she ever thought possible, and for that, she was glad.

It had also been the night that Sam and Jason had gotten back together.


Elizabeth turned at the sound of her name and she smiled when she recognized who had uttered it.

She watched as Sam hurried down the stairs toward her, the smile she wore on her face contagious. Tilting her head to the side, Elizabeth knew immediately that her and Jason had reconciled.

The feeling of sharp pain that pierced through her heart was a surprise and she immediately covered it by brightening her smile.

“Sam, what brings you here?” she asked as she moved over to sit down on the bench.

Sam shrugged, the smile still on her face. “I just came from the lake house. Me, Kristina, and Molly had lunch at Kelly’s.”

Elizabeth smiled as she looked up at her friend. “I’m glad that you and Alexis are working things out.”

“Me too, I don’t know about you but I was getting tired of fighting with that woman,” said Sam truthfully as she rolled her eyes.

Laughing, Elizabeth slid over so that Sam could sit down next to her. “So, it looks like you and Jason are back together, huh?” she asked, even though she knew the answer.

Sam nodded, a blissful look coming to her face. “We talked it over and I got to lay all my feelings out on the table and Jason finally let me talk for once,” she said with another eye roll.

“I’m glad you two worked everything out,” said Elizabeth, looking down at her lap.

Sam frowned and then reached out and took her friend’s hand in hers. “Hey, don’t look so down. I can’t have that,” she teased.

Elizabeth’s mouth curved slightly.

“I’m guessing by that look that you and Lucky haven’t worked out anything, huh?” she asked.

Sighing, Elizabeth pulled away and got up. “You mean when I found Maxie in my bed the next morning with my husband?” she snapped out.

Sam’s mouth opened in shock and she stood. “Oh, Liz…God, I’m sorry. Did Cameron see?”

“Thankfully, no. But I let Lucky have it before I packed everything and left. God, Sam! I can’t believe this is happening…I thought he loved me. I thought he loved me enough to stick around, you know?”

Licking her lips, Sam slowly moved in front of Elizabeth. “Sometimes, relationships don’t work out. You don’t see it until it hits you right in the face. I’m just sorry it happened to you.”

Elizabeth closed her eyes as the tears fell and she felt Sam slowly pull her against her. Opening her eyes she wrapped her arms around Sam as she allowed the other woman to hold her.

“I can’t believe it’s over,” she whispered as she began to sob.

Elizabeth shook her head almost violently, the memory of breaking down in Sam’s arms too terrible to go through again.

Reaching up, she brushed the tears away and then moved up the last step and began walking.

Her feet led her to the familiar door, and as she opened it the familiar smell of smoke and bad odor hit her senses and she nearly stepped back.

That was when she caught sight of it, two women sitting at a table drinking and laughing.

Her friends.

“Please…tell me you have enough liquor on hand tonight, Coleman,” she exclaimed unconsciously as she walked inside.

The door slammed shut behind her.


She should have been used to this.

Used to the questions, the doubt, and the pain. Mostly, always, the pain.

Taking a deep breath, Sam tried not to let the sob that wanted so badly to be free, escape her. She couldn’t bear the looks of the people now on the pier. She couldn’t bear another cry fest.

Cry fest, she thought to herself with a snort of self-hatred, wanting nothing more than to kick the can of trash across the docks. I cry too much!

Sam glared at the looks she was given and the pedestrians immediately looked and hurried away. Go ahead, run! Make fun at the next Sunday brunch! “Little Samantha McCall was rude to me!”!

She almost wanted to puke at the thought. These rich people having nothing better to do than sit on the pedestals until their next teatime. It made her sick to her stomach at the ridiculousness of it all.

Wanting nothing more than to become invisible to them, Sam took the stairs away from the pier and stopped, her eyes immediately going to the stars that shone brightly. A smile slowly came to her lips as she closed her eyes, letting the cold rush of air cool off her warm body.

Sam missed this. Nights when she could just look up at the stars with not a care in the world. It made her long for the days on her boat, when the day gave into night and the stars shined so brightly they illuminated the water.

Keeping the secret to herself that she missed working on her boat had Sam regretting the way she had acted tonight. But she couldn’t help it!

Her head hurt from all the fighting she had done today and she felt sick to her stomach. Reaching down she rubbed the tightness in her lower abdomen and bit her lip.

Today all she wanted to do was get the rest of her stuff, spend time with her sisters, and go home and snuggle with her boyfriend.

