Chapter Nine

Time seemed to move slower as he watched the paramedics work on Elizabeth.

Jason wanted to cry. He wanted to throw something. He wanted to punch a hole in the wall.

But the only thing he could do was sit back and let the workers do their job.

She had to be all right. She just had to be. Cameron needed his mother, and so did he.

Jason closed his eyes. How did this happen? When had Elizabeth come to mean so much to him? Had it been steadily happening over the years, or was it always there?

All he knew was that Elizabeth had to be okay. And either way, he would make Lucky Spencer pay for hurting her.

Moving out of the paramedic’s way, Jason hurried to catch up with them as they entered the emergency room in General Hospital. He watched as his mother and Doctor Patrick Drake took over and one of the paramedics made him move back, as another explained injuries.

He didn’t fight the woman. Instead he allowed her to move him behind the door and watched as it was closed off to him.

Swallowing, he looked down at his shaking hands and balled them into fists.

She had to be all right.


“This is totally unfair!” yelled Lucky as he was pulled to the waiting police car. “Nikolas, tell them they have the wrong man! It’s Jason Morgan that did this! He was the one that pushed her down the stairs!”

Commissioner Mac Scorpio shook his head as he stared at the man that would have made a fantastic cop one day.

Lucky Spencer went from future Commissioner of Port Charles to drug addict in less than six months.

It disgusted him that Lucky was worse off than Jason Morgan. Mac wasn’t a stupid man. In fact, he knew what Jason did for a living, but when it came down to it, Jason was the better man altogether.

Not just for Elizabeth Webber, who was currently lying in a hospital fighting for her life.

That angered Mac more than anything ever could. Turning he looked at Lucky, ignoring his glare.

“That’s enough, Lucky!”

He watched as Lucky continued to struggle against the cops that held him at bay.

“No, you don’t understand, Mac. Morgan turned it all around! He’s making me look bad so he can have Elizabeth all to himself!”

Mac shook his head in disbelief. “You really think I’m going to by that? From the man that slept around with my niece? Lucky, you are pathetic!”

Lucky struggled against the men. “I don’t care what you think about me! But I didn’t do this. You have to trust me, Mac.”

Grabbing him by the shirt, Mac pulled him away from his men and then reached into his coat pocket. Taking out the bottle of pills. “I would never trust an addict. The man I knew and trusted is gone to me and in its place is a pathetic little weasel!” he snapped then shoved him back at his uniformed officers.

“Get him in the car and take him to the station! Have him booked on charges of harassment, intent to harm a female, and possession!”

He tossed the bottle to Cruz and watched the Hispanic shake his head.

“I’m sorry, boss,” said Detective Rodriguez before he turned and opened the door for Lucky to get in.

“Mac, don’t do this! You know better! It’s Morgan who should be booked not me!” yelled Lucky as he was pushed into the back seat.

“Go!” yelled Mac as he turned away.


The yelling continued even as the car was started and they pulled away.


Emily watched as her brother began pacing the waiting room yet again.

If he kept that up, the carpet that they had just put in would tear. It would cost the hospital an arm and a leg, and if her paycheck weren’t bad enough – it would be after her next payday.

She wasn’t worried about her paycheck however. It was her best friend and her brother she was worried about. The image of Elizabeth falling down the stairs and onto the pier would forever be embedded into her brain. Seeing her best friend so pale and helpless had made her freeze up, which wasn’t good when Cameron woke up and called for his mother.

Emily had to make Jason take Cameron and Spencer as she checked on Elizabeth. Then the paramedics had shown up and she knew Jason needed to go with her.

So while Nikolas dealt with his brother, she had taken both Cameron and Spencer to her mother’s house, allowing Alice to watch them so she could get to the hospital.

She would never forget seeing her friend so pale and frail. So tiny in that big bed as her mother and Patrick worked on her.

Emily had managed to tell her mother that she believed Elizabeth might be pregnant before she was unceremoniously kicked out of the ER on her ass.

That was when she had seen Jason, pacing the waiting room. Nurses, Doctors, and patients alike had managed to avoid him by keeping away from him, although they knew very well that the known Mob Boss Enforcer was in the hospital.

