Chapter Six

The slight chill of winter hit Emily like tiny needles piercing her skin. And the sun wasn’t even down yet. Shivering, she gave the man that operated the launch a bright smile, stepped off onto the docks and then hurried up the stairs.

Making her way up to the house Emily took the time to look around. The rose garden that she had planted was totally covered in snow, and the trees surrounding the house were long since dead. Only during spring did they show signs of life, but by the summertime they were dead again.

Maybe Helena cursed them, she thought dryly as she walked up the last of the stairs and hurried to the door. When the door opened automatically, Emily almost jumped. Alfred’s smiling face reassured her that everything was okay. Smiling back, Emily hurried into the house.

“Alfred thank you,” she said pulling off her coat and setting her purse down. “It is freezing!”

Alfred nodded and walked over to her, taking her coat from her and hanging it up in the closet. “According to the radio, Miss Quartermaine, there is a storm coming in late tonight. I suggest warming yourself by the fire while I prepare dinner for you and Master Nikolas.”

Emily put a hand up. “Oh no, Alfred. That won’t be necessary. Both Nikolas and I are meeting up with Elizabeth tonight at Kelly’s,” she said.

“And I suppose Mr. Morgan will be accompanying her?” asked Alfred, trying to keep the joy from showing on his face. He had only met Jason Morgan once, but he liked the man. He was polite, and he was good to Elizabeth and her dear little son, Cameron. Seeing both Cameron and Spencer together was always a joy.

Another smile graced Emily’s face and she nodded, knowing the old man loved her brother and Elizabeth together, just as much as Emily did. “As a matter of fact, yes. Liz just has to stop off at her Grandmother’s to pick up Cam and then we’re meeting for dinner.”

With a nod, Alfred began moving toward the living room. “I will have the cook cancel tonight’s dinner and get the house ready for the upcoming storm. By the time you return both yours and Master Nikolas’ room will have a fire going in the fireplace as well as in the nursery.”

“Oh Alfred, you don’t have to go to so much trouble. We can get the fire going,” she said with a smile. “Why don’t you take the rest of the day off?"

A deep frown came over Alfred’s face, which it always did when Emily or Nikolas told him to take the rest of the day off. “There is much work still left to be done tonight Miss Emily,” he said. “And it is my job to see that they are finished.”

Emily walked over and took the older man’s hands in hers. “And they will still be here for you tomorrow. Please, Alfred. Take the night off. It would make me feel so much better.”

Alfred gave her a gentle smile. “If you insist, Miss Emily,” he said and then moved away. “I will tell the cook that you are going out tonight. Tell Mr. Cassadine that I will be here tomorrow morning promptly at eight o’clock.”

“I will Alfred,” laughed Emily.

“Have a good evening, Miss Emily.”

Emily nodded. “I will, goodnight Alfred!”

The closing of the door as Alfred left the room, made the fire that was already roaring in the fireplace shift slightly. Shivering, Emily made her way to the stairs wanting to get ready for tonight, and to also see the man that she loved, and the child that was slowly becoming another important person in her life. She almost felt like she was becoming Spencer’s mother.


Jason ignored his ringing cell phone, knowing it was Elizabeth calling to tell him to meet her at Kelly’s tonight for dinner.

He wanted so badly to answer his phone. To hear her beautiful voice and to tell her that he loved her, but every time he did – Audrey’s voice kept creeping back into his head and once again he realized that the older woman was right.

What kind of life could Jason offer Elizabeth and her son? He could barely offer a decent life when he was married to Courtney, and when it came to Sam it had been about the baby. But when the baby died…something amazing happened. He would never regret falling in love with Courtney or Sam, but he knew in the end that his heart would always belong to Elizabeth. Now, the only problem was, how he was going to tell her that he couldn’t be with her?

The talk that both he and Elizabeth had with Cameron returned to him with a vengeance. Today he had promised that he would never walk away from them and what was he doing? He was breaking that promise. Turning, Jason slammed his fist into the wall next to him. The sound of breaking glass didn’t faze him.

Moving away, Jason walked over to the couch and sat down, running his hands through his hair. He growled as pain moved through his hand, but he didn’t get up to get anything. Jason needed this. He needed to remember the pain. He needed to remember why he could never have a life with Elizabeth and Cameron. That he would only disappoint them in the end.

Jason closed his eyes, not bothering to brush away the tears that slid down his cheeks.


“Hey, Jason. It’s me. I’m on my way to pick up Cameron from Grams. I’ll see you when I get to Kelly’s okay? I love you…” Ending the call, Elizabeth hung up the phone. Although it wasn’t the first time that Jason hadn’t picked up his phone for her, it still put Elizabeth off.

Shaking her head with a smile, Elizabeth turned off the car and got out. Making her way up to her Grandmother’s house, she rang the doorbell and then folded her arms around herself. It was still light out, yet it was freezing!