Was that too much to ask?

Apparently it was, otherwise she wouldn’t be here at the moment, in the cold, freezing her ass off.

Swallowing past the tears she caught sight of the sign. Jake’s was a place where she could forget about her problems, a place where she could have fun and just be herself.

Biting her lip, she looked toward the harbor and the darkness where Harbor View Towers sat. She then looked toward Jake’s. Two questions, one decision. Should she go home and make up with Jason, or should she go and have some fun at the bar?

A smile came to her lips and she couldn’t help but allow her feet to guide her toward the bar. The familiar odor the bar gave away had her nearly stepping back, but the next moment her eyes set on a table.

And the group of girls that seat there.

Raising an eyebrow at their shocked looks, she took a step inside.

“Got room for one more?” she asked.

Laughter followed as the door slammed shut behind her.


“I don’t know about you girls,” slurred Robin as she finished downing her tenth shot for the night. At least she thought it was her tenth shot. Shrugging it off, she looked at her friends again. “What I meant to say…is that I’ve missed this.”

Elizabeth giggled. “You mean coming to a stinky bar and getting beat-ass drunk and regretting it in the morning?” she asked.

Sam and Emily began laughing as Robin lifted a finger, a laugh bursting free before she straightened. “What I meant…” she started.

“She misses the sex-talk,” answered Sam for Robin and when the other woman nodded, she laughed.

“Damn right!” snapped Robin. “I miss sex period!”

Emily made a face. “Don’t talk about periods tonight! I don’t even want to hear about anybody’s monthly cycle!”

Laughing, Elizabeth used a lime to wet her skin and then shook salt onto it. “Don’t worry, mine was over with last week,” she admitted. She stopped when all three women looked at her. “What?”

“Elizabeth, I thought we discussed that there would be no discussion on monthly cycles,” said Emily in a mocking voice that made all the girls laugh again.

“Eh,” shrugged Sam as she downed another shot. “I’m lucky to be late!”

That stopped the women again and this time when Sam looked up, she sighed.

“Don’t even go there girls!” she slurred before taking her shot.

Elizabeth sat up in her seat. “Well you and Jason have been…you know,” she said, ignoring Emily’s snort of laughter as she looked at her friend pointedly.

Letting out a sigh, Sam looked up. “Yes, me and Jason have had sex…” she started.

“The humpty-dumpty,” interrupted Emily, making all of them laugh.

“Emily! I didn’t need that picture in my head!” screamed Robin as she shook her head and took another shot.

Rolling her eyes at Elizabeth, Sam continued. “We’ve…taken precautions.”

Elizabeth nodded slowly. “What about that night?” she asked.

Sam bit her lip; a movement that made all three women look at her. She then shook her head.

“Nah, not possible,” she said, as all of them laugh, but she couldn’t push the thought that should be pregnant out of her brain.


“Okay, Robin, this is crazy. The water is freezing!” cried Emily as she huddled close to her friends; biting her lip as she her body shook.

When they had left the bar, having been kicked out by Coleman, none of the girls were ready to go home.

So Emily had entertained the thought of going to her parent’s house and going skinny-dipping in the pool. It had been a great idea until they had gotten there.

The temperature had gone down considerably and by the time the girls had their clothes off and were ready to jump into the pool it was almost forty degrees.

Turning, Emily made a face. “My family is rich, Robin. You think they didn’t think about that when they had it put in? The water is heated during the winter.”

Sam grinned and looked at Elizabeth. She then leaned in, whispering into her ear. When the other woman nodded, the two women moved forward.

“What…what are you doing?” asked Emily and she let out a scream as she landed in the water. Robin landed next to her.

Laughing, Sam clutched the towel to her body holding onto Elizabeth so she wouldn’t fall. “That was great!” she slurred loudly.

“Shhh!” hissed Elizabeth. “The Quartermaine’s might here us!”

Sam snorted. “They might need a hearing aid for that,” she said, and moved as Elizabeth slapped her. “Hey!”

Emily looked at Robin and shook her head. “This is war,” she said.

“War,” agreed Robin, and together they grabbed Elizabeth and Sam’s hand and yanked. The women both fell into the pool with a shriek.

Emily put a hand to her mouth as she watched Elizabeth and Sam come to the surface, spitting water and running hands through their hair.

“Emily!” they both cried.

She couldn’t help it, Emily giggled.


“So,” said Emily as she leaned back in the pool and looked up at the stars. “Do you think our men are missing us?”

