Chapter Seven

Forbid her to see Jason?

Elizabeth scoffed at the thought. As she slammed the car door and took her son’s hand in hers, anger surged through her making her walk across the parking garage loud and fast. It also made her son have to run to catch up with her.

“Mommy wait!” yelled Cameron, his voice small sounding, and worried. On the drive from his mommy’s Grandmother’s house to Jason’s, his mother had been in an awful mood. Not only had it surprised Cameron, because he was always used to seeing his mommy happy – but it had also scared him. He gripped her hand tighter in his small hand and tried not to trip on the ground. “Momma stop!”

His small cry stopped Elizabeth short and she looked down at Cameron, swallowing another curse. Moving down so she was level with him, she ran a hand through his hair.

“I’m sorry Cameron,” she said. “Mommy is just a little mad at what Grandma said about Jason. That’s all.”

Cameron’s eyes widened at her words. Did that mean that Jason was going to leave them now? “Jason no like us anymore?” he asked.

That was one of her greatest fears, that Jason didn’t love them anymore. Elizabeth growled in anger, not missing the look of fright coming over her son’s face. “It’s okay baby,” she said pulling him up in her arms. “Jason isn’t going to get away that easily.”

A giggle came from Cameron before he laid his head down on his mommy’s shoulder.


It had taken a lot of encouragement for Jason to get off the couch, but he did it. He swayed slightly feeling lightheaded, like he was drunk. Which was impossible because he hadn’t even touched the alcohol.

Making his way toward the stairs, he only made it up the first step when a knock sounded at his door. Damn it, he growled to himself. “Go away!” he yelled turning back to the stairs.

“Jason Morgan! If you do not open this door right now, I’m going to kick it open!” came Elizabeth’s voice from the other side.

Jason’s eyes rolled and he shook his head at the sound of her voice. Surprise, instead of anger, rolled through his veins when he heard the tone in her voice. He knew she had no problem kicking his door in. However, the sound of Audrey Hardy’s voice came back with a vengeance, stopping him from walking downstairs to open it. “This is not a good time Elizabeth,” he said, trying not to give into the urge to run to her.

He heard a loud sigh from the other side, then a moment of silence before Elizabeth began talking again. He could hear the strain in her voice, and felt a slight fear tug at his heart. Jason cursed.

“Look Jason, I know what my Grandmother said to you. And I’m sorry, but I am not going to let her dictate who I can be with and who I cannot be with. I will not let you do the same thing!” she yelled through the door.

Jason closed his eyes, his hand clenching into a fist. He then pressed it against the wall, his forehead leaning against it. “What kind of life can I give you and Cameron?” he asked. “I can’t walk away from who I am, and what I do Elizabeth. And that is putting you and your son in danger!”

“Damn it Jason, listen to me! I have been in and out of danger my whole life. Who said that life was supposed to be perfect? It isn’t! And who said that we are all safe in this world? We aren’t! We make choices and we come to decisions about our lives. Together, Jason! Not by ourselves. Please, don’t do this to me!”

Jason slammed his fist into the wall. “I am not doing this to hurt you, Elizabeth!” he yelled.

“Then why are you?”

“Because I love you too damn much to lose both you and Cameron. It would kill me Elizabeth!” he yelled.

He heard a choked sob from the other side of the door and found himself taking a step down the stairs and putting his hands on the door. “Please Elizabeth…go,” he whispered. “Stay away from me and live the life that you’ve always wanted.”

Elizabeth’s cry nearly sent him over the edge. “Don’t you see? I want a life with you and my son. We love you Jason, please don’t walk away from us.”

“Please Jase,” said Cameron, his voice also small, as if he were crying as well. “No go!”

Tears fell silently down his cheeks and he leaned his head against the door as a sob of his own finally forced its way out.


“Jason?” asked Elizabeth.

Tears were falling down her face as she held her son close. She heard locks turning and a feeling of fear ran through her. He’s locking me out, she thought to herself as her heart began to pound in her chest.

