Disclaimer: I do not own anything associated with the show of ďSupernaturalĒ. That belongs to the dickheads that want to cancel this show. The other part belongs to the infamous writers that bring damn good storylines to the show, and hired excellent actors (not to mention sexy) to portray the characters. Other than that, donít sue me!

Summary: A reflection of thoughts through Deanís eyes. Deanís POV

Rated: R (language)


Sometimes I wish my life were normal.

There, I said it. The words that, somehow, mean so much to my little brother Sammy.

He once called me a selfish bastard and, hell maybe I am. This has been all that I have ever wanted for the past two years. Sam, my father, and me.

Together again. To be a family. To be happy.

God, when it comes to that damn word, sometimes all I want to do is throw up and get on with the day. But sometimes, in a split second, I feel happy.

Maybe itís because Sam and me are working together. Maybe itís the fact that we are working together. For one common cause Ė to kill everything from here to there, on the road to finding Dad.

Sam told me that after all of this was over that I had to let him go his own way, but damned if I donít want to do it.

I feel safe when Sammy is around. I donít feel like I have to constantly look over my shoulder every five damn minutes.

Great, now Iím fucking paranoid!


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