Elizabeth snorted. “Not likely,” she said, thinking of Lucky.

Sam shrugged. “I don’t much care at the moment. I’m having too much fun with the three of you,” she admitted.

“Me too,” agreed Robin.

“I am too.”

“Me too.”

Sam turned to her side, the water swishing with her body. “I think we should do this more often,” she started. “I mean really. We all work pretty much every day of the week. Liz you’re busy with Cameron most of the time, Emily you help Nik with Spencer, and Robin – you’re pretty much infatuated with Patrick and his behind, so why not get together once in a while?”

Robin lifted her head. “I am not infatuated with his butt, it’s just…nice,” she said, than giggled.

“We know,” all three women said at once.

It took another look at each other to have them all laughing again.

“No one is out here, mother!”

Sam’s eyes widened when she heard Dillon. “Oh my God,” she hissed moving so she gripped onto the cement, her head moving down.

“I swear, I heard screaming out here, Dillon!” snapped the voice of Tracy Quartermaine, making all four women hide in the water.

Emily made a face at her friends. “This is so embarrassing,” she hissed.

“I thought you said they were out for the night,” hissed Elizabeth, before biting her lip.

The voices got closer, and Sam could make out the figures of both Dillon and Tracy. Please, God, don’t let them find us, she prayed to herself.

Dillon made a whining sound, which made all four women roll their eyes at once.

“Again, Mom. No one is out here. Can we go in now?” he snapped back at her.

Tracy stopped and glared at her son. “Not until I know what the hell is going on!” she yelled, before turning on the light. “Whoever is out there, you are trespassing on private property and it’s a federal offense.”

“Hell, lady, what you wear is a federal offense,” muttered Sam, making all four of them giggle.

“Shhh,” giggled Elizabeth as she covered her mouth to keep from laughing.

A noise made Tracy look toward the pool. “Who is that? Who’s out there? I have a gun and I know how to use it!” she snapped.

“You don’t have a gun mom…” started Dillon.

“Shut up!”

All four women couldn’t help but laugh, but they immediately stopped.

Tracy glared at the darkness and shone her light on the pool. Nothing. “Dillon, next time you leave your towels out here, I’m going to bop you silly!” she snapped before heading toward the house.

Dillon frowned as he looked at the towels and then followed his mother. “Those are not my towels,” he muttered to himself as he walked inside. He then shut the door and locked it.

Sam turned, leaning her head against the edge of the pool and sighed in relief. “Thank God,” she muttered.

“I think we should get out of here now,” said Elizabeth.

“I think we need to commit my Aunt,” said Emily, which had them all laughing again.


Emily smiled at her friends as she hugged Elizabeth and Sam at the same time. “I had so much fun tonight,” she said with a smile.

“We did too,” responded Sam as she hugged her friend and then Robin again.

“We need to do this again,” said Elizabeth. “But next time, let’s not going skinny-dipping at the Quartermaine’s.”

All women nodded in agreement.

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow at work,” said Robin, rolling her eyes as she pulled Emily along with her. The two of them had decided to stay at the Metro-Court for the evening, both not wanting to go home quite yet.

“Have fun!” yelled Elizabeth, smiling as she shook her head.

As the two disappeared, so did the fun. Sam frowned as she sat down at the table outside of Kelly’s and looked at her hands.

“You look just how I feel,” said Elizabeth as she sat down beside Sam.

Sam shrugged. “I know it was just a night out, it’s just…” she sighed and shook her head.

Elizabeth reached over and took Sam’s hand in hers. “Ended too soon?” she asked, knowing how her friend felt.

“Yeah, and I know that’s selfish, but I can’t help it!” exclaimed Sam, a pout forming on her lips.

She almost laughed at that look. It was a look she knew all too well from her son, and knew she had done it herself. Elizabeth just couldn’t believe Sam did it.

“Okay, so, what now?” asked Elizabeth.

Looking up at the clock, the only light that shown inside Kelly’s at this time of night, Sam sighed again. “It’s after two. All bars are closed.”

Elizabeth nodded. “So are the restaurants.”

“You hungry too?”


A smile slowly came to Sam’s lips and she slapped her hand on the table. “I know where we can go,” she said standing up.

“Where?” asked Elizabeth, her eyes widening as Sam grabbed her hand and yanked her from her chair. She laughed, managing to grab her purse.

“Where else? We’re going back to the penthouse!” answered Sam, as she pulled Elizabeth along.