The sounds of her laughing son brought a smile to Elizabeth’s face and she watched the door open. Prepared for the arms that wrapped around her legs, Elizabeth laughed. “Cameron come on, it’s cold out here,” she said taking him in her arms and walking inside. “Where’s Grandma? Huh? Where’s Grams?”

Cameron giggled as he buried his head in his mother’s neck and then pointed to the kitchen. “In there!” he said. “She making cookies! My favorite!”

“She is!” laughed Elizabeth as she sat Cameron down. “Well why don’t you go and get your jacket on. We’re going to meet Jason, Emily, and Nikolas at Kelly’s.”

“Jason!” yelled Cameron as he jumped up and down before racing back to the living room to get his jacket.

Shaking her head with a smile, Elizabeth walked into the kitchen and smiled at her Grandmother. “Thank you so much for watching him today. With the storm coming in, the daycare was closed for the day.”

Audrey grinned as she put the last of the cookies into a zip-lock bag. “It was no problem, really,” she said. “And did I hear that you and Cameron are going to Kelly’s tonight?”

“Yeah. Jason’s going to meet us there with Emily and Nikolas,” she said, snatching a cookie and biting into it. “Why?”

“I really don’t think that’s a good idea,” said Audrey as she leaned against the counter and folded her arms.

Swallowing the cookie slowly, Elizabeth put the rest on the counter. “Excuse me?” she asked.

Audrey took a deep breath. “I don’t think it’s a good idea for you and Cameron to be going to Kelly’s to meet with Jason.”

Letting out the breath she had been holding, Elizabeth folded her arms. She should have known that she couldn’t trust her Grandmother with anything. Her Grandmother was just like everybody else. “Well that’s…really none of your business now is it?” she asked, her voice hard.

“Elizabeth,” gasped Audrey, putting a hand to her chest. “That is no way to act in my house.”

“Well I really don’t appreciate you telling me what me and my son can or cannot do,” she said moving to the living room. “Now Cameron and I are running late!”

Audrey moved after her Granddaughter. “Elizabeth Imogene Webber, you stop where you are!” she snapped, watching her stop. “This is preposterous. I have allowed you time with that man, thinking you would go back to Lucky someday, but I have had enough! I forbid you to ever see Jason again!”

Elizabeth turned to look at Audrey. “Forbid me?” she asked, her face filled with shock that was quickly turning into anger. “Grandmother this is 21st century. You have no right to dictate who I can or cannot be with. And the same goes for Cameron!”

“He is a mobster Elizabeth!” yelled Audrey. “Is that something that you are willing to bring my great-grandson into?”

Jason…” she stopped and took a deep breath. “Jason is the most wonderful man I have ever been with. He is good to me. He is smart, and he is kind to Cameron. He is also safe!”

Audrey shook her head. “No if Lucky…”

Elizabeth screamed, making Audrey step back in shock. “Lucky this, Lucky that. I am tired of hearing about Lucky! The man is addicted to painkillers, Gram! He cheated on me with Maxie!”

“And you are no better by sleeping with that gangster?”

“I am not innocent in the break up of our marriage, but I wasn’t the one who continued to lie for months. I wasn’t the one who was scoring pills off the street! He not only cheated on me, but on Cameron too,” snapped Elizabeth. “Jason is different and I am in love with him. I will not let you or anyone tell me any different!”

Taking a step forward, Audrey grabbed Elizabeth by the arm. “You are making the biggest mistake of your life!” she yelled.

“No!” yelled Elizabeth, pulling her arm away from her grasp. “My mistake was trusting you.” She then walked over and grabbed her son; glad he had slipped on his jacket. “We’re going.”

Audrey looked at her Granddaughter with wide eyes. “No, Elizabeth please! Don’t do this. I already talked with Jason and he…”

“You what?” she interrupted. “Grams what did you say to him?”

“Only that you and Cameron do not need any more pain in your life,” Audrey stated, folding her arms again.

Elizabeth closed her eyes. “That is not your job!” she yelled. “I am a grown woman and I make my own decisions. Next time you want to play Grandmother knows best…don’t!”

“Elizabeth!” gasped Audrey, shocked by Elizabeth’s attitude.

Shaking her head, Elizabeth held Cameron close and walked to the door. “Oh and don’t bother about watching Cameron anymore. I don’t want my son around people that like to run other people’s lives because they don’t know how to run their own,” she snapped before slamming the door.

Hurrying to the car, she strapped Cameron into his car seat and hurried to the driver’s side. Starting the car, she slammed on the gas. She had to get to Jason. She wasn’t going to let him walk away, not by a long shot!


“This is mine?”

The look on Cameron’s face as he held the present he had gotten for him on impulse, was priceless. Jason pulled Elizabeth into his arms as they sat on the couch in his penthouse, while Cameron looked at his Christmas present.

Jason nodded. “Yeah, buddy. It’s yours,” he said running his hands through Cameron’s curls. “I hope you like it.”

