Chapter Eight

The breeze that moved across her body was one of cold, and ice.

Elizabeth sighed. The storm was moving in faster than she had anticipated. Anger and frustration had her moving up the stairs, two at a time. Turning, she looked at the man she once considered her husband.

He had been a beautiful man once. And now the pills he had been taking for the past six months had literally brought him and his life to a standstill. Gone was the man that worked his tail off to become a good cop, a good man that his father never was. A man that stayed in one place to make a family, that was there when you needed him. Whether or not you were family or friend.

Elizabeth almost wanted to cry at the loss of a brilliant man, but she held in that feeling and allowed another that had been building up in her for so long. A feeling that had become more like a wall that kept the people that she couldn’t trust at bay.

She allowed the anger to come forth, and felt his as well. It should have made her scared, but instead it made her stand straighter.

This was the end. Tonight she had signed the papers before she had picked up Cameron from her Grandmother’s house. She had made sure they were signed and sealed. There was no more holding back and waiting for the man she had once loved to come back to her.

She almost wanted to thank him. These past six months had really opened her eyes and now she was where she wanted to be – with Jason. And it wasn’t just Jason she was happy about. She had made it on her own for so long and without asking for help from her family.

A family that had all but abandoned her – a family she could no longer put her trust in.

Just looking at Lucky Spencer made her ill, and she gave into the urge to take a step back. Not that she was scared of him. It was the simple fact that he was standing so close that she could feel him, could feel his breath on her that made her ill.

Strange. She hadn’t felt like this, well, since she was pregnant with Cameron.

That thought brought a hand to her belly, an almost dreamy smile coming to her face as she thought of the possibility of having Jason Morgan’s child. It would be so amazing, and she knew Cameron would be a good big brother.

The way he was with Spencer tonight had answered that question. A question she had been asking herself since she started this relationship with Jason. Would they be having more kids? Would they be having any?

Shaking her head, Elizabeth put the thought aside and reached into her pocket taking out the papers that she had sealed in an envelope.

“I signed them tonight, Lucky,” she said, pressing the envelope into his hand. “It’s done.”

She watched as Lucky gripped the envelope and took a step back, her hand falling to her side. “I’m sorry that you don’t feel the same way. I’m sorry that you chose pills over our marriage, and our son. But now you can go on with your life.”

“There is no life without you,” he growled at her.

Elizabeth shook her head. “There is, Lucky. Once you told me you never wanted to be like your father. Well, now you’re acting just like him. But the one thing you and your father don’t share is that he admits his faults. You blame your faults on someone else!”

Lucky took a step forward. “That’s because it is. If Manny Ruiz hadn’t taken you…”

“The‘what-if’s’ are getting a little old, Lucky,” she said, shaking her head in disgust. He was determined to blame everyone. “Why can’t you just move on?”

“Because Elizabeth, I can’t!” he snapped back at her. “Every time I see you with him…I can’t.”

Elizabeth folded her arms. “Why?” she asked.

“Because you belong to me!”

“I belong to nobody but myself, Lucky!”

“And now Jason,” snarled Lucky as he shook his head. “I thought you believed in me.”

Looking away, Elizabeth closed her eyes. “I did. Once. And then you broke that trust by taking those pills!”

“And sleeping with Maxie?” he asked. “Is that why you can’t trust me anymore?”

Her head jerked to him. “No Lucky…that was just a knife in my heart. No, you deciding that living on pills and not accepting help from your wife was the kicker. You think I am happy about this? You think I wanted a divorce. Three months ago I would have said no.”

Lucky snorted and threw his hands up. “Yeah, and now you have Morgan. Do you even care about what kind of life you are bringing our son into?”

“You son of a bitch…you have no right to dictate anything more in my son’s life!” she snapped at him.

“I helped raise him, he knows me.”

“He’s afraid of you!”

“Because you told him to be!”

“I did not!”

“You did to, you lying piece…”

Stop it,” screamed Elizabeth as she put her hands up. “We are not doing this again. This ends tonight Lucky!”


Jason growled as he listened to the fight. “I can’t stand here and watch this!” he snapped at his sister.

Before he could move, Emily grabbed him by the arm. “They need this, Jason. They need to heal, and to do that, they need to say goodbye.”

He shook his head even as the truth stared him right in the face. He didn’t like hearing the pain in Elizabeth’s voice, but he knew that he couldn’t stop this.

Running his hands through his hair, he pulled away and walked to the end of the pier, looking out at the water. He could see Spoon Island and the fog that was settling in. The storm was coming in faster than he thought.

Swallowing past the anger he tried to relax, when all he wanted to do was grab Elizabeth and take her away from here.

“I know.”

He nearly jerked, not realizing he had said it aloud, or that Nikolas had come to stand next to him.

Jason took another deep breath and tried to listen to the water moving against the pier. Count to ten, he muttered his usual advice to Carly to himself.

What the hell had he been thinking when he came up with that? He was getting soft.