“If Jason has a problem with it?” she asked, trying to push down the delight that ran through her body at the prospect of seeing Jason.

Sam turned with a raised eyebrow and a smile. “He can shove it,” she answered.

The two women giggled as they ran through the park.


Jason tried not to look at the clock, already knowing what it would read. It had been exactly thirty seconds since he looked at the clock the last time.

Sighing, he raked his hands through his hair as he began to pace the living room yet again and growled in frustration.

When Sam had left earlier it had given him a lot of time to think. Was it a good idea for Sam to move back in here? Had it been a good idea to even mention it to her?

Jason shook his head as he sighed again and sat down on the couch.

He loved her, Jason knew that was the truth, could feel it in his heart. But the pain he had seen on her face had him second-guessing every little thing he had done in the past three weeks.

Where is she, he asked himself. It was a quarter till three and she wasn’t even home.

Home. It was a word he sometimes took for granted. When he had pushed Sam away to keep her safe, he had thought he had been doing the right thing. Every night he came home from work he was haunted by memories, by her smell, by her laughter, and by the quietness that had come over the penthouse.

Jason hadn’t realized how much he had counted on Sam being there, and when she wasn’t…it hurt too much to think about it.

Shaking his head, Jason got up and walked to the cabinet by the pool table. Opening it, he grabbed the bottle of tequila and headed back to the couch.

That’s when he heard it.

Laughter. Frowning, he raised an eyebrow as the lock on the door turned and opened. His head tilted when Sam came in laughing and putting her purse and keys on the table.

“Sam?” he asked, his eyes then going toward the door and widening.

Elizabeth was with her. And from the smile on Elizabeth’s face he knew they were both drunk.

“What is going on here?” he asked, his eyes wide with shock.

Sam heard the door shut and smiled when Elizabeth came to stand next to her. “He’s got the tequila,” she said, wagging her eyebrows at her friend.

Elizabeth giggled. “It’s going to be a good night,” she said.


The looks that came over Elizabeth and Sam’s faces were priceless as Jason took his shot.

They sat on the floor, a fire roaring in the fireplace behind them. The place where the table usually sat was now empty except for where they’re legs lay.

Elizabeth was on his right while Sam was on his left, and for the second time that night, Jason wondered how in the world he had ended up in this situation.

“So Tracy finally went into the house…and Dillon nearly gave us away,” continued Sam as she tossed her hair over her shoulder to look at Elizabeth. “I still can’t believe Emily made us do that.”

Laughing, Elizabeth nodded. “Especially at the Quartermaine’s. It was embarrassing!” she laughed.

Jason looked from one woman to the other. “I’m surprised she didn’t call the cops.”

Sam snorted. “Yeah, that would have been messy.”

“Especially with Lucky on duty,” laughed Elizabeth, then she frowned at the thought of her soon to be ex-husband.

Sitting up, Sam frowned at her. “Hey, no sad looks. Lucky is an idiot for letting you go.”

Elizabeth shook her head. “No, he was right to leave me. I wasn’t exactly innocent in the breakup of our marriage,” she said.

“What are you talking about, Liz? Lucky cheated on you the night we went out drinking. You weren’t the one who cheated on him!” snapped Sam in defense of her friend.

Smiling slightly, she shrugged. “I might not have done it intentionally but…”

“But what?” interrupted Sam.

Elizabeth looked at both Jason and Sam. “I wasn’t happy with him!” she finally blurted out before moving to get up, she fell back down. “Oooh, I’m dizzy…”

Jason took that moment to grab the bottle of tequila. “That’s enough for tonight,” he said, always the voice of reason.

Twin looks of frustrated anger had him getting up and nearly falling over himself.

He never got drunk, not like this.

“Ugh,” said Elizabeth. “Sam…help me to the bathroom, I think I’m going to be sick.”

Sam barely had enough time to get her up before Elizabeth pulled away and hurried up the stairs. “Liz!” she yelled, following her friend into hers and Jason’s room.

Hurrying into the bathroom, she fell to her knees beside Elizabeth and held her as her stomach released everything that had gone into her that night.

When she fell back, Sam moved with her, leaning against the wall as Elizabeth laid her head on her legs. Biting her lip, not knowing what to do, Sam gently ran her hand through Elizabeth’s hair.

“You should have eaten something,” she said after a moment.

Elizabeth let out a laugh that slowly turned into an agonized cry. “I don’t want to hear anything about food or drinking,” she moaned.