Apparently the words put Cameron into action. The little boy began tearing at the wrapping; not caring that it looked nice and that there were cars all over it. He loved cars! Pulling the last of the wrapping paper off, Cameron gasped as he pulled the jacket up. “Mommy look!” he yelled.

Elizabeth laughed as she pulled away from Jason and sat down on the floor. “Wow, Cameron. That’s a nice jacket! What do you say to Jason?” she asked, her eyes going to Jason. She loved him so much.

Cameron turned and looked at Jason with a bright smile. “Thank you, Jason!” he said before jumping into the older man’s lap and wrapping his arms around his waist happily.

Jason felt tears come to his eyes and he closed them tightly, holding onto the little boy that was becoming a big part of his life. “You’re welcome Cam,” he said, opening his eyes to look at Elizabeth. He found her smiling at them with tears running down her cheeks, her hands clasped together and against her chest. He knew in that moment he would do anything for her and her son. Anything.

The loud knock made Jason’s body jerk. Sitting up, he ran his hands through his hair and realized he had fallen asleep on the couch. Damn it, he thought to himself as he got up and headed for the kitchen. He needed something that would wake him up, and keep him up.

Jason stopped when he heard a knock at the door. So it wasn’t the pounding headache that had woken him up. Frowning, Jason moved toward the door. Not bothering to see who, he opened it. And he felt his heart jerk, and then begin beating erratically.

“Elizabeth,” he said, his eyes going to the woman he loved, and then to Cameron who was snuggled in her arms, asleep.


“Are you sure you want to eat with us tonight?” asked Emily as she got off the launch and turned to look at Nikolas, holding Spencer close to her. “I know you’re still kind of upset about Elizabeth and Jason getting together…”

Nikolas sighed and ran his hands through his hair. “No, I’m not. Emily I’m glad that your brother and Elizabeth are happy together, but I just can’t get over the fact that my brother pushed her into this.”

Emily frowned. “What do you mean? Pushed her into this? You mean pushed her into Jason?” she asked.

“Well, yeah. If Lucky hadn’t been scoring pills and sleeping with Maxie…hell if Manny hadn’t hurt Lucky…maybe they would still be together,” he said.

Biting her lip, Emily walked over and sat down on the bench. “Well, maybe they would be. But I don’t think Elizabeth would have been happy,” she said, looking up at Nikolas.

Nikolas frowned in thought and sat down beside her. “Okay, I don’t get it. Explain it to me.”

Sighing, Emily laughed. “We know how happy Elizabeth was when she was with Lucky, even in the beginning. But when Elizabeth thought Lucky was dead, she needed someone in her life. She needed someone to reassure her that she was worth something. She needed to be loved. Jason was there and…they fit. Nikolas, I cannot tell you what it was like seeing my brother and Elizabeth together. I could see the desire to know one another, maybe even a little more.”

“Okay, and then Jason went away,” said Nikolas, trying to understand what this pull between Elizabeth and Jason was about.

Emily nodded. “Yeah. And Elizabeth was heartbroken. But Lucky was there for her, in his own little way. But then Jason came back, and so did all the feelings that Elizabeth had hidden for years. Then Courtney got in the way, Elizabeth slept with Zander and got pregnant with Cameron. Sam came next for Jason, and although I loved how Sam was there for Jason…I still couldn’t stop thinking of Elizabeth and Jason.”

Nikolas ran a hand down Spencer’s face as the little boy began moving around in Emily’s lap. He calmed immediately and leaned his head back against Emily’s chest. Watching Emily with his son was amazing. “So fast forward a couple of years and Elizabeth and Lucky get married…” he started.

“And living with Lucky is amazing. She loves him, but then something happens. Lucky gets hurt, Sam gets hurt. Elizabeth and Jason both need someone to lean on, and they are there for one another. Again,” she continued.

“Wow,” said Nikolas, as he finally realized what was going on between Emily’s brother, and his ex sister-in-law.

Emily began laughing, and shook her head. Nikolas could be so blind sometimes, as all men could be. Jason hadn’t known what was right in front of him until that night during the black out. “Tell me about it. When I found out that Elizabeth and Jason slept together…I was shocked!”

Nikolas put a hand up. “Wait a minute, so if Jason and Elizabeth have always wanted to be together…why wait until now? There was a time between Courtney and then Sam that Elizabeth could have made her move.”

“I don’t know Nikolas,” answered Emily. “All I know is that they are together now…and I also think Elizabeth is pregnant.”


Emily giggled at the look on her fiancée’s face. “We were coming back from lunch and Elizabeth was getting up from the couch when she almost fainted,” she said rubbing her hands together with a gleeful look on her face.

Nikolas sighed. “That doesn’t mean she’s pregnant. She could be coming down with something,” he said, folding his arms.

“You really are amazing Nikolas Cassadine,” she said shaking her head. “Take it from a woman who knows her best friend. Elizabeth is definitely pregnant.”

Rolling his eyes, Nikolas grabbed his son and looked down at him. “Remind me when you are sixteen to not let any girls into the house,” he said, hearing Emily’s laughter.

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