When the door opened and Jason revealed himself, a gasp fell from her lips and she found herself standing there, frozen as she watched him. “Jason?”

Taking a step forward, Jason reached up and cupped Elizabeth’s face in his hand, watching her eyes close. He then brushed the tears away and did the same for Cameron. Jason watched the two people he had come to love most and felt his heart tug once more. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, before pulling both of them into his arms.

Elizabeth gasped and then she gripped onto Jason tightly as more tears came. The three of them; Jason, Cameron, and herself stood in the hallway clinging to each other, afraid that if they let go, it would all disappear.


Not again.

The words ran through his head unchecked, and unanswered. Sonny Corinthos knew that by coming back to Port Charles, he would end up having to control his ex-wife once again. Not that he minded.

Over the past eight months that he had been absent from his home, his family, and friends, Sonny had come to the realization that he was still very much in love with his wife. So when his loyal bodyguard and friend, Max, had called him to tell him what Carly was up to – Sonny knew it was time to come home.

Being away from Port Charles had been just the kind of therapy that Sonny needed to get back to what was important; his job and his family. Not that he hadn’t loved being with Emily; in fact he would never forget the relationship he had had with the woman. How she gave him the strength he needed to fight the disease that was slowly causing him to go crazy. How she was patient and made him realize that taking pills would not control him, only make him stronger.

No, he would never regret his relationship with Emily Quartermaine. But she was better off without him and his problems. She was better off with her ex-husband whom she had been getting close to over the time he had been gone from Port Charles.

Everything had changed while he had been gone. Including his best friend, Jason. Learning about the relationship he had with Elizabeth Spencer was a shock, and even more that he was in love with her. Or so had Carly said when he had gotten the call that had him packing his bags and returning to the one place he really didn’t want to be.

One thing Sonny had learned while in therapy was that he hated being in the small town of Port Charles, New York. It was beginning to tie him down; as had the place he had been when his birth mother had died. If he thought about it long enough, he could remember the smell of his stepfather’s cigar smoke. The mess that seemed to never be cleaned when he was around, and the bottles of alcohol scattered across the floor both in the living room and in the kitchen.

Sonny remembered the hate he had for the man who had killed his mother and locked him in a closet. He remembered the anger, the rage he had for the man that hurt him, slapped him, and made him feel that he was not wanted or loved. The fear he felt for his mother as he heard her cries and screams when he was always home. The hate he carried all the way to Port Charles and to the man he still could not forgive for leaving him and his mother behind.

Closing his eyes, Sonny clenched his hand into a fist and began to take deep breaths, trying to control his racing thoughts and his rapidly beating heart. He couldn’t think of this right now. His ex-wife needed him, and apparently so did Jason. He had to stop Carly from doing something stupid and jeopardizing Jason’s future with Elizabeth.

Then he would ask his friend if it was worth Elizabeth and her son getting hurt, or even killed, if he stayed with them. If they became his family, and he forgot about the one he had already had.


“Are you sure they are coming?” asked Nikolas, watching as his fiancée returned from the counter with two cups of coffee. He smiled when his son reached over to try to grab the cup. He stopped his hand. “No son, this is for daddy and Emily.”

Emily smiled at her Godson and then looked back at Nikolas. “I tried calling Elizabeth’s cell and left a message on her voicemail. They’ll be here, I’m sure they are on their way.”

Nikolas sighed and rubbed his face with his hands. “Look Em, I know you and your brother are close. I’m happy. But I don’t know about this…”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Me and Jason haven’t exactly been the best of friends,” he answered, running his hands through his hair before taking a drink of his coffee. “I’m just worried that…”

Reaching over, Emily took his hand. “You’re worried that you and Jason won’t get along?” she asked.

It took a minute before Nikolas finally nodded. “Last time me and Jason ever agreed on anything was when we thought Elizabeth had killed Zander and we worked with Ric Lansing to make sure her and Cameron were safe.”