Well, at least he couldn’t say his life was pathetic anymore. With Elizabeth and Cameron in his life now, his life was much more meaningful.

He realized tonight that one thing he had tried to push away because he thought it wasn’t for him. Happiness. Jason Morgan was truly happy, for what felt like the very first time in his life.

Not that he was saying he wasn’t happy with his past relationships. Just, this kind of happy didn’t come along for people like him. And he realized he wanted to latch on and never let go.

“I’m about to go crazy,” he growled, feeling a hand come to his shoulder. It was the only thing keeping him from going after Lucky Spencer.

“It’s going to be okay, man. Emily’s right…they do need this,” Nikolas admitted, squeezing his shoulder.

Jason just wished he could believe that.


“Who was on the phone?”

Carly nearly jumped as she set the phone down on the table and turned to see her ex-husband standing just inside the doorway.

“Sonny?” she asked, shock clearly written on her face.

It was one hell of a time to show up back in Port Charles. She almost growled in anger. He was supposed to be on the island resting, not in Port Charles ruining her plans.

Since Jason had gotten together with Elizabeth two months prior, Carly had been working on a plan to get the Muffin Face away from her man. As of yet, it hadn’t worked.

She needed help. And it seemed now she was going to have to depend on her ex-husband to help her out.

“No one,” she said with a smile as she walked over and wrapped her arms around Sonny’s neck. “I am so glad you are home.”

If it had been three years ago, Carly would have been all over Sonny. But now, even the smell of his cologne had her swallowing the nausea that ran rampant through her body - even as he moved his hands through her hair.

She would have to wash it when she got home.

Pulling back, she took his hands in hers and led him to the couch. “What are you doing home so early? I thought you were enjoying it out there.”

Sonny smiled that lazy smile that had once made her go crazy, but now only left coldness inside. She gave him her best smile anyway.

“Well, I was. Until I got a call from Max telling me that you were moving in on Jason’s love life again,” he explained.

Carly’s smile almost faltered. “Excuse me?” she asked.

“Carly, damn it. It’s not your place to tell Jason what he can and can’t do.”

She sighed allowing her anger to come forth. “It’s not right. Elizabeth will only tell him that this life isn’t good for him. And then sooner or later, she’s going to tell him that we’re not good for him.”

Sonny sat up straight. “You know Elizabeth isn’t like that,” he said, folding his arms.

“Oh great. Now I have another Muffin Face lover,” she muttered, a pout forming on her face.

Rolling his eyes, Sonny shook his head. “Leave them alone. Jason needs to make a life of his own.”

“And he was…with Sam, until she decided to sleep with her step-father.”

The two of them shivered at the thought of Sam and Ric.

Getting up, Carly walked over to the bar and poured herself a glass of water – almost growling in anger that Max had gotten rid of all the booze.

“Carly, if you continue on this road…Jason is going to shut us out,” announced Sonny from his place on the couch.

Carly raised an eyebrow and chose not to turn to her ex-husband. “Not if I have anything to say about it.”


Emily looked up as Nikolas sat down next to her. She kept Cameron and Spencer locked next to her and out of the cold.

“How long is this going to take?” she asked. “These little guys need to get warm.”

Nikolas looked down at his watch. “They’ve been at it for almost thirty minutes.”

Blowing out a breath, Emily nodded. “I guess they’ve been holding a lot in. How’s my brother?”

“About to go crazy on Lucky.”

She smiled. “That’s my brother for you.”


“You know I am getting sick and tired of this!” yelled Elizabeth as she held up her hand.

Lucky growled. “Then stop with the charades and come home!” he snapped at her.

Elizabeth shook her head and looked down. “I’m sorry Lucky, but I can’t.”

He snorted and folded his arms. “You can, but you won’t. You’re giving up all we’ve been fighting for, for him?”

“I love him, Lucky.”


“Don’t what? Tell you the truth?” asked Elizabeth as she stepped in front of him. “That’s the truth Lucky. I am in love with Jason!”

Lucky’s hand curled into a fist. “Stop it…” he growled.

“It’s. The. Truth!” she yelled. “Now grow up, get cleaned up, and have a life of your own. Stay the hell away from me and Cameron!”

When she went to move away, she gasped as she was grabbed by the arm and jerked around. “Lucky!”

“No! I am not allowing that man to ruin what we have!” he yelled.

“Lucky, no!” screamed Emily as she moved off the bench, holding Spencer. She watched as Nikolas and Jason bolted up the stairs grabbing Lucky.

“Let her go!” yelled Jason as he jerked Lucky away with Nikolas’s help.

Lucky got one hand free and landed a punch into Jason’s face, and in the process of doing so, he shoved Elizabeth.

A wave of dizziness hit Elizabeth as she was grabbed by Lucky, and then she had to swallow the nausea that reared its ugly head.

“Jason…” she whispered. She could hear the fight, but it sounded like it was in the background as her eyes began to roll.

She barely heard Emily cry out her name as she fell down the stairs. The pain that raced through her belly took second place as the darkness took over.

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