Of course, Emily was different. The simple fact that she was his adopted-sister seemed to still surprise the hell out of the citizens of Port Charles, but she didn’t mind. Because everyone made up stories and they perceived Jason as this cold-hearted man. Emily didn’t, which was why they got along so well.

“Jason?” she asked, getting up from her position on the couch. When he didn’t acknowledge her, nor did he stop pacing, Emily sighed.

Walking over to him, Emily put herself in his path. As he went to turn she put her hands out in front of her, stopping him in his tracks. “Jason?”

She watched him run his hands over his face and knew he was trying to contain his anger.


“I’m scared, all right!” he snapped out, before looking down at her.

Emily glared at him. “You think I don’t know that. You think I am not scared myself? I’m petrified!”

Running his hands through his hair, Jason took a step back. “I know…I’m sorry, Emily. It’s just…I just found her!” he admitted. “I am so in love with her, and now she’s fighting for her life. All because I didn’t stop that bastard when I should have!”

“No!” yelled Emily as she grabbed his face in her hands. “No. Lucky may be a bastard, but you know as well as I do that if you killed him…Elizabeth would never forgive you.”

She was right. Jason knew that, but damned if he wanted to listen at the moment. “I shouldn’t have let her talk to him, Emily,” he said. “I should have taken her and Cameron home.”

Emily threw her hands up in aggravation. “You knew that conversation was going to come sooner or later. Lucky wasn’t just going to let her go!”

“Then I should have handled it!”

“How, Jason? By throwing him into the water? By beating him up? That’s not how you handle situations!”

Jason growled. “With some, you do!”

Groaning, Emily rubbed her hands over her face. It was a trait she was learning from her brother. And now she knew why. “This isn’t getting us anywhere.”

“Then why is it taking them so long?” asked Jason as he began to pace again.

Emily sat down on the edge of the chair. “They had to check everything. Mom’s ordered a lot of tests,” she said, not wanting to reveal that she believed Elizabeth was pregnant just yet.

God, she had to be all right.

The cell phone going off had her jumping and she almost glared at her brother for the interruption. Getting up she walked to the window and looked out, not wanting to interrupt what she assumed was a business call.

Some thing’s never change, she thought to herself.


Some thing’s never change, Jason growled quietly to himself as he pulled his cell out of his pocket.

Not bothering to look at the caller id, he flipped it open. “Yeah?” he asked, his voice non-too polite.

Complete and utter silence fell in the wake, and Jason frowned. “Hello?” he asked. “Is anyone there?”

The silence was almost deafening in his ear. Frowning, he took the phone away from his ear and looked at the time. The caller was still on the line.

“Look, whoever this is…” he started.

The click of the line going dead had him pulling the phone away again. Shutting it, he continued to frown. The shiver that ran up his spine didn’t help.

Odd, had to be a wrong number, he thought to himself as he looked up.

When he saw his mother walking toward him he felt his heart rate begin to accelerate. “Em,” he managed to get out before he moved toward her. “Monica? How is she?”


It was the same words that came out of him each and every time she saw him.

Doctor Monica Quartermaine should have been used to those words coming from her son, considering the line of work he was in. She should have been used to him completely shutting her out until the next big tragedy in his life happened.

But she wasn’t used to this. No, she was not used to the people her son was closest to getting hurt.

First, it was Robin. Of course, the girl had been close to Sonny Corinthos before meeting Jason, but still. Then Elizabeth got hurt for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Courtney came next, and Samantha was the last. Now, Elizabeth was back here again…but this time by the hands of her own husband.

Ex-husband by the look of things – since when did Jason and Elizabeth get together?

It was those simple things that she didn’t know about her son that completely put her off guard sometimes. She wished that she could have been more like her husband, Alan. Cold, ruthless, and uncaring.

But no, Monica was cursed with a loving and caring heart. Stupid fool, she thought to herself.

Shaking herself out of the memories of the past, a place that she couldn’t change anymore than she could get close to her son, she took a step closer.

“Elizabeth suffered a minor concussion from when she landed on the pier. She woke up just a while ago, and we had given her a slight sedative to keep her from freaking out too much. I have some other tests that haven’t come back yet, but so far…she’s going to be okay,” she said, giving her son an encouraging smile.