Emily sighed as she remembered that time. Asking her brother to say he witnessed seeing a dead cop killing Zander had been one of the hardest things she ever had to do. But in the end, it had worked and Elizabeth didn’t have to go to prison. It was also a time when Nikolas and Jason had agreed on anything and worked together.

“Honey,” she said, squeezing his hand. “Just don’t think about it. Come up with something that you and Jason like and work from there.”

“Like what? Football?”

Cringing, Emily nodded. “But please baby, try not to have a whole conversation on sports. Unless you want two grumpy women on your case.”

Spencer began laughing, which made them both look at each other before they both burst out laughing.


Elizabeth moved her hands over her arms as she sat on the couch trying to warm herself. Looking down at her sleeping son, she smiled gently and reached out, brushing a small curl of hair away from his face.

Sometimes she surprised herself when it came to her own son. The fact that she was even a mother was a surprise in itself. Three years ago if someone told her she would be pregnant, she would have laughed in their faces.

Even though she regretted some of the decisions she had made over the years with Lucky, Jason, and even Zander, Elizabeth knew that she would never regret the decision to sleep with the man. It gave her a son that she would do anything in the world for.

Getting up from the couch, Elizabeth walked silently into the kitchen and leaned against the doorway, watching Jason as he moved around.

She had almost lost him tonight. The fear still gripped at her heart as she thought about the chance she nearly lost with him once again. All because no one thought that their relationship was a good idea. That brought the anger back so swiftly she began to shake. Elizabeth was tired of everyone telling her and Jason what they could and could not do. She had lost her chance with him so many times, but not this time. Elizabeth couldn’t bear the thought of him walking away from her again.

Moving into the kitchen, she stopped Jason from moving. “Promise me you will never do that to us again,” she said, her voice shaky as she gripped his arm in a tight hold.


Jason looked down at the hand on his arm and felt himself shiver as he once again, thought about a life without Elizabeth and Cameron in it.

Since his disastrous relationship with Robin and Courtney, Jason never thought twice about having another relationship. Then Samantha had come along and changed that for him. When she had walked away, Jason knew that the person he really loved would be better off without him.

He never thought that she would be hurt like this. Jason could see it in her eyes, the pain and the fear. It gripped at his heart and he knew he couldn’t walk away from this. Not Elizabeth and Cameron.

Swallowing, he gently moved his arm out of her grasp and cupped her cheeks in his hands. Leaning in he took her lips with his in a gentle, but deep kiss. He kissed her with all the pent-up frustration, anger, and fear he felt. When Jason felt her open her lips to him, he growled and slowly ran his tongue over hers, searching her mouth so slowly that he felt Elizabeth shaking in his arms.

With a sigh, he pulled back and gently leaned his forehead against hers. “What do you think?” he asked, and smiled slightly.

Elizabeth groaned and then moved, burying her face in his neck as she wrapped her arms around his waist. “Don’t ever do that to us again,” she cried.

Jason once again felt tears come to his eyes and he didn’t even bother to push them away as he held her close.


Audrey’s heart jumpstarted in her chest when she heard the doorbell, making her jump up from the couch. Sighing, she put a hand to her chest and then hurried to the door. “Elizabeth is that you?” she asked, thinking it was her granddaughter coming to apologize.

When she opened the door she frowned. “What are you doing here?” she asked. “I thought I told you never to come here again.”

She watched the man smile, before looking down. Audrey gasped as she took a step back, watching him raise his arm.

The only sound that came out of Audrey was a choked gasp as pain raced through her chest. With one hand, she brought it up to her chest and then looked at the blood that coated her white, pale skin.

Looking up at the shooter, she felt her eyes roll back and then she fell to the floor. She made another sound of pain, and reached out for the picture of her dear Elizabeth and her son Cameron. Running a hand over the frame she looked up at her killer.

“Ba…bastard,” she got out, as the gun was raised to her again. Closing her eyes, she allowed the darkness to consume her as the sound of the gun went off.


They all began laughing as they watched Cameron try to feed Spencer his hamburger.

“Cameron baby,” laughed Elizabeth as she grabbed her son’s hand. “Spencer can’t have this until he’s older.”