Sam smiled gently. “Liz, you’ve been holding this in for so long…it’s okay to cry every once in a while.”

Sniffling, Elizabeth felt the tears boil in her eyes, threatening to release. She turned her head to look at Sam. “I loved him Sam…I really did love him,” she whispered, before she broke into sobs.

“Shhh,” whispered Sam, as she held Elizabeth close. “I know, I know you loved him. It’s going to be okay, you’re going to be okay.”

As Elizabeth sobbed, Sam turned her head and looked up to see Jason standing there. The look in his eyes had her heart tightening. She could see the pain in his eyes, and something else.

Something he had been hiding from her, but in that moment…he allowed her to see it.

He was in love with Elizabeth.


“How is she doing?” asked Jason as he came back into the room a short time later.

Sam had managed to get Elizabeth into the shower, making sure her friend didn’t fall and hurt herself. After she was clean, Sam had given her a pair of black pants and a tank from her drawer and once dressed, Sam got her into bed.

Elizabeth had fallen asleep soon after.

It had given Sam some time to think. To think about her relationship with Jason, and the look they had been giving each other all evening.

The woman that was becoming one of her best friends was alone, and her heart broke for the poor woman. She had lost her husband, had gotten an apartment, and was trying to stay tough for Cameron. And now a divorce was very well on its way, and Sam was afraid it was going to be a tough one all around for both Elizabeth and her son.

Then her thoughts had gone to Jason, the man she loved. The man that had so many secrets that she didn’t know about. She had once entertained the thought that Jason still might have feelings for Elizabeth, but she had no idea just how much until tonight.

She bit her lip, what was she going to do now?

“She’s sleeping,” she finally answered. “Jason she is hurting so much, I don’t know what to do.”

Jason gently pulled her into his arms, his eyes going to the bed and to the woman that was moving in her sleep, frown lines on her face.

His heart tightened at the pain he knew she was going through. “She’s going to need you,” he whispered. “The next couple of months are going to be hard.”

Leaning her head against his chest, Sam closed her eyes. “She needs you too,” she whispered.

He frowned at her words, knowing there was a meaning behind them. Did she know? Did she know about his feelings for Elizabeth?

The alcohol had clouded his judgment, had made him vulnerable. When Sam pulled away and walked to the window, he knew she knew.

“Sam,” he whispered.

Sam swallowed as she looked out the window. “Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked.

Running his hands through his hair, Jason sighed. “It’s not something you just tell someone, Sam,” he said, trying to keep the frustration out of his voice.

“Yeah, it’s not every day you find out that your boyfriend has feelings for another woman,” she muttered, crossing her arms around herself.

Jason closed his eyes. “I couldn’t stop them,” he said. “God, Sam…I…”

“Don’t, I don’t want to hear that you’re sorry. Besides, I think she feels the same way,” she answered truthfully.

His head jerked up. “What?”

Not turning, Sam smiled slightly. “You heard me, Jason. This is why she and Lucky never worked out. Yeah, they loved each other, but there was always someone between them,” she said. “And that someone was you.”


“Yes, Jason. Elizabeth is in love with you…” she started to say.


Both of them turned at Elizabeth’s voice. Sam watched as Jason went over to the bed and bit her lip as the tears welled in her eyes.

Elizabeth closed her eyes and then opened them again, looking at Jason as he sat down on the bed. “What happened?” she asked.

Jason shook his head. “You kind of had a reaction to the alcohol,” he answered.

“I remember,” Elizabeth responded with a roll of her eyes, which hurt. Bringing a hand to her head, she looked at Jason and then at Sam. “What I meant is…what’s going on with the two of you?”

“We were talking,” said Sam as she walked over to the bed and sat down. “You need to sleep.”

Elizabeth shook her head. “No, I don’t want to sleep right now, come on. Tell me what you two were talking about?”

Jason looked at Sam who looked away. He sighed and looked down.

Realization hit Elizabeth like a ton of bricks and she looked down. “Oh,” was the only thing she could say.

“Look, Elizabeth. Why don’t you get some sleep, it’s been a long night,” said Jason.

“I told you, I don’t want to sleep, damn it!” cried Elizabeth. She immediately brushed the tears that fell down her face. “God…why did this have to happen?”

Frowning, Jason sat closer to her. “I don’t understand.”

