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Below you will find all of the fan fiction I have written for General Hospital couple Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber. This is a couple that I could just not say no to. And although as a Liason fan I am not getting what I want on the television, I can find solace in writing for Liason in my fan fiction.

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Betrayed I - Betrayal of the Heart

Summary: Sam has betrayed Jason and Lucky has betrayed his wife, Elizabeth. Now two lonely hearts come together. Is it happily ever after, or just a one nightstand?

Rated: NC-17

Betrayed II - Betrayal of the Soul

Summary: Two months after Jason and Elizabeth sleep together, circumstances resulting from that night bring them back together. Will they be together, or is it just a one nightstand…again.

Rated: NC-17

Betrayed III - Mending Hearts

Summary: Now in a tentative relationship with Jason, Elizabeth is shocked when she finds out she is pregnant with his child. Will that end their relationship, or will Lucky once again come between them?

Rated: NC-17

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