Cameron frowned. “But why not Momma?” he asked.

Elizabeth looked at Jason who was currently in a deep conversation with Nikolas over who their favorite football team was. Rolling her eyes at Emily, she looked back at her son. “Well, honey, Spencer has to be a certain age before he can have what big boys do.”

“Like me?” he asked sitting up straight at being called a big boy.

Nodding, Elizabeth tickled him. “Yes, just like you,” she said with a laugh. “Now eat this please, and no trying to give Spencer any of the food.”

“Okay mommy,” said Cameron, right before he begin eating happily and talking to his cousin.

Emily smiled as she watched the way her best friend was with her son. “Do you know how lucky you are?” she asked, when Elizabeth sat up and began eating herself.

Elizabeth frowned and looked up at her friend. “What do you mean?” she asked.

“Oh come on, Elizabeth!” said Emily. “You have a son who is definitely a very big mommy’s boy and you have my brother.”

Putting her burger down, Elizabeth laughed. “It’s not all a bed of roses Em,” she said. “Raising a son on your own is not easy.”

Emily nodded, having witnessed that with Nikolas. Of course, having his family and friends around helped. But when the doors closed, you were raising a child on your own. She remembered how scared Nikolas was, and still was, about raising his son right and in a safe home and environment.

“You have Jason now,” Emily pointed out.

“Yes, I do,” said Elizabeth as she looked at the man she was falling more and more in love with each and every day. “And I’ve lost him so many times too. Including, almost tonight.”

Emily frowned. “What do you mean almost tonight?” she asked.

Sighing, Elizabeth got up and led Emily outside. “This morning, I was late for work, so Jason dropped off Cameron at Audrey’s. She practically threw his job in his face and told him he wasn’t right for me or my son. That Lucky was always going to be the one for me.”

“Oh my God,” said Emily, running her hands through her hair. “And what did my brother do?”

“What do you think he did Em? He went home, tried to tell me that he wasn’t good for me or Cameron and almost locked us out,” snapped Elizabeth as she began pacing, anger rushing through her body. She would never forgive her Grandmother for doing that to him, or to her and Cameron as well.

Emily took a step forward. “But…everything is okay now, right?” she asked. “I mean Jason wouldn’t be here tonight if it wasn’t.”

Elizabeth stopped. “Yes, but it still shouldn’t have happened!” she yelled. “My God, Emily I have been told on and off for eight years how bad it was to have Jason in my life. I am tired of people telling me what I can and cannot do!”

“Then don’t,” said Emily, taking her friends hands in her own. “Don’t let the nasayers win.”

Taking a deep breath, Elizabeth smiled. “Emily, always the voice of reason,” she said, then shook her head. “Are you always a ray of sunshine?”

“No,” said Emily with a smile. “But when it comes to the people I love the most, then yeah, I guess I am. Look Liz, I have watched you and Jason over the past eight years get to this place in your lives where you could finally be together. There is no way in hell I am going to let anyone screw that up.”

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow. “Gee, I wish I had your confidence,” she said folding her arms. “And your strength.”

Emily shook her head. “Don’t you see Elizabeth? You are confident and strong. Probably more so than I. You went after Jason today because you wanted to be with him. That takes courage and determination that I wish I had when I needed it the most.”

Running her hands through her hair once again, Elizabeth sighed. “It’s in our nature to wish a lot,” she said. “Maybe we need to stop wishing and go for what we want. You want a life with Nikolas; I want a life with Jason. I say to hell with everyone who thinks otherwise.”

“Now that’s the Elizabeth I know and love,” laughed Emily, as she pulled her friend into her arms.

Elizabeth laughed as well. “Well don’t get your hopes up,” she said, before they went back into the diner.


“Is it done?” asked the voice on the other end of the line.

The man felt a cold smile reach his lips. “It is. One person out of the way of what I want.”

A sigh came to his ear. “Don’t get cocky on me, we have to play this smart!” the voice snapped.