Elizabeth threw her hands up in the air. “Of course you don’t. None of you do. You don’t know what it’s like. I was happy, I was in a marriage and I was happy! Then you had to come riding in on your horse and save me from Manny. And than Sam got shot and you…I should have been there for my husband, but no. I had to be there for you!”

Sam stiffened at Elizabeth words. They were for Jason, not really for her.

“God, I really feel stupid, you know. When Sam told me you two got back together, it hurt. I was jealous of the two of you!” cried Elizabeth.

Jason shook his head, swallowing past the lump in his throat. He hadn’t realized how bad the pain Elizabeth felt had gone.

But he did now, and he felt sick to his stomach.

“Liz…” he started.

“No! Jason, you and Sam deserve each other and you’re so happy,” she said grabbing him by the cheeks. “I shouldn’t be feeling anything for you.”


Elizabeth shook her head. “No…no more,” she whispered. “No more.”

Jason eyes widened right before her lips came crashing against his.

Desire flashed through him and he couldn’t help it. He kissed her back, his hands moving to her sides, pulling her closer to him.

She shouldn’t be feeling like this. No, Sam should have slapped them both for being totally oblivious to her, but the sight of them kissing not only sent pain straight through her…but it sent something else.

Frightened by the feeling, Sam went to get up, but a warm hand wrapped around hers and she looked down at the hand and then at Elizabeth.

“No,” she started.

Elizabeth licked her lips. “Stay,” she whispered, squeezing slightly before returning to Jason’s lips.

Sam swallowed, her eyes wide with shock and fear, as she watched the two of them kiss. Why couldn’t she get up? Why couldn’t she stop them from what they were doing?

She felt like a voyeur, but she stayed where she was, even as a moan from Elizabeth made her jump.

Moving her hand from Sam’s wrist, knowing her friend would stay, Elizabeth caressed Jason’s arm before pulling back. She gasped for air before moving her hands to his shirt.

The look of agreement passed and then they turned and looked at Sam.

“Oh dear Lord…this is so not happening,” whispered Sam as she pulled her legs to her chest, but her eyes were glued to the couple.

Jason bit his lip and looked at Elizabeth, when she nodded he pulled off his shirt and let it fall to the floor.

Both pair of eyes fell to Jason’s chest and Elizabeth smiled devilishly, her hands going to his skin. “Feel his skin Sam…doesn’t it feel good?” she asked.

“Not…happening,” squeaked Sam.

Biting her lip, Elizabeth reached over and took Sam’s hand once again. She then brought it to Jason’s chest. At once, the electric charge that went through all three of them shocked them.

“Do you feel it Sam,” whispered Elizabeth. “It’s so wonderful.”

Sam unconsciously licked her bottom lip as she looked at Jason’s chest and then to his eyes. The desire she saw there nearly gave her a heart attack, and she couldn’t move when he did.

A sigh escaped her as Jason’s lips captured hers, and that’s when it happened. Sam slowly lost herself in the kiss. Moving a hand to his hair, she pulled him close as she kissed him back.

Jason moaned, sliding his tongue easily into her mouth. Moaning again at the taste of Sam. So different from Elizabeth’s, but equally as satisfying. He wanted more.

Pulling away, he looked into her eyes. “Come here,” he whispered.

Sam went to shake her head, but Jason’s lips crushed against hers and she had no choice but to obey.

When he pulled away she let her eyes go to Elizabeth and was shocked when she realized the woman had undressed. She swallowed and tried to look away, but her eyes deceived her as they traveled down her body.

She was beautiful.

The thought shocked Sam to no end especially when Jason moved back to Elizabeth, pulling her against him. “Oh dear,” she whispered, watching him pull Elizabeth into another kiss.

Desire raked through her body and Sam knew she should feel ashamed. Should feel hatred for the woman, but she couldn’t. What the hell was going on here?

Sliding into his lap, Elizabeth gasped as her hips immediately began to rock against him. He was hard, so incredibly hard.

The desire made her feel heavy, her nipples hard against his chest. She knew she was soaked between her legs and wanted nothing more than to feel him inside her.

But now wasn’t the time.

Pulling away, she nipped at his chin and smiled. She then turned to Sam. The other woman couldn’t quite hide the look of desire on her face and it made pleasure rush through her making her even more wet.

What the hell? Why was she feeling like this, and for Sam? It had to be the man that they both loved. It had to be!

“Sam,” she whispered reaching out and taking her friend’s hand. “Feel how hard he is.”