Jason nearly sagged to the floor in relief, and if it hadn’t been for Emily grabbing him in a hug, he would have. Wrapping his arms around his sister, he closed his eyes.

“Thank you,” he whispered to his mother.

Monica put a hand to her mouth to keep in the gasp as well as the tears as she nodded. “You’re welcome. Elizabeth would like to see you both,” she said, before walking away.


She hated hospitals.

So color her surprised when she decided to become a nurse at General Hospital. But of course, it came down to the privilege of treating patients when you weren’t the one being treated.

She liked it.

Now that Elizabeth was lying in a hospital bed, she was rethinking her decision of becoming a nurse.

At one time she had wanted to be an artist. She loved to draw and paint what she felt. She could get lost in it at times. Then, the worst happened. She thought Lucky had died and painting didn’t seem so important anymore.

When she met Jason, he had become her inspiration. He taught her that she could do anything, be who she wanted to be, and not be afraid or disappointed.

Jason became her partner in crime. A place where she could just be Elizabeth and not what people conceived her to be. So when he came back to Port Charles, she had fallen back into that same old pattern. Be what everyone wanted her to be. Lucky was alive, she thought she loved him. And then Jason came back.

So did all the feelings that she had managed to hide from him.

Elizabeth would never regret not leaving with him, because now she had Cameron. But it didn’t stop the ‘what-if’s’ from running rampant inside her head.

She wanted to be that girl again. That girl that did what she wanted to do, when she wanted to – and damn the consequences.

She wanted to paint again, which surprised Elizabeth to no end.

Frowning, she pulled at the covers and went to move out of the bed when a throat cleared.

Turning her head toward the sound she nearly groaned at the pain and strength it took to look up. But when she saw Jason’s amused smile, she forgot about the pain.

“Jason,” she said, holding out her hand to him. When he took it, she thought he would hug her. Instead, he pushed her back down on the bed.

Pouting, Elizabeth looked up at him. “I hate hospitals,” she said.

“I know,” answered Jason as he sat down and ran his fingers down her face. “But you have to rest.”

Knowing he was right, Elizabeth shifted slightly. “What happened?” she asked.

Jason frowned. “You don’t remember?” he asked.

“I remember getting dizzy and you and Nikolas pulling Lucky away from me,” she said, frowning as she tried to remember. She then looked up at him. “Oh God, I fell down the stairs didn’t I?”

“Yeah, you did.”

“Did…did Cameron see?”

Jason shook his head and Elizabeth sighed in relief. “He was asleep, but the ambulance woke him up. Emily had to tell him that his mommy was called into work. We didn’t want him to freak out.”

Elizabeth nodded, and then hissed in pain. “Thank you,” she said putting a hand to her head. “Where did Emily take him?”

“To Alice. She’s watching Cam and Spencer.”

“And Lucky?”

“From what I know, the paramedics called it in and Mac and a couple of detectives had him hauled into the PCPD.”

Sighing, Elizabeth leaned back against the pillows. “It wasn’t his fault, I shouldn’t have yelled at him.”

A look of confusion and anger came to Jason’s face. “He shouldn’t have grabbed you like that.”

“He was angry Jason!”

“It still wasn’t right!”



“Will you two keep it down!” snapped Doctor Robin Scorpio from the door. When the two of them turned, she shook her head and walked into the room.

Elizabeth sighed in relief when she saw her friend and managed a smile. “Tell Jason here to stop arguing with me,” she said.

Jason raised an eyebrow. “You started it,” he muttered.

“I did not!”

Robin held a hand out. “Enough! Good Lord, don’t make me separate you two. Especially with the news I have.”

That seemed to settle Jason and Elizabeth as they looked at each other and then at Robin.

“What is it, Robin?” asked Jason.

Elizabeth pulled at the covers, one hand clasped around Jason’s. “What’s wrong with me?”

“Besides that mild concussion…nothing.”

They both sighed in relief.

“That is if you think pregnancy isn’t a problem.”

Elizabeth’s eyes widened and everything, even the pain seemed to take a backseat to what Robin had just announced. Looking at Jason, her mouth fell open.

“What!” they both said simultaneously.

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