“I got it!” he growled.

“Good. Now get out of there. I don’t need you getting caught. That’ll ruin the plans.”

Another sigh fell from the man before he slapped his phone shut. “Bitch,” he growled before he disappeared into the darkness.


Nikolas laughed as he walked down the stairs holding his son close and then turned to Jason. “Okay, I have to admit you are right about that one,” he said, shaking his head.

Never had he thought about having any type of conversation with Jason Morgan, and over football teams at that. He had to admit the man was smart and very insightful when it came to certain things. Emily had been right about talking about something Jason would like.

Emily groaned. “You guys have been talking about sports non-stop for two hours,” she whined, pouting.

Jason laughed, pulling Cameron up and into his arms. After being loaded with ice cream, the little boy was about to fall over from being so full and tired at the same time. “Oh come on you have to admit that the New York Mets are better than the Yankees.”

“Jason,” whined Elizabeth, her shoulders slumping. “Can’t we talk about something other than football?”

Jason and Nikolas looked at each other then at their women. “No,” they said at the same time.

Elizabeth looked at Emily, her eyes wide. “We’ve created monsters…and soon Cameron and Spencer will be like them,” she said.

Emily nodded. “You’re right, we have to do something quickly,” she said, her eyes also wide. “Quick, we’ll take them to the mall.”


Two groans made both women burst into laughter. Elizabeth leaned against her friend. “Damn we’re good,” she said, giving Emily a high five.


He was turning his own brother against him.

Anger raced through Lucky’s veins and he stepped out of the darkness before he even realized his own intent. “Having fun?” he growled. He watched as they all turned to him and he shook head. Lucky knew he couldn’t trust Nikolas or Emily with anything.

“Lucky what are you doing here?” asked Elizabeth, moving closer to Jason.

Lucky blew out a breath. “I see how it is. I make one mistake and you’re all over Enforcer boy here,” he said, taking a step forward.

He watched Jason put a hand on Elizabeth and it made him growl in anger. “Get your filthy hands off of my wife!”


Jason felt a growl of his own rush through his body and took a step forward. “Back off Spencer,” he said.

Lucky looked at his brother. “You’re going to let him talk to me like this?” he yelled.

Nikolas sighed and shook his head. “You deserve it man,” he said. “After what you did to Elizabeth, and Emily.”

“That was an accident and you know it!”

“And how many more accidents are there going to be?” yelled Emily as she also moved in front of Elizabeth. “How many more accidents are you going to cause our family Lucky, before you accept that Elizabeth is not in love with you anymore and never will be?”

Lucky glared at her. “What are you talking about?” he asked. “Elizabeth and I are going to be a family again, she loves me!”

A growl came from Jason’s throat and it made Lucky almost take a step back. “Oh come on Morgan, you think I’m afraid of you?” he asked.

“You better be,” he answered.

A smile came to Lucky’s face. “You threatening me now?” he asked. “I can have you arrested for harassment.”

Jason grabbed him by the shirt. “And I can have you arrested for stalking your soon to be ex-wife and her son,” he said tilting his head to the side as he glared at the man who he used to consider a friend.

“Jason!” yelled Elizabeth as she came forward and put a hand on his arm. “Let him go!”

A brief silence came over the group. A silence with anger so great that it would put even a stranger on guard. The glares that were given were enough to make a woman or man shiver and run for cover.

Jason finally stepped back and looked at Elizabeth. “Let’s go home,” he said taking her hand in his.

“No,” whispered Elizabeth, shaking her head. “I need to talk to Lucky.”

“That’s not a good idea,” argued Jason.

Elizabeth sighed. “I am not leaving here until I talk to Lucky…we’ll just be up there,” she said pointing to the top of the stairs leading off the pier.

Jason closed his eyes and sighed. “Are you sure about this?” he asked.

Nodding, Elizabeth took his face in her hands. “I’ll be fine. Stay here with Nikolas and Emily,” she said, before stepping away and looking at Lucky.

“You want to talk? Let’s talk.”

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