“I uhm…” started Sam, even as Elizabeth tugged at her arm. When her hand came in contact with Jason, she swallowed, her eyes immediately going to Elizabeth’s. “It wasn’t…”

Elizabeth nodded. “It was both of us, and you know it as well as I do,” she said, smiling.

Sam bit her lip, her hand accidentally tightening over Jason’s jeans. The moan that escaped his throat made both women turn their heads.

“God, I love the way the man moans,” said Elizabeth, biting her lip again as her desire spiked.

A smile came to Sam’s face. “Trust me, it only gets better,” she said, not even surprised at her words. When Jason looked at her again, she brought her hand to his jeans and unbuttoned and unzipped the buttons.

Reaching inside she wrapped her hand around his length and pulled it out. Sam then looked at Elizabeth.

”Touch him,” she whispered, taking her hand and wrapping it around him.

Jason was going to explode. When Sam’s hand had wrapped around him, he nearly lost it. When Elizabeth’s hand wrapped around him, he nearly exploded.

“Liz…” he moaned, his head falling back.

Elizabeth grinned at Sam. “You’re right, it is better,” she said.

Sam giggled as she moved on the bed and behind Jason. She let her hands move over his shoulders and down his arms. She then took his hands and brought them behind him. Letting her eyes got to Elizabeth, she grinned at her friend.

“You got the front…I got back,” she said, whispering the last part against Jason’s ear.

“Sam…” he gasped, and then moaned when she sucked his earlobe into her mouth. “Oh God…”

Elizabeth lifted her head. “I don’t think God has anything to do with tonight, but if you want to beg…go ahead,” she said right before her lips closed over his length.

“Elizabeth!” cried Jason, his hips immediately jerking forward, but were stopped by Sam’s hands.

“Nuh uh…no moving,” whispered Sam before moving her mouth to his neck, her teeth attacking his skin. Sam moved so that her breasts were planted against his back, letting him know how turned on she was.

Elizabeth moaned her approval to Sam as she sucked Jason deep into her mouth. The moans he made, made her shiver in delight. Moving her mouth, she began moving up and down on him.

“Oooh, God,” moaned Jason, his head fall back against Sam’s shoulder.

Sam bit his skin again, her eyes moving to what Elizabeth was doing to him and nearly moaned herself. “Mmm,” she whispered, moving her lips back to his ear. “You like that?”

“God, yes!” cried Jason, wanting nothing more than to run his hand through Elizabeth’s hair and pull her closer. To thrust deeper into her mouth.

“It’s only going to get better,” she whispered raking her nails down his chest to wrap around him. Together, both her and Elizabeth moved up and down until Jason was literally shaking.

Jason opened his eyes. “Stop, please!” he moaned, and both women stopped. Together in unison, they looked at him.

“I want…I want to come inside you,” he said to Elizabeth, swallowing.

Elizabeth smiled. “Have we tortured him enough?” she asked Sam, already lying down on the bed.

“For now,” said Sam as she turned his head and took his lips with hers in a hard, punishing kiss before releasing him. Moving back on the bed she leaned back to watch.

Jason looked down at Elizabeth. She looked so beautiful lying there on his bed. And then his eyes went back to Sam. “She’s still wearing clothes,” he said.

Elizabeth licked her lips. “A big no-no,” she said wagging her eyebrows.

Sam laughed as they both looked at her. “No, this is weird enough as it is,” she said and went to get up, but then found her back pressed against a hard solid chest. She lost all ability to think, and breathe.

“Liz,” motioned Jason as he moved his hand down Sam’s stomach and then pulled on her tank, his fingers tracing patterns over her soft skin. “I want to see you, Sam.”

Elizabeth moved in front of Sam and gave her a smile. “Let him see you, Sam,” she said, and whispered the last part. “Let me.”

Sam gasped as her arms raised, allowing Jason to pull off her shirt. She immediately went to cover herself but Elizabeth stopped her once more.

“You’re beautiful Sam…don’t hide it,” she said, her eyes on her. Elizabeth then moved taking her pants and pulling them down. Sam had no choice but to move her legs so that she could take them off.

Once she was fully unclothed, she felt bare. Both without clothes and to Elizabeth and Jason.

“Beautiful,” said Elizabeth and Jason at once.

Sam opened her mouth to say something, but instead a moan was wrenched from her throat as Jason cupped her heavy breasts in his hands. “Jason,” she moaned, her head falling back. Her back arched into his hands as pleasure raked through her.

Licking her lips, Elizabeth leaned back against the pillows once more, watching Jason with Sam. It really was beautiful, the two of them. Watching them together always was.

“Sam,” whispered Jason, pinching both nipples between his fingers, feeling himself harden even more. “Beautiful Sam.”

She gasped, turning her head to take his lips with hers once again. When she felt one of his hands travel down her belly, Sam grabbed his hand.

“No,” she said, breaking the kiss. “I want to see you.”

Jason smiled down at her. “You do see me,” he said.

Sam shook her head. “No, I want to see you with Liz,” she said, swallowing. “I want to see you make love to her.”

His eyes darkened as he turned Sam in his arms. “Are you sure?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t ask otherwise,” she said leaning in to kiss him again. This time it was soft, with trust and love wrapped together and when he responded in kind, hope filled her being.

Slowly she pulled away and leaned back against the pillows, opposite of Elizabeth, than turned on her side, her eyes going to her friend’s.

Elizabeth felt tears come to her eyes unexpectedly and she closed her eyes when a hand brushed against her cheek. It took moments before she look at them again, her eyes going to Jason.

“Are you sure you want this?” he asked with a smile.

She managed a nod. “More than you ever know,” she answered truthfully.

Jason leaned over her. “I don’t know about that,” he said before taking her lips with his, silencing her questions and his.

He had never felt like this before, had never been in a situation like this. With the love of his life watching as he was about to make love to his best friend, who was now becoming his lover.

The moment he slipped into her, he felt like he was coming home. They both moaned at the same time and he felt her legs wrap around his waist.

It took a minute for them to move, and he growled against her lips as she tightened over him.

Moving so only the tip was inside of her, Jason pulled his lips from hers and looked into her eyes, just as he thrust back into her. Both of them cried out together.

Sam licked her lips as she watched them, so completely lost in themselves that it took her breath away. A stab of jealousy rushed through her, but she pushed it away. They needed this. And somehow, she knew she needed this.

“Jason,” moaned Elizabeth as her head fell back, gasping as his teeth sank into the skin on her neck. She pushed her hips up with each thrust, making her cry out.

No one had ever made her feel like this, not even Lucky.

Jason pushed a hand against the bed and moved deeper into her. With each thrust he closed his eyes, relishing in the feeling of being inside of Elizabeth.

He had never felt like this before, not even with Sam. She was intoxicating him, making him want more.

“Oooh fuck!” cried Elizabeth as he began to pound inside of her, her desire rising with each thrust. “Harder!”

Knowing she was close to the edge as he was, Jason began moving in deeper, with each thrust he brushed against her tight nub, knowing with thrust she was getting equal pleasure.

Sam couldn’t look away from them even if she wanted too. She swallowed, feeling her own hands move up to cup her breasts, a moan falling her lips.

The moan made both Elizabeth and Jason stop as they looked at each other, and then at Sam. And the pleasure that raked through them at seeing her desire nearly made them fall over the edge.

Opening her eyes, Sam looked at them. “More,” she managed to moan out.

Elizabeth’s eyes closed and when Jason began moving again, she dug her nails into his shoulders. “Yes,” she cried, tightening her legs around his waist.

“Eliza…beth,” moaned Jason as his eyes closed, not able to help himself. He began to pound into her with each thrust, his hand moving between them to rub her.

“Oh my God,” cried both of the women at once.

Sam watched as both Jason and Elizabeth fell over the edge, and was surprised when she felt herself fall over with them. She moaned as her head fell back against the pillows, Elizabeth and Jason’s cries following.


The sun beat down on the room and Elizabeth groaned in pain, her hand reaching up for her head, but coming in contact with skin.

That’s weird…I thought I was dreaming, she thought to herself as one eyelid opened. Than the other. Her eyes widened regardless of the pounding hangover that rushed through her.

She was laying in Jason’s arms, her head against his chest. Across from her, Sam was laying on the bed, Jason’s other arm wrapped around her.

“Oh my God,” she said in shock.


She had been sleeping so peacefully until the pounding in her head woke her up, and the gasp did as well.

Opening her eyes, Sam’s eyes widened as they fell on Elizabeth.

“Oh my God,” she said in shock.


It had been the best dream of his life, and he wanted to sleep more, but the pounding headache he felt wouldn’t go away. Nor did the gasps he heard.

Frowning he opened his eyes, and when they cleared, he swallowed.

Sam and Elizabeth were staring at each other and than at him.

“Maybe we should talk…” was the only thing that came from his mouth.

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